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  1. Was the NHS ever real? I thought it was just a myth like Bigfoot
  2. [quote user="crafty canary"]Managers just like players can often outstay their effectiveness at a club in the way that Wenger is and Worthy did. On Talk Sport they were asking who could replace Wenger if he went? David Moyes would do a great job there IMO.[/quote]Wonder if Lambert will get linked with yet another club?... [|-)]
  3. "The guy who sat next to me, not part of Team FM, clearly doesn’t watch Smallville otherwise he would be able to take much needed advice from the sponsors of said programme."I have no idea who sponsors Smallville but I''m guessing he stunk?...
  4. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]@CanaryBird I think its painfully obvious who we would all pick as the manager we want out of the two you have said..... We can all be proud of norwich''s ''performance'' yesterday but it will be ''results'' that count at the end of the day[/quote]No denying that but games like this are practically a case of just ticking them off as defeats as we go along and then hoping to pick up points against the sides in and around us. I was fully expecting to see us take a battering on Saturday, but the fact that we finished the game thinking we could have easily have taken something from the game can only be a positive thing and breed confidence to team that they can hold their own against the best teams even away from home.
  5. I know it''s still very early but already this game to me looks like a 6 pointer as West Brom are sure to be fighting relegation this season with the squad they have. Hopefully they wont be upping their game in time for their visit to Carrow Road.
  6. I almost feel sorry for the Arsenal fans but they deserve it after their team of "invincibles" once went a whole season unbeaten, it''s karma catching them up.
  7. [quote user="lester"]Dont worry Hooleyfan, you''ll soon be back there. Norwich''s problem is they have a;ready shown they nor there supporters understand Premiership football, its not one league up from the championship, its a different ball gama altogether. Secondly you have an inexperienced and nieve manager, and his errors cost you games against MK Dons (ohh it doesnt matter i hear you cry, well can you see any of the top teams loosing like that, winning mentality its called) and being very lucky against stoke last week. and lastly - we all know you are in love with delia (was she sober yesterday) but wheres all the money going ?? When you lot were in the 2nd division you had a premiership ground, so why are they not spending money on players ? Delia (are you sober) is doing a "Chase" on you lot and youre too blind to see it - my bet is she and her lot have already calculated the balloon payment will be more than staying in the premiership. Work it out numb-skulls - Does being in the premiership mean you lot get extra income ? are you attendances bigger? is it more expensive to get in ? Think about it - They are not buying premiership quality players, they buy on the cheap, they will be relegated as its good business for the board - its not rocket science[/quote]Probably the most laughable post I have read on this forum for quite some time. I love it when some billy big bollocks decides to come on our forum and attempt to educate us on something they clearly know nothing about.Back on topic and I agree with the OP, Chelsea FC lost it''s soul the second they allowed a Russian crook to take over. Stamford bridge used to be a place of great character and once upon a time Chelsea had a very passionate and vocal support of grass root fans, many of them don''t go to games anymore or even follow the club because they have been priced out and overtaken by the prawn sandwhich brigade and gloryhunting armchair fans who you can spot all over the world wearing the Chelsea brand shirt because of it''s recent success. Makes me proud to be a yellow when I compare the two respective clubs.
  8. I thought Holt looked really poor against Wigan last week but put in a good shift today against Stoke, a game we really needed him to be on form and he was. Don''t be surprised to see Lambert rotate his strikers around far more this season than he has previously, certain games suit different players much better so I don''t see Holt as a guaranteed starter for every game like what some people believe.
  9. We were very unlucky today no doubt about it, Stoke were easily second best up until we were forced to play with 10 men thanks to a weak ref decision. 
  10. It seems1 binner has his head screwed on:"Hate to say it but if the scum were in our position with a home game coming up they''d pack the ground and create a din to try and help get a result. We''ll have about 18,000 on Saturday and half the crowd will be arguing with the other half. This is why people who say going down to League One would do us good are talking rubbish, we''d sink without trace in front of crowds of about 10,000. "
  11. Bless em, after the final ball was kicked last season they thought their nightmare was over.... [:)]
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [:D]Top 3 East Anglia clubsNorwichPoshScum
  13. I do think our squad is crying out for a little bit of Premiership experience even if it''s only a squad player as opposed to a regular starter, wages would be a stumbling block with this one I suspect.
  14. A mere 18,500 bothered to turn up at Poorman RD last night, 6000 odd less than our average attendance in division 3, poor support warrants poor performances in my opinion. Don''t think they will go down this season though, but can easily see it happening within the next 3-4 years.
  15. I was friends with Bally at school so it''s good to hear that he''s doing well for himself. I was pretty gutted when we let him go, I always believed he had the potential to make it big, biased perhaps but I knew a few promising academy players when I was younger and none of them looked anywhere near as good as Bally did.
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