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  1. Imagine Soto will be announced tomorrow, Telstar have already stated he's ours
  2. Believe the released list has already been published: https://www.premierleague.com/news/1697130/?sf235431457=1
  3. He's a defensive mid, @cambridgeshire canary, so more filling a gap/long-term Tettey replacement kind of signing. Also an option at centre-back if we get lots of injuries again...
  4. As mentioned by @Tommo, I'd have Travis from Blackburn in a heart beat. Sadly we're not going to be making big money signings from fellow Championship teams. I would, however, try get Nathaniel Phillips in on loan from Liverpool.
  5. To suggest Godfrey "looks the part" simply "because he's athletic and quick" is insulting. He's not being tracked by some of the biggest clubs in Europe due to those attributes. His composure with the ball, the ability to pick a pass, and capacity to move forward with attacking moves are all much bigger reasons for him to attract a decent fee. Age and potential are also on his side. As you mention he's 22: how many his age, in his position, have the same talent he has and all the other skills you criticise him for not possessing? If such a player exists, they'd be worth over £100m. Take Virgil van Dijk, at the same age as Godfrey he joined Celtic for a few million. Since then he's developed into a world class player. There is a lot of time for Godfrey to improve the areas he's not hot on currently.
  6. No idea if he's correct or not, but tad surprising that the US-based Robbie Earle has this insight about the dressing room and not any of the journos/pundits over here.
  7. Surprised Norwich's press officer didn't intervene before the press conference and set up a 1-on-1 off-the-record/informal chat between Southwell and Farke. They must've known he was annoyed about the article in advance. Both want the same thing, for Norwich to succeed. There are better ways to air one's disgruntlement than in the public domain like that.
  8. Farke has done an outstanding job with us. Some seem to forget the mess we were in when he took over and the subsequent loss of our main attacking outlet in Maddison. Not only did he get us promoted on a restricted budget, he did so while giving youth a chance and changing the way we play football. We are in a position now where we should be self-sufficient. That didn’t look likely three years ago. As others have mentioned, it’s a steep learning curve and one that he has to deal with under the intense scrutiny that comes with being in the Premier League. That said, there are areas he can get better at. Improvements in defence, set pieces in particular, and a willingness to make substitutions a tad earlier would be nice.
  9. If that's the case, then it should've been retaken.
  10. Because none of them then impacted play - i.e. cleared the ball like Aarons did.
  11. This is incorrect. Every match has a pitchside screen for the referee to use, if they deem it necessary. The image below is from our match with Liverpool.
  12. Not for the lack of trying. Overall fairly pleased with our transfer work. Would've been nice to bring in another attacker but we shall wait until January now.
  13. As Bethnal points out, Lorient don't have to sell ACM tomorrow although it is, as they are very aware, the best possible chance of driving his price up, while the PL transfer window is still open. Hence Norwich's bid coming out in the public. Expect this one to go to the wire. All comes down to whether Lorient blink first.
  14. Shame it doesn't look like we'll be signing a new ball-playing DM. Think most felt that position needed reinforcing. For those watching the match later, keep an eye out for Toulouse's Ibrahim Sangare, who should be eased back in after AFCON. Just the type of player who'd thrive in the PL, however beyond our budget sadly.
  15. Yep, that would also make sense. Be surprised though if we don't bring in another forward option that can play out wide and up front.
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