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  1. Im live in Sweden. Looks at the derbys AIK-Djurgården at youtube and you Quick understand we need a guy with a megaphone!
  2. Sit back DF, let them have a huge possession, a Man C game again please!
  3. Only one game we won possession(Newcastle), we have earned points! We are a counterattack team, hope DF have done his homework against Wolves!( Best counterattack team in PL probably) Let them have the ball!
  4. 3 points at Saturday we have a chance.. draw or lose-Zero chance!
  5. Krul Byram Zimmerman Godfrey Tettey Amadou Aarons Hernandez Vrancic Idah. Pukki
  6. We are in a down spiral. No CB, formation doesnt work out, some players didnt get up to it etc etc. Think he must first find another formation, We are so predictible now. In my opinion, We have good defenders but they are not protected well enough at the DM. Think Amadou Is up to it, Tettey in there too! Pukki/Drmic start at Watford, your opinion?
  7. Look at the 3/4 matches back.Pukki are so alone and need help!
  8. Maybe he isnt, maybe he is! We need to do something, think everyone agree with that! We need to be desperate and maybe gamble a little bit! Think the main problem is the power, We need more muscle to protect our defenseline! Interest to see a 3-5-2 with Amadou/Tettey to protect defenseline , and Drmic/Pukki upfront.
  9. Yeah you have something there.We need to do something because it look terrible for a while now. I think We have a Good squad! The issue is, We need to find the right formation! We need to power it up. 3-5-2 is maybe the right of Watford play one upfront on Friday.
  10. We need to get Amadou to his right place now. Gamble with Famewo and bring in Tettey/Amadou to protect our defenseline. We didnt bought a player from Bundesliga to warm the bench( Mönchengladbach lead Bundesliga now)! Let him go on the wide at Watford!
  11. Krul aarons Godfrey. Famewo Lewis Tettey Amadou Drmic Buendia Hernandez Pukki
  12. Gamble with Godfrey/Famewo!! Amadou DM! Best Option!
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