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  1. Ricky Martin doesn''t have a lunch break, he''s too important to everything that happens at the club to be allowed out of his office for a hour!!!
  2. We don''t dominate games at all most are fairly even but we certainly don''t dominate every game. We concede alot from set pieces that can be rectified on the training pitch but isn''t being, we seem to defend in a zonal way which clearly isn''t working but also not being changed. He''s signed 15 player''s and only 4 are regular starter''s, there''s Canos, Naismith and Oliviera are struggling for game time and Prirchard is in and out of the team regularly thats £20+ of signings not in there starting 11 at champio ship level, that''s poor buying or management but whatever it is it ultimately falls at AN''s feet. He is tactically limited, he refuses to change his formation and just shoe horns personal in to try and change his fortunes. His substitutions are always after we''ve conceded or after the game is lost. To play 4-5-1 you need your striker to run off the shoulder we haven''t got that and didn''t replace Grabban or Hooper and thats ultimately going to be his downfall. I agee whos out therw to replace him with? But not sure the way forward is to just keep him because we''re too tight to pay to attract another manager. Honestly think if he goes two up top until the window opens and buys quick he can turn it around but not sure he has the boll@cks to change his set up.
  3. He has over 90,000 followers and the replies from the Everton fans seem to confirm he''s reliable well as much as anyone can be. We''ll see.
  4. I''ll check kodi on sat morning possibly sportsdevil
  5. I agree to a certain extent but it''s alex neils fault that we set up wrong on too many occasions and put little to no pressure on the ball when the opposition have it. Once he changed it and had us 10 yards further forward and jerome on stones so they couldn''t just walk it up to half way and pick whatever pass they wanted it was a diffrent game.
  6. From my own experience meli, phoenix, money sports, UK turk and njm sports show HD channels with little to no buffering so I''ve never had a need to pay for streams and won''t be. And I''d advise people to install the beast as too many people rely on only a few streaming sites and it puts everything you need in one place. Even a section labelled 3pm kick off all HD.
  7. The beast is by far the best build for Kodi, don''t waste your time with any others and don''t sign up to payed streaming sites they''re a con you can get it all free and as good or better quality.
  8. I''ve waited 6 days and after several emails they keep assuring me that it''ll be sent by the end of the day but it never arrives. Customer services respond quickly and seem helpful but just keep blaming it on another department, hopefully today will be the day but I''m still waiting!!!
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