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  1. Legend Iwan

    Turning on Farke

    Farke has done an outstanding job with us. Some seem to forget the mess we were in when he took over and the subsequent loss of our main attacking outlet in Maddison. Not only did he get us promoted on a restricted budget, he did so while giving youth a chance and changing the way we play football. We are in a position now where we should be self-sufficient. That didn’t look likely three years ago. As others have mentioned, it’s a steep learning curve and one that he has to deal with under the intense scrutiny that comes with being in the Premier League. That said, there are areas he can get better at. Improvements in defence, set pieces in particular, and a willingness to make substitutions a tad earlier would be nice.
  2. Legend Iwan


    If that's the case, then it should've been retaken.
  3. Legend Iwan


    Because none of them then impacted play - i.e. cleared the ball like Aarons did.
  4. Legend Iwan

    VAR not being used correctly

    This is incorrect. Every match has a pitchside screen for the referee to use, if they deem it necessary. The image below is from our match with Liverpool.
  5. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Not for the lack of trying. Overall fairly pleased with our transfer work. Would've been nice to bring in another attacker but we shall wait until January now.
  6. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    As Bethnal points out, Lorient don't have to sell ACM tomorrow although it is, as they are very aware, the best possible chance of driving his price up, while the PL transfer window is still open. Hence Norwich's bid coming out in the public. Expect this one to go to the wire. All comes down to whether Lorient blink first.
  7. Legend Iwan

    Defensive Midfielder

    Shame it doesn't look like we'll be signing a new ball-playing DM. Think most felt that position needed reinforcing. For those watching the match later, keep an eye out for Toulouse's Ibrahim Sangare, who should be eased back in after AFCON. Just the type of player who'd thrive in the PL, however beyond our budget sadly.
  8. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Yep, that would also make sense. Be surprised though if we don't bring in another forward option that can play out wide and up front.
  9. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Preston have accepted a bid for Callum Robinson https://www.pnefc.net/news/2019/july/preston-north-end-accept-bid-for-callum-robinson/ Be happy with this if we're the club he's going to.
  10. Legend Iwan


    You only need 8 homegrown players if you have a full 25-man squad. As mentioned above, we don't - it's currently 20 including Hanley. We have four homegrown players, which is 'fine' as long as we keep our named squad to a maximum of 21 players, i.e. leaving space for four more homegrown in theory. The rules simply stipulate you can have no more than 17 non-homegrown players. And the club aren't going to come out and ruin their bargaining position by saying they're interested in selling Hanley. They have no desperation to do it, but if the opportunity comes along they may well send him on his way.
  11. Legend Iwan


    I make it one spot left for a non-homegrown player, two if Srbeny isn't included or is sold. If Hanley does get moved on, it will leave us with only three home-grown players - Krul, Thompson & Roberts - in our 25-man squad, or 19-man squad as it would be then. Which isn't ideal. Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis and Cantwell would all be classed as under-21 players, I believe, as born after 1 Jan 1998.
  12. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Promising first addition. Hopefully those hammies cope with the double Farke training sessions in pre-season. Re-find that early Celtic form - because he has struggled with consistency in recent seasons, in particular when he came back from injury last season - and it'll be another inspired signing.
  13. Legend Iwan

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    His previous hamstring injuries are a concern, especially for a winger. Some player if he's overcome those issues though and can rekindle his early promise. Expect the announcement soon.
  14. Legend Iwan


    Disagree with that final statement, Westcoast. Football tactics change, so there''s no reason why ''old fashioned'' wingers won''t be an important force again. Just look at wing backs. Hardly required 4 seasons ago, then Chelsea do their thing with a back three and all of a sudden they''re a vital commodity once more.

    Good luck to the lad. Glad we''ve played some (small) part in another player making their way in the game.
  15. Great result! An important one as well after the Leeds match. Crucial minutes for those that need it also, and a few different options for Farke to consider ahead of the weekend.

    Well done to the hardy souls that travelled to Cardiff to watch the team too.