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  1. Gromitt

    Friday quiz

    8/12, should have been 9 except spelling, embarrassed by 3 I didn't get
  2. Gromitt

    Duplicate XI

    Don't forget the ginger Pele, Gary Doherty
  3. Gromitt

    New faces next season

    Looking at teams run ins, Huddersfield look to have the hardest 3 game run in of Manchester City, Chelsea & Arsenal so could easily be coming straight back down.
  4. Gromitt

    Holiday reading recommendations

    Nomad by James Swallow, received that and I am Pilgrim for birthday, Pilgrim the better of the two but Nomad ran it a good second.
  5. ....''s Asda after colliding trolleys with Carl Cort.



    Sorry but someone had to do it.[:D]

  6. Gromitt

    A suggestion for replacement; Brian Kerr

    When did Kerr take over from Lawrie Sanchez then??????
  7. Looks like this players throwing toys out of cot syndrome is turning into an epidemic.


  8. Gromitt

    Alex Mcleish

    What is this bloke on. Just saw this on teletext and found it on BBC website, why does he think they''ve got any right to come and play in the English premiership. Sure enough we''ve got Cardiff playing in the fizzy pop league and Swansea in which ever league but why should we accept the Old Firm coming down. yes I know they only want to come for the money but would they achieve anymore than mid table mediocrity over a whole season. If they were to come let them start in the lower leagues and fight there way up, but then why should two lower league teams miss out just for them.


  9. To all the folks saying along distance away trip on a Saturday e.g Plymouth, Southampton Preston be sensible whenever has a fixture list been that sensible. Remember the longest trips are always reserved for a midweek evening in the middle of winter with the crappiest possible weather so when you arrive it gets postponed so you have to do it all again. Am i a pessimist or what.

    Luton away.

  10. [quote]Right David. First of all, go and find a haystack, lie down on top of it and gaze upon the sky. When you are settled and your mind is clear there is no need to ponder why you are drawn to work on comp...[/quote]

    And as Baz Lurman (probably spelt wrong)  said " don''t forget to wear sunscreen"
  11. [quote]Or 3 and 6 zero''s- His fee!! Maybe 36, the number of points we''ll stay up with!?[/quote]

    I beleive Deano chosew the squad number himself as this is his target for total goals to be scored for the season?

    Well heres hoping anyway

  12. [quote]Although I don''t agree we should sell Hucks and I don''t agree with the way TwoSheds has put his point across, I do think he is making a valid point. Apart from dazy runs and a few crosses a game oh a...[/quote]

    Probably the reason Hucks has ended up running into 3 opposition players a lot this season is the lack of support that has been available. Numerous times this season he has got the ball got around the opposition 18 yard box with no one else in position to take what he could supply them.

    Admitted at times he has taken the selfish option of  going alone when he could have passed, but from from I have seen of Ashton (very limited admitted) he knows what positions to get into and with supply from Hucks and others should get a few goals. 

  13. Gromitt

    Merry Christmas to you all

    Fair enough this isn''t exactly football related. But I would like to wish all moderators, regular and irregular posters (me included, but I''m more irregular than most) a very Merry Christmas and even better New Year and say thanks for the entertainment that this forum provides. Although my post count is low I spend many a pleasant hour or two at home and the occasionally too long lunch break reading the majority of posts. The quality of debate on here exceeds all other Norwich message boards and normally doesn''t get into personal insults. Keep up the good work and heres to hoping for another season of premiership football next season. This season has certainly been a rollercoaster with good feelings at the start, a few doldrums in the  middle but still feeling positive.

    Once again Merry Christmas to all and keep the faith. 

  14. That site has the good with the bad. If you click on the link to OB notice who they have at number 4, yes the one and only, a never to be repeated signing FERNANDO DERVELD, those were the days of a really classy left side of the team, fernando and raymond de ward (or was he on the right, a lot of drink has flowed through the veins to blink out those painful memories)
  15. [quote]Two main points regarding the team selection for Saturday.1. we must NOT go with the same defence we had at Charlton. (now conceaded 23 goals in 13 games, thats nearly 2 goals a game)(why do we HAVE t...[/quote]

    Would prefer to see Shackell in centre of defence, although not as experienced as Doc feel more confident in Shacks abilities and willingness to carry ball out.

    Centre of midfield also gives bit of concern, would prefer Safri in for Mulryne, more able to help Francis out in breaking down opposition play while at the same time willing to put foot on ball and look for people moving while retaining possession. With Safri for Mulryne this would allow us to retain Bentley to run at people and carry the ball between midfield and the forwards.