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  1. im not being funny and will probably wind some up with this but is glenn roeder really a big named manager?
  2. longest we seen of shackell on the pitch is 10minutes and that was today not clue how good or not good he is as mick keeps playing calamity collins! hope all changes for the best for you guys shortly! just not on tueday please [:)]
  3. i first said when you got him what a cock up manager he was in my opinion, where ever he been he starts well then tails off. but..... i thought he deserves a chance for the work he did last year, but he needs time and opportunity to build a squad. but if he keeps on with this ridiclous loan system he employing then he should go. but ask yourself this is changing the manager going to change anything? who you going replace him with? can they get you out of this mess? and if not when will you say enough enough, your sacked to?    
  4. i understand beatle been there many a time. trust me when i say wolves wont come in and thrash you. im expecting good battling game on tuesday and think most probable scoreline will be a 0-0
  5. no i dont want to swap places but wolves arent in the same form which saw us storm the league early. with few donkeys in our side even bournemouth would get chances. if you take those chances i would be suprised to see you win tuesday
  6. im not gloating just saying we not playing well lost last two games prior today and ask any fan at todays game, coventry should been least 3 up by time wolves scored!
  7. [quote user="TomSlisz"]  Norwich  1-3 Wolves Russell 63         Ebanks Blake 19, 88                           Edwards 43  [/quote] which edwards? both be sub i shall think
  8. we wont win if he plays andy flipping keogh again! how can a donkey still keep playing? and calamity collins at the back
  9. the promotion tour bus comes rolling into town
  10. beaker is certainly someone on here on a different profile the block not posted for months, i mention him yesterday and poof within seconds he appears. to be honest i think beaker is funny in his comments
  11. was going to go but not spending 40-50 quid for half decent seats in meanigless game. basically either end 4-0 and we just say we good and should of won or be 1-0 or 0-0 and we moan 1st england saturday home game i missed since last one at old trafford going alton towers in stead
  12. [quote user="No.8"] It''s not about majority say/stake - it''s about investing in the club we all love, regardless if you invest £5k or £500 -each fan would have one vote and one vote only.  This is an idea (albeit crazy) that would allow fans (of varying wealth) the chance to buy and co-run our club. By flexing the amount individuals could invest brings to the a larger investment pot - you could smooth the amount to say £2k each in the hope you could find 30k willing & able fans (that way you all have an equal say!!) [/quote] but to my main point *Why is anyone going to spend 5k if they can get the same say/vote for £500 ?
  13.   ddd - heard the same but never confirmed or denied. apperently after playoff final lescott and shaun newton went to some pub and lescott got it together with the pub managers daughter, the pub manager being a local gangster. the gangster apperently got his hit/dirty work men to do over lescotts knees with baseball bat! it was shock at the time that lescott had surgery on both knees in the summer when previously only shelduled to have one knee done which raised a few eyebrows. but the rumour didnt get out for few months
  14. the thing is the majority of you commenting on the same experience, others have happend yes. but what is that fan who got punched saturday going say about your support? surely he think "f*****g hell not going there again", all im saying is loads away supporters come and go every week and no major incidents happen! also as mentioned policing/stewarding has changed and more in control as mentioned this due to all derbies we played last few years forest,leicester,stoke,wba,brum,coventry,derby and high intense atmosphere in bristol, sheff, cardiff. especially after cardiff incident 2yrs ago im 10000% sure wolves and the police aim for that never to happen again or let it get to that stage
  15.   c-t you can talk, you''re mummy doesnt allow you to go to night matches as you have to be in bed by 10pm. gutted
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