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  1. I will rip a second hole in my cute ass if the wolf is still here at the end of august
  2. We should have a sweep stale to see who we think will have the last word. Mine is on LDC
  3. [quote user="morty"]The worst thing about this is that these people cynically exploit the welfare state by churning out more and more children.Anyone with a shred of decency or common sense wouldn''t consider bringing a child into the world, unless they knew they could provide for it.[/quote] Even with all these kids the binners still can''t fill portaloo road
  4. People seem to forget they live in Ipswich. This is normal behaviour for our bin dipping friends
  5. It would have been all so different had ruddy been in goal
  6. Mid table mediocrity and we will finish the season with a different manager than what we start with.
  7. Amazing what a player can do when you let him play. Hughton and Adams have a lot to answer for. God I am depressed
  8. I remember the day under the Messiah when there was optimisum on this message board. First Hughton and now Adams have sucked the life out of the club. God this pre season is depressing
  9. It goes from as to worse Neil Adams as manager and now this clown as a striker. What the hell next.
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