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  1. [quote user="CanaryOne"]So if Alex Neil wanted to keep him because he rates him what was Grabban doing at Bournemouth with 5 minutes of the window left ? use a little common sense please .[/quote] Maybe you also, as the Pinkun said, BJ''s transfer was confirmed just before the 6pm deadline. Sounds to me all parties could have been waiting for the outcome of this move.
  2. [quote user="Canary001"]What happened was we didn''t get Gayle in so Grabban was not allowed to leave ,[/quote] Or BJ had been sold and AN wanted to keep a player he thinks high of. Not even read any rumours and not interested.
  3. [quote user="NCFC198"]Were you there ? No I wasn''t there. I watched it in the pub. Does that make me less of a fan? At least I paid attention to the game. Now your comment looks very silly, but you haven''t even realised yet.[/quote] Just looked at squads for Sunderland game, I take it that is what you are on about NCFC198, Brown never made the bench Saturday on the BBC site.
  4. [quote user="Jack Flash"]So thats yet another good decision by the Board, whether by luck or judgement - who cares when it has put circa £10M in the Bank!!! [/quote] Whatever the price JF, I am so glad we never agreed to a perfomance related monthly payment plan for his fee[:D]
  5. Let us just wait and see how it is meant, Im sure his autobiography will be out soon, everyone is doing them, some even before being out of nappies [:D]
  6. [quote user="Wiz"] [quote user="lharman7"]Wiz in yet another NCFC dig shocker![/quote]   I actually favour option b Iharman. [:|] [/quote] Wiz, it may have been best to have not just asked what option people prefer, but also put your prefered option also. As for me Delia, she taught me cooking on BFBS when stationed in Germany lol
  7. [quote user="Canary fun and games "]I bet Lambert even with all his free signings will end next season higher up the football league places than the Radio Commentator[/quote] Now that is stating the bleeding obvious, different leagues.
  8. [quote user="Phillip J Fry"][quote user="Branston Pickle"]How could that side possibly go for defensive solidity? We don''t have the personnel, particularly when the best English defender, like him or hate him, is not even in the squad. For all this ''we''re going for a attacking formation'' we were pretty short on the required skill/pace/ability to create and convert enough chances.[/quote] Collective effort and a good defensive shape. Hodgson has made far worse defenders talent wise look absolutely amazing in his system. But when you abandon your focus on defensive shape and protecting that defence in favour of attacking, you''re going to struggle to remain competitive defensively.  [/quote] So are you saying that England should play like we did last year under CH?
  9. Heard on radio this morning while driving to work, now that Roy Keane is at Vile, Wes transfer back on.
  10. [quote user="littleyellowbirdie"][quote user="BGGandYPOS"]Just wish she would go to the Pope as she''s Catholic, his mob are loaded[/quote] Interesting concept the catholic church sponsoring a football club. Do you think their brand would experience a halo effect? [/quote] If needing a late goal we can always try the old Hail Mary
  11. Just wish she would go to the Pope as she''s Catholic, his mob are loaded
  12. [quote user="Herman "]Oh, it''s Waveney''s new moniker. At least it''s original[Y][/quote] Marvin = sound like Merlin = Wizard     [:D]
  13. [quote user="City1st"][quote user="City1st"][quote user="City1st"][quote user="CanaryOne"]Been a City supporter for over forty years and ashamed of c unts like you to be honest . [/quote] So where did you watch the games all those forty years ago - and there is no need for that lind of language, even for someone like you with clearly a limited grasp of the English language [/quote] cooo - eee master CanaryDumb are you there ? [/quote] where''s he gone ........ and why ? [/quote] He most probably had some free time last night City1st, his mum, sisters, wife and daughters had punters, he is now busy finding more [:D]
  14. Neutral for me, need to see how things go, not my first choice, then again niether was MM or NL, reasons being MM, proven in Championship, but most posters have stated that he was more defencive than CH. NL, only proven in the SPL, ok a few Champions League games, but any posters gran could win the SPL if managing Celtic. I would like to have seen Steve Clark with Hoddle as TD  
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