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  1. [quote user="ron obvious"]Nutty, can you give me an example of a ranting Hughton Inner? I can''t think of one for the life of me.[/quote]That troll named Buh that popped his head up in the last few weeks. He appears to be pro hughton as well as ranting and making insulting comments at other users?
  2. I am highly insulted by my Twitter feed today. There is a stupid promoted ad at the top from "World Soccer Shop" and it''s offering me an Ip5hit Town shirt.... Do they not notice what I tweet about? WTF? Anyone else had a misinformed advertisement?
  3. 1-1 With them scoring first and we get one back in the last 10 minutes. They''ll have a continuation of the Pulis effect that was started on the announcement of his arrival last week. I think they will come out and make it difficult for us but ultimately tire towards the end. I am predicting a goal from Howson for us
  4. [quote user="Frying Pan Eyes"]lol. Yeah but I still want whotun out.[/quote]Is he the love child of Dr Who and Tungsten Steel?
  5. [quote user="Frying Pan Eyes"]Im going but I still want Howton out![/quote]Is he the love child of Hughton and Howson?
  6. [quote user="Number 9"]The way its looking at the moment, I think he meant crap.[/quote]lol
  7. The good old days I had at Uni in the late 90''s when messaged boards were just coming about. There was a Norwich City message board where I used to log on and all the Norwich fans would just rip the 5h1t out of the Scummers/Binners/Portman Losers... We all joined together in our hatred of anything Blue. It''s not the same any more. It seems to be Norwich fans with different views constantly trying to belittle each other and rather than discussing in a mature manner, they take to abusing the other posters supposed weaknesses. Rather than we unite against anything those losers down the road are doing, we turn on each other. I guess we are in the "lord of the flies" type of scenario. Them down the road are so far away that we are left to fight for superiority amongst ourselves. I dream of those days gone by. I also miss a random poster by the name of "Green Guy". Now he had the ultimate post to knock someone down!
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="nutty nigel"] The first goal was a defensive nightmare and the second not much better. That has nothing to do with the way the team is set up.     [/quote] Please tell me you are joking. [/quote]   No I''m not joking. Where is the joke in that statement. Do you think the goals were not defensive nightmares? Or do you think we were set up wrongly and that produced the goals? If so please explain because from what I saw the goals were down to awful defensive mistakes and not down to the way we were set up.   This is getting too monotonous. We are stuck with Hughton until the board decide otherwise. The same people repeating the same old mantra about us being set up to lose doesn''t make sense anymore. If you believe we were set up wrongly please explain it to me in words I understand. And please also explain how being set up differently would have prevented the two goals. Especially the all important first one.     [/quote]I realised this a few weeks ago. No matter what we post on here or get het up about, it''s out of our hands. I thoroughly enjoyed the win 2 weeks ago and was disappointed with the result today. I don''t believe Hughton the man to take us forward, but screaming and writing til i''m blue in the face is going to get us nowhere.
  9. [quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="ReadingCanary"]Who''s going?Could be fun[/quote]If you get there early enough could you please rap our goalmouth across with cling film? In fact we won''t know which goal is ours so better do both. I''d take a 0-0 there, god knows I just can''t take seeing rat face score any more against us...[/quote]I''m thinking you meant "Wrap" and not "Rap". Do we need to get Eminem to come out and talk to the Goal Posts before the game?
  10. Sir Topham Hat himself (The now politically correct name for our former Chairman)
  11. Depends how you rate "better" than Hughton? - Do we base it on Win Percentages? - Do we base it on experience and win percentages in top leagues or do we count other leagues? - Do European stats count? - Do we base it on Trophies won (in which case does the Championship/lower leagues count as a trophy?)? - Do we base it on tactics and supporter satisfaction at their past/present clubs? What do we base better on? This is the hardest thing to determine. It would make the discussion easier if we had some set parameters and then we could objectively debate this point and not base it on what our own personal opinions of better/worse are!
  12. This isn''t a Hughton in or out thread. But interesting article from the "Newspaper". This might explain why Roberto hasn''t gone back to work and is in no hurry to either. Why would you swap that kind of weekly money for the stress of managing a football team. Seems we could easily strike him off any potential "replacement" list http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2503321/Chelsea-paying-Roberto-Di-Matteo-130-000-week.html#ixzz2kTVzX52X
  13. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Robert911"]I, like Morty, used to enter via the same turnstiles week after week when I had a season ticket. Obviously it did not work as we never went on a undefeated streak for that whole time....... However, I was too scared to change it in case that was the game we got thumped...[/quote]Yeah same here lol.Based on no logic whatsoever![/quote]Ha ha. The lack of logic is scary. I would have felt an irrational guilt if going through a different turnstile had been the catalyst for the players to suddenly decide they were going to have a bad day. I''m sure they were all sitting round in the changing rooms and saying "we''re alright today lads, Rob has gone through the normal turnstile......."
  14. I, like Morty, used to enter via the same turnstiles week after week when I had a season ticket. Obviously it did not work as we never went on a undefeated streak for that whole time....... However, I was too scared to change it in case that was the game we got thumped...
  15. I see that the Hull City owner is looking to change their name to the "Hull Tigers". Got me thinking, if we had to rename the club would we go with "Norwich Canaries"? Renaming is a horrible idea but if we had to, what would you go with?
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