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  1. The majority of Norwich City fans are far too quick to jump on the bandwagon, and struggle to see the wood between the trees when it comes to Alex Neil and his side. Firstly, you wish to blame Alex Neil for individual mistakes by players on the pitch. How is this his fault? Yes he picks the side, but the side the majority of the supporters would also pick. You can''t train week in week out on elimanting individual errors. Look at the Brighton game - we were dominating the game before McGovern slipped up. Everyone of their goals was down to individual errors. Players giving the ball away cheaply, players randomly swinging a leg at the ball, not picking up your man from set pieces etc. Yes, you''ll claim they aren''t good enough, but who else can he pick. This leads to my next point - transfers. You harp on that Alex Neil didn''t sign any defenders in the transfer window, and decent enough strikers. But how is this his fault. He would have had lists of players he wanted to sign, but the board failed. How can this be Alex''s fault. You moan at Alex Neil for not changing the side. However, last season you moaned at him for changing his side far too frequently. What else can he do? He has his favourites this year, and rightly so. Every manager does. You call the manager ''tactically inept''. How so? We dominate every game, for large parts. If he was tactically ''inept'' how would this be the case? You moan at AN for when he takes of an attacking player to replace them with a defensive one, but then you''ll moan when he doesn''t bring on a defender. What can he do? If you all got your way and, Alex Neil was sacked. Who would you replace him with? Ow Pearson? What the same manager that failed on numerous occasions to get Leicester out of the championship, who spent money season after season but failed. Yes, he got them promoted eventually. He failed at Derby, players lost faith very quickly because of his hard nosed approach. That won''t work at Norwich. Yes, the majority of championship manages would leave there post to come to Norwich. Who would you take though? Whose, been there, done it, and stayed up? My choice, if this was too happen, would be to prize Gary Monk away from Leeds. I await the barrage of abuse...
  2. I have faith, tomorrow we will pick up and win and we will beat arsenal. Sunderland will draw both home games. Keep the faith.
  3. All having medicals at Cardiff... sounds like another QPR moment to me.
  4. Not once did McNally show his, or the boards support for Hughton; in fact he dodged the question when asked. So everyone mentioning McNally has sent his support to Hughton is wrong. On a separate point; during the AGM, McNally and Bowkett mentioned that we needed to finish around 11/12th this season, and now McNallys brief to Hughton is to keep us out of the relegations zone. So in fact, the boards targets have in fact dropped - no surprise; a club in downfall. Additionally, if''/when Hughton is sacked, people calling for MM are clueless, yes he is ex Norwich, but if anything, he is as defensive as Hughton. We need a foreign manager, who knows how to play attacking football, as clearly most English managers do not understand this part of the game (obviously a few exceptions). Our players need to be given the chance to express themselves, not be stuck in a rigid formation.
  5. Thank goodness you''re not our manager.
  6. Hughton is a very stubborn manager. He believes that the team that he sets out will do a job, or will eventually do a job regardless of how we are playing. He has said it before, '' I didn''t change it because I thought the team I picked could do the job''. I do question what game he is watching at some point. Anyway, on to today. We went 2-0 down, and he waited 10 minutes to bring Redmond on. Why!!?! He should have brought him on straight away. He fails to act quick enough, and I believe that this has probably lost us points already this season - failing to act, when needed.
  7. We had a €10m bid accepted, but Andrea Ranocchia is not interested in a move to Carrow Road.
  8. I couldn''t care less the style of play we adopt. The most enjoyable thing about sport is winning. You win in what ever way is possible. That''s the only thing, as a sportsmen you should worry about. Style of play comes second to winning. At this moment in time, we need to start winning. Weather it''s attractive or not, I frankly don''t care.
  9. He is no longer a part of Toon boss Alan Pardew''s long-term plans - and needs to play regularly to make Argentina''s World Cup squad. Us and QPR interested.
  10. Hearing rumours that NCFC have been linked with a loan move for Younès Kaboul from Tottenham. With Turner picking up and knock at the weekend, Kaboul would offer added competition and pace at the back. Has also played alongside Bassong before, and Hughton knows him from his time at Spurs. Will be interesting to see if there is anything in this rumour. P.S; don''t shoot the messenger...
  11. This thread really highlights the NCFC fans with no football knowledge whatsoever. How you can judge he will be a flop is unbelievable. He has been injured for 13 weeks. Furthermore, he plays in team with no creativity, who''s only flare comes from a 19 year old winger, who then struggles to cross the ball into good areas. Look at Soldado; a £30 million striker, who has failed to hit the ground running. The premier league is not an easy league and by you expecting RVW to have scored more goals than he has in unrealistic. He needs to adapt to the climate, his team mates, the league. Additionally, Hughton has no idea what his strengths are, neither does he for most of our team.
  12. First home game of the season. Chelsea play Liverpool and Palace at home to United.
  13. We arguably have a stronger squad this season than last season. Last season we were successful cuss we has something to prove. Last season we played many formations; 4-1-2-1-2, 3.5-2, 4-3-3. This season we play either 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. It''s such a bad formation. For it to work effectively you need pace on the wings, and two strong forwards that will win headers. In the premiership which team play 4-4-2? Non. Not even Stoke. Why? Because it too negative. Hughton sets his teams out to defend and to not conceded goals. We have not got the defensive set up to go out and minimise conceding gaols in return for less goals scored. Last season we went out with the mentality to score goals. If we score more than the opposition we win. Wether we conceded 3 - if we score 4 we win. Hughtons mentality of a set formation that we clearly can''t play and is it too disciplined isn''t working. Teams out play us. The formation must change.
  14. Ward has damaged his right ankle (presumably in training) which is the reason for his absence tonight. Also Wes was rested due to playing 90 at MK. Could be looking a bit short on CB now.
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