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  1. I''m not surprised at all. Lambert has a history of walking out on clubs he manage. (that is if he''s gone) Remember how we got him.
  2. [quote user="City1st"]"The money must be going somewhere" Compensating those that sit near you, perhaps ?[/quote]Well its gone into the clubs loyalty fund.
  3. I don''t know about ambition but McNally put up my season ticket by 70%. The money must be going somewhere. If its not going in the team then where?
  4. At last the "Barn Door" can be closed. FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  5.   I took my rebate because that was part of the deal when I renewed and I didn''t trust the decision makers at the club and I still don''t.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  6. City1st I don''t scrape the gutter to insult others on here so I will just ask one question. For the last ten years has the clubs business plan been a success?    FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST  
  7. [quote user="Nuff Said"]When the season tickets were bought,VAT was 17.5%. Hence you paid VAT at the prevailing rate. When VAT dropped to 15% any casual tickets bought after that date would have VAT levied at the new rate. It''s not a con trick by the club, it''s the way VAT works. Season tickets aren''t some sort of hire purchase scheme, the day you buy one it belongs to you. [/quote] What rate was the VAT when we bought this season''s season ticket''s?   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  8. [quote user="a1canary"]"FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST!" That is precisely the outlook that has got so many clubs in to such a mess. Football actually has to come second, AFTER the basic principles of economics and of keeping the club alive![/quote] I''ve been ending with FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST for years, all the years money was not spent on the pitch but being spent on restaurants and posh lounge''s etc. If FOOTBALL had come first then we wont be in this mess now. Unless we have very rich new investor come in only FOOTBALL will rectify years of mistakes.   FOOTBALL WILL COME FIRST 
  9. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="BBFF"] Can someone please ask why the 2.5% cut in VAT was never past onto us season ticket holders but casual tickets where cheaper?   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST[/quote] Something to do with having to change 20,000 direct debit accounts mid-way through the season I''d guess ?  Maybe it was too difficult to do ? [/quote] The cut came in January last year so it could have been passed on to us when we renewed for this season?   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  10. Can someone please ask why the 2.5% cut in VAT was never past onto us season ticket holders but casual tickets where cheaper?   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  11. Even if you don''t include last years relegation rebate, being over 60 a £1 a game increase on my season ticket is a 10% increase. So where the club gets it 6% from I don''t know? We still have to remember the 2.5% reduction in VAT last year was never passed onto season ticket holder when casual supports got their tickets reduced. I just hope some of this gets asked at tonight''s share holders meeting.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  12. [quote user="Bob Franklin"]IMO much of what Gunn says is accurate and guaranteed to provoke the sort of nastiness that is already appearing on this thread. However, if I had been Gunn I would have kept a low profile on this until the end of the season. I will mention that I agree with his stance re McNally''s public allegation that Gunn was guilty of poor preparation. Like I have said already too many times before, I don''t remember a better pre-season run of matches than that which Gunn and his quickly assembled new squad achieved and who can criticize him for his player acquisitions.Although, of course, Gunn detractors on here will not even give him credit for the likes of Holt, Hughes, Askou forgetting that even if it was Deehan who brought them to Gunn''s attention it was Gunn who took responsibilty for the final decision just like any other organisation. Perhaps if McNally had kept his trap shut then Gunn may have done too.[/quote] I totally agree with you Bob, well said.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  13. The old chairman told us that we get no profit from the hotels every day running. The other two partners use the profit to pay off the loan they took out to build it. We should get a pay out once a year something to do with valuation? It was always going to be a long term investment and to be sold at some time. I think it was a waste time, money and land. It should have been a normal stand how ever many seats it would have had.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
  14. When the Smiths took over they decided the restaurant had to be rebuilt in the Barclay. It took longer than scheduled and would not be open it time for the start of the season so they asked the league if we could play the first game of the season away. That in my mind was the first time the Smiths made it clear that football was not going to be the most important thing at Carrow Rd or the normal every day supporter. The matchday dinner has ruled ever since.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST
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