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  1. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Dion Dublin Legend"] I''m concerned about whether Gunn can step up to a full season as a Number 1...it''s a much bigger risk than having Ruddy between the sticks and it''s a key position.[/quote]Is it though?Ruddy hasn''t looked anywhere near his best for the past 2 seasons, so whilst he might have experience on his side, his actual playing ability appears to have dropped somewhat compared to when he got his England call-up IMHO.I''d rather gamble on the raw talent and ability of Gunn, than settle in for a potential 3rd season of underperforming from Ruddy...[/quote]

    I take your point, but let''s say Gunn drops a clanger against Fulham: how will he react? We don''t know, whereas we know Ruddy has extensive experience in the Prem and Championship regardless of whether he''s past his best or not. A related worry is if we do need to take Gunn out of the firing line at some stage it would be better to have an experienced number 2: Matthews carries the same risks as Gunn (I''m assuming Jones isn''t good ebnough for this level).
  2. I can see no reason why we can''t score as many goals again next season so a top-half finish should be nailed on. I''m concerned about whether Gunn can step up to a full season as a Number 1; it''s a big jump and how will he react when he makes his first mistake? Of course he might sail through the experience but it''s a much bigger risk than having Ruddy between the sticks and it''s a key position. We also need this centre-back signing to work, whether it be Franke or someone else. If the GK and CB positions work out then we''ll be in the top six.
  3. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Farke's Mission Impossible

    [quote user="TCCANARY"]Any sense of logic will self destruct in 5 seconds.The other great TV series that Leonard Nimoy was in. #notjustspock.


  4. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Russell Martin has signed a new contract until 2019

    ZLF - RM has always fronted up to the media after relegation from the PL and after some abysmal performances last season and I think he''s become the face of failure to some fans. Of course this is utterly unfair.
  5. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Sunderland Appoint Grayson

    They are 20-1 to be relegated. I think it''s worth a tenner.
  6. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Pritchard £9m to Everton

    I like City 1st and find his/her posts amusing. Then again my favourite poster is True Grit, he''s hilarious. Many on this board would benefit from developing a sense of humour.
  7. Dion Dublin=Legend


    Newcastle are in crisis (again) with the manager falling out with the board. Brighton have lost their last two. If we get on a hell of a run then the top two can still be chased down.
  8. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Neil Adams

  9. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Neil Adams

    Had an interview at Oldham Athletic for the vacant manager''s job yesterday, according to the local paper. Apparently he''s not favourite for the job. I hope he gets it.
  10. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Jamar Loza

    Out on loan: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30817577

    At the risk of offending the board re-post police, Cam also went out on loan yesterday: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30799471
  11. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Neil Adams

    Well said Nutty, I completely agree.
  12. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Ricardo's report AGM 2014

    Thanks Ricardo!
  13. It is simply too early to judge how this season is going to pan out. We lost a tight away game 1-0 after going down to 10 men, we didn''t play great but it''s a 46 game season. There''s a lot more to come from this squad.

    Calm down!
  14. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Ken Foggo's shirt number

    Hi all,

    I''m planning to buy my Dad a ''71 home shirt for the new season. His favourite player of all time is Ken Foggo so I''d like to get Foggo''s name and number on the back of the shirt.

    Only problem is I have no idea what number Foggo wore and the internet isn''t throwing up any answers. Can anyone help? Thank you!

  15. Dion Dublin=Legend

    Priority Membership?

    I paid my £20 and got the priority membership. I can only get to occasional home games so didn''t want to miss out on Watford and Blackburn. But yeah, there seemed to be plenty of tickets on Monday morning so maybe I didn''t need to bother!

    What I find annoying is that Priority Members are ranked above Season Ticket holders in the queue for additional tickets so they also have to buy priority membership if they want to buy additional tickets.