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  1. jamie the corn cureton played instead :D
  2. [quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="ellis206"]christ your even moaning about things before it''s even happened! how do you know the Turners aren''t going to invest 10 million pound in the summer [/quote] Because I am all seeing![:D] [/quote]     jog on wizzzard
  3. [quote user="ipswichrscum"] to all my wogglie pops ! ag my news for uz loties wotsies is wozzy wozza is back ! and whilst you''re creamin the juice box .. don''t loose your keys in the door shed ! if u understand what i mean ..   free peace for peacemen ! noz .. east anglia ! woooooop .. brb getting a lollie .. [/quote]   sorry that was my mate on my account ... [^o)]
  4. AGYMANG .. anyone else wana join me on trying to get him into the club ?
  5. [quote user="canaries in Bed"]Because they are all slimey te he.................[/quote]   i agree ..
  6. i don''t think 1st wiz was the 1st wizzard .. i heard that was some sort of seedy barron playing fuss on the ol'' cornhole was
  7. if roeder is limping home .. maybe he should get a walking stick ? or someone who should be so kind in giving him a lift .. do you not agree ?
  8. i blame whoever thought john hartson was good enough for our club
  9. [quote user="ricky knight"]i think he has to shoulder some of the blame not pulling out stops for a sriker in january, some of the loans are a bit iffy imo, changing a winning side to keep others happy, the Hux situation and some whinging creeping in. He still has my backing at this point but not quite the god people are making out him out to be imo[/quote]   fully agreed,
  10. nothing wrong with this, aslong as they make it to training etc. players should be able to live there own lifestyles .. the doc lives in dunston hall that''s not far away from anything at all .. but why should this matter ?
  11. that''s probably the best thing i''ve ever read on here .. players must be picked for certain reasons ! lets back roeder and his choices (apart from cureton) !!
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