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  1. Gromitt

    Monday's beamback

    Was only 1/2 block released between my first and second posts
  2. Gromitt

    Monday's beamback

    No need, more tickets released and available
  3. Long shot but circumstance have changed so could now get to beam back but sold out. If anyone has 2 tickets they are not able to use will happily take off your hands, can collect whenever.
  4. Gromitt

    City on German TV Sport channel

    No other parts of their body. Don't you love predictive text
  5. Gromitt

    Max Aarons

  6. Gromitt

    Flop Lampard

    Does this mean it is "the bears turn to wear a silly hat"
  7. Gromitt

    Friday quiz

    8/12, should have been 9 except spelling, embarrassed by 3 I didn't get
  8. Gromitt

    Duplicate XI

    Don't forget the ginger Pele, Gary Doherty
  9. Gromitt

    New faces next season

    Looking at teams run ins, Huddersfield look to have the hardest 3 game run in of Manchester City, Chelsea & Arsenal so could easily be coming straight back down.
  10. Gromitt

    Holiday reading recommendations

    Nomad by James Swallow, received that and I am Pilgrim for birthday, Pilgrim the better of the two but Nomad ran it a good second.
  11. ....''s Asda after colliding trolleys with Carl Cort.



    Sorry but someone had to do it.[:D]

  12. Gromitt

    A suggestion for replacement; Brian Kerr

    When did Kerr take over from Lawrie Sanchez then??????
  13. Looks like this players throwing toys out of cot syndrome is turning into an epidemic.


  14. Gromitt

    Alex Mcleish

    What is this bloke on. Just saw this on teletext and found it on BBC website, why does he think they''ve got any right to come and play in the English premiership. Sure enough we''ve got Cardiff playing in the fizzy pop league and Swansea in which ever league but why should we accept the Old Firm coming down. yes I know they only want to come for the money but would they achieve anymore than mid table mediocrity over a whole season. If they were to come let them start in the lower leagues and fight there way up, but then why should two lower league teams miss out just for them.


  15. To all the folks saying along distance away trip on a Saturday e.g Plymouth, Southampton Preston be sensible whenever has a fixture list been that sensible. Remember the longest trips are always reserved for a midweek evening in the middle of winter with the crappiest possible weather so when you arrive it gets postponed so you have to do it all again. Am i a pessimist or what.

    Luton away.