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  1. The Big Bad Wolf

    " Farke needs time"

    Farke and Webber need time...two hours should be enough to clear out of their offices. Close the door on the way out please, gents.
  2. The Big Bad Wolf

    How much longer.....

    Yep, Webber has done a great job recruiting defenders. Oh, wait a minute...
  3. The Big Bad Wolf

    We've only had three games!

    We''ve only had three games...and LDC is already making excuses to underpin failure.
  4. The Big Bad Wolf

    How much longer.....

    The ''project'' is not down to one man. Webber has sold our biggest assets (some necessarily) and downgraded our squad. One trick German pony. Don''t just blame Farke...get rid of Webber as well. While we are at it, Balls up can go as well as he is an embarrassment. We need investment that the current owners cannot supply. The focus has been on the players but readily the biggest changes needed are in the boardroom. Wolf.
  5. The Big Bad Wolf

    Anybody else beginning to have doubts...

    I don''t understand why some folks think next season will be better. Based on statistics we are getting worse since our relegation from the PL. I fully expect a relegation battle next season. Our best players are being sold and replaced by inferior ones. You can''t do that and expect to be moving up the table. It''s a sad decline.
  6. The Big Bad Wolf

    one word

  7. Stick with Farke.

    Ditch Webber.

    Despite the optimistic outlook of some, my view is that playoffs are out of reach this season. Nevertheless, we have some exciting youngsters. If we can keep most of them, this time next year I can see us in the playoff positions. Farke is learning and slowly building a team and philosophy. I just see Webber as a chancer.
  8. The Big Bad Wolf

    Farke out

    If Farke gets the sack I hope Webber is out the door straight after. He is a first rate bull sh???er.
  9. The Big Bad Wolf

    Match Thread

    Well the board put faith in the duo of Webber and Farke to get us out of the Championship. They are on course for that. Personally I have lost patience with all the BS supporters are being fed. The dynamic duo need to go...along with most of the board. What utter garbage we are being served up. Unless there is the biggest comeback since Lazarus big changes are needed.
  10. The Big Bad Wolf

    the 'Webberlution'....

    Agree 100%.
  11. The Big Bad Wolf

    Farke out? Straw poll

    Farke Out: No

    Webber Out: Yes

  12. The Big Bad Wolf

    Match thread

    Well, three points and another clean sheet. Things looking up! Time for a beer
  13. The Big Bad Wolf

    Charlton Match Thread

    Not at the game but slightly concerned about some of MBs updates about our defense. Seems like things are no better. Can anyone at the game give more details?
  14. The Big Bad Wolf

    Charlton Match Thread

    Just what the young lad needed. Get in!
  15. The Big Bad Wolf

    Villa Match Thread

    Villa bottom of the table... then along came Norwich. Same old.