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  1. 100% yes. If we go up - and it is still a big if - and spend money on a new striker, Pukki as a second forward would still prove invaluable. And if we don't manage promotion, we definitely need him the season after to try again.
  2. Great to see Todd getting on so well. Would love to see him take on a bit more of a leadership role in the midfield though and start instructing the team-mates around him. Appreciate that will probably be Hayden's job when he starts, but Todd seems to be the type of player who revels with increased responsibility. Also interesting to see how much game time Hugill is getting under Smith. That goal will certainly have helped his cause.
  3. Yep, a sad indictment of the huge disparities in women's football between the haves and have nots, which is only likely to increase. Although I'd add the same issue is still prevalent in men's internationals. Teams definitely got "stuffed routinely" during World Cup qualification
  4. Yeah, I wasn’t passing comment on whether it was right or wrong in that post, but that some would be open to playing before the men as it meant they had the chance to play at the club’s home ground instead of numerous out grounds. I’d also contend this doesn't have to be the case. You only have to look at The Hundred to see that double headers can be beneficial short term in raising awareness and increasing initial attendances. Converting them to standalone fans is obviously much more difficult. And this is fine, until you realise that for men’s football to reach where it is today, they’ve enjoyed professionalism in the game since the 1880s, while that only happened to women in this country five years ago. It also forgets that women were banned from playing football for the best part of fifty years, which obviously decimated every level of the game, in particular grassroots. So while waiting for it to naturally grow might seem to be “the only solution”, why should we let progress potentially take over 100 years like the men’s, when it can be helped along the way?
  5. Reckon quite a few would be open to this if it meant they got to regularly play at their club's actual home ground rather than a lower league pitch or training ground.
  6. Gutted he's gone to a promotion rival. Has huge potential and would provide that attacking outlet we desperately need.
  7. Is Webber back from his mountaineering in Ecuador yet? If not, that might explain why there's been no announcements for a couple of weeks. Imagine the Hayden deal was pretty much finalised before he left.
  8. Very much in agreement about the possibility of him calling in a few favours at Man City. Will also likely help the young loanees that they're not too far away from home either. However, after the handling of Taylor Harwood-Bellis last season, who City recalled mid-way through his loan because Kompany wasn't playing him enough, I'm not sure he'll be guaranteed top pick of potential loanees. And anyone decent at Anderlecht, that fulfils the work permit requirements to be in the UK now, are more than likely to be snapped up by bigger fish, I'd have thought. Like Lokonga to Arsenal in 2021.
  9. I'd feel a tad nervous about his appointment if I was a Burnley fan. He's had a tough time as boss at Anderlecht with fans protesting poor results, a demotion and a caretaker manager coming in. It doesn't help the club are a bit of a mess right now, but I wouldn't be filled with confidence. Maybe it'll work out, however he doesn't have a lot of managerial experience to fall back on, and Burnley aren't in a position to spend years in the Championship while he finds his feet.
  10. Not sure what the issue is here. Other professional footballers have podcasts, including in the Premie League. He's allowed to have a life outside of his job.
  11. I'd much rather Webber stayed quiet for the next few weeks and concentrates on getting some transfer deals negotiated before he heads to Ecuador. An interview announcing some new faces and a healthy dollop of contrition for the season just gone the day before he leaves for South America would be ideal though.
  12. I'd much prefer we continue the self-funded route. You only have to look at Burnley, who having had local owners sell out to big American businessmen, are now facing relegation and a £65m early repayment to see the grass is not always greener. Instead of Delia handing over to nephew Tom, though, she should give fans a 50+1 control of Norwich and place supporters at the heart of the club.
  13. Communication has been disastrous throughout the season, which has definitely heightened tensions between fans and the club. And whoever is advising Webber on when and what to say in his national press interviews, if indeed there is someone, should not be used again. The comments he made about fans after the BK8 fiasco set the tone for the rest of the season.
  14. This is the kind of signing that would start to restore my confidence in our recruitment team. Which is why I'm pretty dubious about us being interested considering recent transfer windows.
  15. John Swift would be a great addition. I'm also hoping Webber and Norwich are making every effort to sign Scott Twine. Explain the style we want to play, how he'd be the central focus for us, and get Russell Martin to put in a good word. I'd be interested in us going after either Michal Helik or Mads Andersen to bolster the defence if Barnsley are relegated too.
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