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  1. Young lad from Cov, been highly talked up, supposed to be going to Preston for £2m ish, surely worth a punt for u23's or to loan out........
  2. Still think we need another defensive midfielder, I know we have Tettey but also Thompson is so injury prone if Trybull out we are short. If the Hanley out of loan has any legs to it I would seriously consider looking at Gary Cahill, I know his wages are high and he's getting on but bags of experience and would help Godfrey develop further too.
  3. I have two Liverpool tickets for sale, bought for family who live away but they now can’t get accommodation they want, they are the Severely Restricted View tickets face value £56 the pair
  4. What is the strongest 11 we have with the players currenly fit, Farke doesn''t seem to know yet but signs seem to be there in games I''ve seen so far, for me. Gunn Pinto Zimmerman Franke Toffolo (untested) Reed Maddsion Wildschut Murphy Wes Oliviera
  5. Brentford captain (was), 6ft 3, good age at 26 available for around £2-3m, if we are serious about sorting this defence out think this chap would be a good start
  6. 3 at back is bit hit and miss for me, I would go with this although quite attacking Gunn Pinto Martin Zimmerman Husband Reed Maddison Hoolahan Wildschut Murphy Oliveria
  7. Gunn obviously no1 this season if not wouldn''t have got him, McGovern no2 i guess from appearances on bench. If Man City do rate Gunn and he goes back in summer or to another club maybe we could do worse than look at another home grown keeper - Jed Steer? Had a great game last night and always thought he was rated higher Rudd by club until Lambert nicked him!
  8. Hi All, Long shot but I''m trying to get hold of a 3rd kit (bird sh*t) shirt from last season in a large, tried normal routes of ebay, gumtree, clubshop etc with no luck so if anyone has or knows of someone selling one then kep me in mind. Thanks
  9. [quote user="ZLF"]good decision to extend his contract then. Now - any, even one, bids for McGovern?[/quote] Just need Alex Neil to get a new job to take quote ''The Best Goalkeeper He Has Worked With'' with him!
  10. Not saying Morris is up to that yet and he hasn''t banged them in for other teams, though Rotherham hardly scored bag loads. Would just be interested to see if he had some of the chances Jerome has got in an attacking team how he would do, not saying we should rely on him as main man, happy if he was 3rd choice this year with Nelson and CJ, if we sign someone though then loan him out to a mid table championship team if we can.
  11. I''m on the fence with this while I really like Jerome and his work rate even if he''s not so clinical however if we get a good fee for him approaching 30 and £20k a week for wages would be very useful, just don''t want to sell to a rival in this league though. Carlton Morris could well do a similar job given some game time?
  12. I would be looking at Nathan Smith of Port Vale too, their player of year albeit they were relegated, only 21 and probably wouldn''t cost the earth
  13. No surprise we performed better (a lot better!) with what I think is our strongest side out. Same side what beat Forest 5-1 with exception of Tettey for Mulumbu and Jacob for Josh (who played very well that day). From now on never mind shifting players around pick this side for remainder of season and see what happens. Wes and Pritchard need to play together and Oliveria is a class above Jerome despite his work rate etc.
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