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  1. I live in the States and got up at 5.30am to watch and was well pissed off. No commentary which doesn''t sound so bad until you actually watch it when you''ve just got a muffled sound of crowd. I also tried phone at same time as tablet but wouldn''t allow. No replays, no timer, no bugger all and only one camera which spent more time looking at the corner flag than the game !!!
  2. I agree with the original poster and have done for some time. Jerome''s first touch is abominal for this level and he never seems to put that extra effort to get into a position to score when Murphy or Pinto or anyone else look to cross. Naismith wants to stop expending so much energy whining at the referee or telling his mates what they should be doing.
  3. Oh I say Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd, that''s a tad rude don''t you think............................................. tit
  4. Anyone know of anywhere we can get a live stream of this weekends game ?
  5. I live in California but stupidly booked my holiday in Europe to clash with the Play Offs meaning I can''t get to game. 3 hours to go and I''m so tense. Gonna be watching in Dunne''s Irish Bar in Barcelona so if there''s any other canaries in town get yourselves there and we can accompany those at Wembley singing OTBC at the top of our lungs ! Come on City !!!!!!!!!
  6. And I live on the west coast in Long Beach and have been frantically trying to find the same. BeinSport USA have exclusive TV rights to the Championship but trying to find for how many games and when is like trying to drag blood out of a stone. That''ll be the only TV provider who''ll have it tho, certainly on the west coast. If it''s on SKY Sports in the UK where will it stream ? On the Sky website ???
  7. LDC, Keep The Faith, Dubai Mark, Mellow, Yellow, IS.......... The list of people who display logic with their comments and assure me that there are people that support our club who possess some common sense thankfully gets longer and longer. A couple of months ago I thought I was supporting a club followed completely by buffoons. Look at the thread, the amount of people who say ''He'' has done this or ''He'' has done that ie; Got beat by a non league side. Do they not stop to think ''He'' should be a ''We'' or a ''They''.   
  8. Very well said LDC ! If he was making decisions like Roeder I could understand people wanting rid but he ain''t.
  9. f[quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="City1st"][quote user="nutty nigel"]Circular argument so not going there City1st. I''m far too long in the tooth to fall for your old squit[;)]     [/quote]or rather you have accused me of something I have never done but haven''t the integrity to apologise (unlike Hughton''s failings)ps not sure where you are not going, but I am sure you were going to find this eevifdence of hating Hughton ............... and me apologising for itno hurry [/quote]Love watching Mr. Sanctimonious making things up and getting caught out. He claims he never does it, but he''s clearly given in here and knows he''s in the wrong. Haha love it![/quote]   Seattle Bellend and City1st. Truly a match made in heaven[U][Y]     [/quote]Hahaha, hear hear !!
  10. And from what I read on here it sounds like a lot of people do hate him !
  11. Not missing any point. The point is if the players play as they can do ie. Very well like today the club would not be where it has been all season. It is the players who have let us down this season, not the manager !!
  12. Brilliant performance, eleven players playing for their club AND their manager. Admittedly throughout this long season Hughton has made errors but name one person, manager or player, who hasn''t. Maybe after that and looking at our position now all you tossers who want his head and talk about arranging ''Hughton Out'' demonstrations will shut the **** up and get behind your team like the whole of Carrow Road did today !
  13. Brilliantly put Keep The Faith, couldn''t agree more. As you correctly say "The hatred on hear (sic) show towards Hoots amazes me. He is blamed for anything and everything. He is an escape goat. There are many reasons we are poor. And a lot of time it is not down to tactics or Hoots". It absolutely amazes me too. Just shows what a fickle bunch of fools football fans (of any club) can be.
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