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  1. yellowdamien


    Frig me.
  2. yellowdamien


    Back to the top we go :)
  3. yellowdamien

    Freeloaders or not?

    Why are they freeloading? They see the same adverts on the PinkUn, the adverts that fund the content on here. This is a stupid thread.
  4. Robert Fleck, the first time around.
  5. I really don''t understand people saying he is a better defender than Turner, etc... The amount of stupid mistakes he makes through complete lapses in concentration is ridiculous. If he was better than all of our other defenders he wouldn''t be making those mistakes - concentration and composure is part of the core skill set of a central defender.
  6. yellowdamien

    Crawley....how many changes?

    "OP''s team of 10, I really think we might put out a full team. Should be 442 with Cameron and Loza up top."

    ... Pretty sure that''s what the OP wrote.
  7. yellowdamien

    the defence

    I agree that having interchangeable defenders is useful, but in terms of actual personnel we can do better than Whittaker. He is terrible - positionally not great, not particularly strong or fast, and there are no words to describe how bad his passing is.
  8. yellowdamien


    Never mind Redmond - how Whittaker is anywhere near our 1st team is shocking. He''s the worst player in our squad.
  9. yellowdamien

    Question for exiles.

    I was born in Norwich but my parents moved away when I was 18 months old. Nonetheless, always been a yellow and couldn''t imagine supporting anyone else. I''ve lived in Preston, Wigan, Manchester, the midlands and now London, and have never been interested in any of the local clubs at all. Living in Preston when you''ve just been the mascot at the 7-1 defeat to Blackburn was pretty painful but never even considered switching allegiances!
  10. yellowdamien

    Silly season has begun

    Wiz, with flip flops...
  11. CanaryOne and Simmo2, any ideas?
  12. Best comment of the night Andy, completely agree.
  13. yellowdamien

    Upbeat :)

    + 1
  14. yellowdamien

    A breath of fresh air...

    Yankee Canary, spot on.