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  1. Thanks, JF. So the question of how many points deducted would be fair remains, but if they got only 1 from games, maybe they should be given a few extra ;)
  2. This is the first time I''ve written about you in ages, so it proves your wrong. Again.
  3. Brownstone, do you know what sour grapes means? Suing in this case is pure, embarrassing desperation. If it was sour grapes'' we''d have sued months ago when we didn''t fire CH. A 4 point reduction and we''d still need something to stay up. How many points deducted would be fair? It was one game, wasn''t it?
  4. Jenkins, morty didn''t start "pants wetter", but he used it way beyond his own definition of "a handful of games". As the season regressed, the number of games to give CH increased until it was too late and no change would happen. Anyone wanting change inJanuary was a pants wetter, and by March it wasn''t happening. So he was wrong on pretty much every front regarding the demise and then he comes on here to hurl insults because he has no substance.
  5. Paul''s Ferry, the fact remains the board waited way too long. If they made the move due to fan pressure, they would have made it months earlier.
  6. We relied on other team''s ineptitude too long, and this is what we get. A gutless board refusing to make a positive move until we had no winnable games left made for a Cinderella finish to Sunderland''s season. And we''re the ugly step-sisters. .
  7. All those pictures? What pictures, and why would it offend me if east Asians like a team? If it''s killing you then you are a racist and a ManU fan. I''d love to see "all those pictures" of people from any and all racial groups wearing Norwich shirts. Except the French. .
  8. Nobody picking Nash to start in goal? .
  9. Look Houston, this is awkward but it needs to be said. Pretty much everyone thinks you are a moron, thats why no one answers your posts. - morty You answer my posts, nomorty. Plenty of regulars answer my posts with smiles and laughs and "Iagrees". For someone so obsessed with me, you are so very out of touch with what I ccontribute here. Still no challenge to my comments, just more empty vitriol. .
  10. Buh, Houston is hardly the other side of the world. Now who''s the moron? Mork thinks his drivel matters to me. Another moron. I made several points but neither bothered to contradict those, instead resorting to name calling and accusations. Game, set, match. .
  11. This is definitely not "tin pot". It is, however, pretty funny and apparently highly unusual so nothing to be ashamed of. I like it that some supporters are not willing to applaud joyfully our imminent relegation by resigning themselves to failure and voting for someone who shouldn''t be celebrating anyways. If we had some leadership on the field and in the boardroom rather than going gently into this debilitating night, I''d agree its terrible to waste votes, but we surrendered months ago. Thanks for the chuckle those who voted for Nash. It may be the kick in the teeth the organization needs. Also, this may be one of those "bad publicity is better than no publicity" things.
  12. I thought it was the win against West Ham that cost us relegation. HAH!
  13. It was one of those "has to win" games and after that terrible first half you gotta think replacing CH was in the cards. The next few months, the wrongers kept up the "only 2 points (and massive goal diff) from 10th" although we never got those 2 points. Now we''re 1 point from relegation and that will lessen tomorrow. .
  14. Was it? The closeup after was of RVW jogging away so I thought he was the one who tapped it in. ManU still looking very casual despite pregame chatter of them coming out guns blazing.
  15. So ha CAN score. Now he needs to do it when the whistle hasn''t been blown
  16. I''m sure they would tell you how much they appreciate your defense of them if only they could answer back. There is nothing like a simp with a keyboard to have your back. Your ability to answer back by ignoring the question or changing the subject has been noted on here many times. .
  17. If you can''t watch the game live, record it, ask-clown.
  18. What Making Plans left out was that you ALSO started a pre-match thread last week telling everyone at the game how to cheer. That, coupled with your post-match thread about how you couldn''t be bothered to watch the game yourself makes you an a$$hole of epic proportions. But wait! He''s topped himself with this thread criticizing people who aren''t making a cross country trip and turning that into a defense of CH. You have no defense, so best turn this into a weak attempt to rally the troops around the nasty American who called me a name while I ignore all the other ones who called me names because I''m too gutless to challenge them for the same thing. You really are an ask clown, Lake Ipswich.
  19. OP has it on good authority, but then says, "if this is true....". So is it, or is it not, good authority? .
  20. ManU is in a mess, so it''s sarcastically time for neat and tidy, well-organized, balanced and focused Norwich City to show them how to play the game.
  21. Gets irritating listening to Italian, German and Dutch fans go on about how many World Cups they have won and how poor coaching is in England. - Juggy Dutch fans? World Cup wins? Doesn''t England have 1 more WC than them, that being....ahem....ONE?????
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