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  1. Yellow...thanks brother boo ah.  I''m told this weeks tilt against Bristol City (hahahaha they might call that a city) will be a tough one but I''ll be checking it out online in my jersey and we can kick them where it hurts.     
  2. I guess if the jack they raise goes to charity it''s not as disgusting to buy a sweaty shirt boo ah. It''s a good spirit you people have.
  3. What does someone do with a used shirt boo ah?  The new one I got was inexpensive and they mailed it to me in Canada.  Or is the used shirt somehow a momento or something?  (Sounds kind of gross...it is written)
  4. boo ah that was messed up boo ah Got my jersey yesterday in the mail so I''m all official boogaloo!      
  5. Stone boo ah. I checked out you tube too and you are right it looks very lame on there.  I can assure you and the other peeps that this song kicks dude.  I think the opposing teams and fans would be losing control of bodily functions out of fear it is written. By the way thanks for the heads up on you tube. It has lots of cool videos.  I''m gonna add that site to my favorites boo ah.  
  6. Boo ah to my English peeps.  Trooper and their "ROCK ANTHEM" called "Raise a Little Hell" will guarantee promotion next year.  It is written. Check it out and lets get this song as OUR own FOOTBALL ANTHEM!!!!!!  Boogaloo
  7. [quote user="noz4lyf"]how seedy ..[/quote]   My message was lost.  Why all these divisions boo ah? NORWICH we need to be the 12th man. My peeps explained that to me. How easy is it to get a ticket for a game in Norwich the City? (East Anglia!)  English should make one big division and it would be a party. Off to the Keg for wobbly pops
  8. I guess doing a war dance only gets the Canary players angry. Two guys got kicked out of the game? Boo ah my friends in England and the UK
  9. [quote user="Eastside Canary"] p.m.yellow, they are equally ineffective. Wizard is like the guy who ran Oz, all flashing lights, bells, and whistles.  Cherokeeathekeg is like Lenny from Piapot Reserve, or Relic from The Beachcombers, gullible, greedy, easily fooled and cranky. Give him some Aqua Velva and he''ll calm down. The real question is did Stonechild or Ajacoutay give him his keys back after he sobered up enough to drive? [/quote] Boo ah Eastside.  I''ll take the high road on that one boogaloo. Lets just see how effective the jinx/curse is on Coventry.  I see the Norwich Cherokee Canary''s.  I''m told if we do well then we can play in another league next year and play some of the teams I''ve actually heard of before. Let''s do it brothers     
  10. [quote user="DC Harry Batt"] Cherokeeathekeg you are posting too infrequently I know the distance is long but bring on the Rain Dance starting with Coventry City. BTW when did you begin getting the ''Canary Vibes''? Apologies for my previous ''cheek'' in my misspellings of your greeting...I was ignorant but now I see the way Boo ah my friend and OTBC Regards DCHB     [/quote] No harm in the Ha over the aH boo ah.  I was partying with some guys and they were fanatical about a team called Canaries a couple weeks ago so I thought the name was unique and we got talking. I decided to follow this Norwich Canary''s even if the name isn''t that intimidating.  I''m sending a native jinx to this Coventry City which will help.  Rain dance only messes up the field (pitch).  Pitch is what we do in baseball. All the peeps here are really good about welcoming me into the fold Let the good times roll!        
  11. [quote user="paint_me_yellow"] I can''t decide which would be more effective: (A) A Cherokeeathekeg Rain Dance? or (B) A 1st Wizard Hex? [/quote]   You need rain dude?  Boo ah brother!!!
  12. boo ah my peeps....Watford coming up and GOING DOWN!!!!!! I''m predicting 2-1 for our guys (lads)   SWEET
  13. [quote user="DC Harry Batt"]Boo Ha too from the British Constabulary - see we too can be trendy son. Lets hope Blackpool are softer than a stick of their rock tomorrow, once again I say Boo Hah...[/quote] It''s boo ah not "ha".  Blackpool can stick those rocks tomorrow.  The Canaries are in flight.  I understand from your big words you are a cop!  I fought the law and the law won but that was when I was a lot younger    
  14. [quote user=" C.T"] [quote user="Captain Slog"]Houston...you have a problem![/quote] Classic [:)] [/quote]   C.T.  nice jersey dude!  Sounds liek you like outer space and stuff. Rock on boo ah
  15. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Cherokeeathekeg"] [quote user="kick it off"]This will be my final post on this thread as i am getting very confused very quickly!! Beer forum would be very boring - A family member was on Brainteaser on Channel 5 once and lost in the first round to a very boring man who wanted to use his winnings to buy empty beer cans for his collection.... Very surreal man. You can buy "Soccer jerseys" aka football shirts from the official site, www.canaries.co.uk - Not sure on Overseas shipping and what-not though. Hope that helps. P.s what about the upside down elephant who eats treehouses - maybe he has seen your keys.... [/quote]   Sweet jersey action.  Thanks so much. Never found the keys but life goes on.  Heard about your volcano over there and hope you''re all safe.  Peace brothers [/quote] Oh just to let ya know, I''m a sister not a bro [;)] So do we in actual fact have another canaries fan in the midst?  I am sure the club would send a shirt over to the good ole'' US of A.  Totally love America, in fact going back there for 15 days in 9 weeks time. lol it wasn''t a volcano we had, it was an earthquake, Norfolk is a fairly flat County, Lincolnshire is flatter still lol  which is where the epicentre of the earthquake was.  The earth moves for me several times a week, but never like this [:)] So where y''all from cherokee?   [/quote]   I''m not in the USA my dear boo ah. I''m in Canada.  I''m a new fan (supporter) and just learned who this Doc guy is.  Seems like I have a bit to learn.  I heard about the earthquake.  Only one person injured?  Seems even tamer than a night at the bar (pub)  I think the volcano may have been in Scotland or one of your countries in that UK thing.  Boo ah to all my pinkun peeps  
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