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  1. Superb and has made only two mistakes since he joined the club. Otherwise awesome. Prob was Ruddy was another level also this season before injury so no one in the eyes of some can be better. We have the same for Hughton and Lambert lets call it Lambert syndrome. We just cant look forward it seems when we had such good stuff happen previously.
  2. He''s still awful and there was a reason why Lazio didn''t want him to stay with them
  3. We would be no better than Leeds, Pompey etc in 3 years max.
  4. We will be alrite Wiz. We didn''t get who we wanted and it upsets me but we have to just go for it. Some positivity from Hughton in the games will results in positivity from us on this board I expect.
  5. Seems now it''s in the news I think I deserve an apology. With the Mcnally flight I cannot prove this happened however it was likely just couldn''t match the fee same with RVW.
  6. of Duston. Does that mean he has his own place or he is being sent back to spurs?
  7. It has been reported after last night that Mcnally wasn''t at the game last night and was returning from Scotland for all of you that doubted.
  8. Definitely means we are in for a defender if we don''t get him I expect someone else.
  9. Wiz has gone AWOL on transfer deadline day and is believed to have joined up with the Aston Villa forum on a temporary deal. The rest of the players at Norwich are secretly relieved as he was breaking the harmony in the dressing room.
  10. Hope you do well lad. Sorry it never fell quite into place here with you. Hope to see you up the dogs still however and I will buy you a pint and a sambuca pal.
  11. Ahh LSD a man who understands like me. No doubt the glue will be available at the time the birds rise tea tree
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