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  1. Soon to be prefabricated, manufactured off site panel
  2. He didn't even go as far as mentioning rotten bottom rigs.
  3. Will the new version have the sky diver behind it as well where they miss the pitch.
  4. fully agree, whole series worth a read. Also, Wilbur Smith Courtney &Ballantyne series although a recent one Golden Lion with co-writer Giles Kristian really disappointed with ending seeming like was writing away and suddenly told to wrap it up quickly. Other Wilburs enjoyable as well, only one above has disappointed. Robert Ludlum, especially Bourne trilogy, films do not touch the depth and intricacy of the books. Robyn Young 2 x trilogies around Robert the Bruce and Templars Terry Hayes I am pilgrim James Swallow Nomad Exile Ghost
  5. Rule season null and void. Say about 50-60% of overall Prize money pot divided in equal amounts to all EPL clubs with remainder shared out to lower leagues or something around this arrangement and start a fresh next season as at this stage nothing has been determined regarding promotion or relegation
  6. Not been to molineux in a while, where is best place to park.
  7. Planning to drive to chesunt, overground straight to white hart lane,
  8. I've won so many new phones I'm looking for shop premises
  9. My son is seriously trying to plan an away day to the pre season in Germany around school
  10. Was only 1/2 block released between my first and second posts
  11. No need, more tickets released and available
  12. Long shot but circumstance have changed so could now get to beam back but sold out. If anyone has 2 tickets they are not able to use will happily take off your hands, can collect whenever.
  13. No other parts of their body. Don't you love predictive text
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