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  1. First up, I didn''t get to watch the game so cannot really comment on the performance. That said, I was out on Friday night with a few City supporting friends, we were discussing the game and the chance to get to Wembley. Our better halves (Canadians) couldn''t understand the significance of the cup, so to go out is bitterly disappointing. My friend texted me after the game, in hindsight maybe we were overly confident, personally I''d prefer to look at it as daring to dream, getting caught up in the "magic of the cup". I''ve supported Norwich since 94ish, in all that time this is our best team, our best chance. Shame we blew it. Moving on to the question, Lambert picks the team, the players put in the performance. On the day it didn''t work, Lambert''s selection was supposedly off (personally think it was a pretty decent team). Lambert and our players are not infallible and not above criticism, that said, criticism should be constructive. In my work, as an example, I sometimes feel I can do 99% of my job correct but the slightest problem and my boss is one me like a dog (regardless of fault), it''s not doing much for my confidence! What I''m trying to get at is the club have served us well of late, we shouldn''t by any means become sheep, maybe we ought to look at how we accept losing the times it does happen.COYY
  2. 3313, that has to be the most ridiculous suggestion for a system I have ever seen. Also, West Brom a weak team? It''s difficult to say where we''ll go, we''ve brought in a fair amount of players that give us more options. I wouldn''t be surprised if we line up 4-5-1 / 4-3-3. That would allow us to play 2 defensive midfielders (Johnson / Crofts), a play-maker (Surman/Hoolahan/Fox) and two attacking wide men (Pilkington/Bennett) with one up top.
  3. Allocation should be 5,000. We should have no problems selling out but I''m hoping they''ll be on general sale.
  4. Cannot have too many quality players in the Premier League. If the £2m price tag is true that''s a great price. He''s only going to get better, would have massive resale value.
  5. They wanted £3m for a L1 striker, £750k seems like a fair price for L2. Football gone mad.
  6. What you''re all over looking is that Hoolahan is on the front lines of our defence. His tracking back and defensive play is as key to our style as his passing, movement and goal scoring/creating duties. I think the best example of this were the Swansea and Watford away games in which he didn''t play. In this respect I don''t think the team or Wes need to change the style of play at all.
  7. How long do Gill and OTJ have left on their contracts? It seems the club couldn''t even give them away, they must be on pretty cushy contracts at Norwich is all I can imagine. A lot has been made of the close knit group, how even the non starters have felt part of the team, does this extend as far as the likes of Askou etc?
  8. God dammit, has no one considered if we had won every game then we''d already been promoted. Lambert, Wes, Holty, NCFC collectively you are a disgrace for not winning every game, scoring from every attack, stopping the opposition from ever scoring.
  9. The best thing to do is seal our own promotion, something we''re very much in charge of. Let the QPR fall out, if there is any, and there are no guarantees, affect and tar everyone else.
  10. I don''t necessarily agree his career was floundering at Shrewsbury, he was scoring a lot of goals (even if it was League Two). Regardless, a great signing. I think it''s a case of right player, right team, right time. Everything has come together, he''s not responsible for it all off himself, he''s part of a team.
  11. I hadn''t even realied we were playing them until the other day! 0-2 Norwich, we''ll win our last 4 and get promotion.
  12. Sensational from the first to the last. I was sat on the half way line, he was everywhere, the only thing he didn''t get was a goal. I think in the past he was criticised for being a bit cheap and selfish in posession - I can''t say as I was away from Norwich - but this player is up there with the best I have seen in yellow and green under Lambert.
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