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  1. Hi are you playing foitball atm, I am desperately looking for a keeper for remainder of this season. We play ang comb div 1 drop me a text 07741270724
  2. Hi just noticed your post, are you playing football for anyone now, I am looking for a keeper to help out as our keeper is away 07741270724
  3. chuggs

    can anyone help please

    Morning I know this is not the normal messageboard to put such questions but I am chairman of an Anglian Combination team and we have a very important game next Sat 31st unfortunately our goalkeeper is away so I am asking if any of my fellow Norwich City supporters know of anyone who could help me out please. Ideally as the window for signing someone is on the 31st it would be quicker if not signed for an Anglian combination club as could get paperwork done quicker.

    I do appreciate this is not Norwich city related, however I need this to get seen by as many people as possible in the hope that someone could help me out.
  4. chuggs

    Goalkeeper Required

    Good morning if anyone could help me out. I am chairman for an Anglian combination side and this coming Sat 31st March we have a very big game but unfortunately our normal keeper is away. As our window for signing on playerscloses on the 31st ideally it would need to be someone who us not signed Anglian Comb.

    Please could I ask felliw Norwich fans to ask if they know someone. This would be really appreciated.
  5. chuggs

    good striker needed

    Hi I am looking for a proven striker at senior or higher end of junior level to help my club in division 1 Anglian combination. We are a really well run club. If interested please contact me in first instance on 07741270724.

    ideallywe would like filled asap.
  6. chuggs


    Always good when someone puts stuff like that but actually do not post evidence of it and or a name lol
  7. chuggs

    who SD & HC

    So a sensible question, who do we think will be

    1) SD

    2) HC

    I am going with

    Moss as SD

    Martin O''neil as HC
  8. They would have to drop a long way. I could not really see himback with us could you ?
  9. chuggs


    As I was made aware yesterday a deal is in place for Brady to leave but club will not allow untill replacement sorted.

    As for both Murphys they were poor, AN comment to one was start working or you will be taken off.
  10. Even more concerning is the amount of ££££ he is rumoured to be

  11. chuggs

    Wells - Huddersfield fans

    DD where is the link to huddersfield site please
  12. Murphys may have been at the club a while, however I want to see my team playing the best players we have. If we want out of this division this season then anyone coming in to the team has to help improve it. In my honest opinion I am not sure either murphys are up to it.
  13. Daily mail reporting that Fulham have accepted 12m just working out the structure of payment apparently
  14. Dr Ink, would been good if you could post the so callefd ITK tweet. I do think this will happen as to my knowledge we are the only team to have actually bid for him