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  1. I''ve been away for a few weeks. I thought Ched was the answer to our goal scoring woes. Can anyone tell me what happened to him? 27 years a Canary
  2. I''ve been a Canary since 1981 and this is so difficult that I''ve come up with 3 teams but only one manager ans subs as that''s my first choice!         Roberts SuttonHuckerby Crook Bellamy BarhamJackson Watson Bruce Bowen                  Woods Subs:- Keelan, McKay, Townsend, Channon (super sub), Robins (remember the opening game of the season against Arsenal) Manager:- Walker (first time)                 Robins Ward Fleck                 Fox Goss GordonButterworth Linnigan Needergaard McKay                        Keelan               Peters DrinkellEadie Townsend Williams Channon Drury Newsome Walford Hareide                     Gunn
  3. A few weeks ago I believed we''d end up between 8th and 13th, I hope we go up a lttle higher than 13th. I think Jim will be out of a job next season, ipstwit are 7th and I don''t think Marcus Evans will be too happy with his manager''s behaviour of late. 27 years a Canary
  4. 7rew thats a good post, I''ve intended writing a similar post for a few weeks. My feeling and belief (rightly or wrongly) is that loan players were a wiser option than buying players for various reasons:- 1. In January threre were no guarantees that we''d escape relegation. I''m sure some players wouldn''t come, no matter how good a manager they thought Roeder is. I believe they wouldn''t want to sign given the fact we were still in the mire and I''m sure their wife or g.f. would say if Norwich get relegated ''Will we want to move and then find you want to be playing for a Championship side or higher next season and then we''ll have to move again?'' 2. Maybe? the club and Roeder agreed it was better to go for loan players rather than sign them on 2 or 3 year contracts, just incase the worst case scenario happens and then find players who had signed in January wanted to leave in the summer 3. If Roeder shows and has shown the way he can turn around a club just with loan players, players will be more likely to sign for us next season whether its full time or on loan when they can see what he has achieved. 27 Years a Canary PS If Reading get relegated their loan players might not want to go back but ask if they can move to us - just a thought
  5. Too big for the Championship? If thats the case perhaps they''ll join another big? club..............Leeds United!
  6. Beaten twice in 16 games, what''s all the fuss about?
  7. According toThe Sun Man U and Liverpool are battling it out to sign him. I hope we have a hefty sell on clause if the story is true. Great way for Dad to help out Darren??!!!
  8. I bet if Munby said we had £10 million to spend some would be saying its not enough!! Football fans are often known for having very little patience.
  9. I don''t care what other teams do. It has no relevance to us. This season loan players are better than permanent signings.
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