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  1. [quote user="woostercanary"]Maybe you misheard and it was PSV ....... That might widen the options. [/quote] Now I''ve got one of them as well
  2. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] Pete, that is an interesting concept, particularly if they implemented it, which I doubt is really the case. However, if your ''friends" should decide to act I''m sure they realize that they do not own the seats. They only agreed to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for the privilege of sitting n those seats. If it seen that they choose not to exercise that privilege then. naturally, the owners of those seats can choose to take action legally to ensure the space they provide for their patrons is being effectively utilized. Further, if they doubt this to be the case, it should be pointed out to them how the airlines operate. They, as normal practice, overbook their seats to optimize the likelihood of carrying a full load. I wonder how your "friends" would feel if football clubs decided to adopt a similar practice? [/quote] Like I said I''m just the messenger here, but I do know they will not give up their S/T and will continue to make the Monthly payments, the club can''t resell the seat to casual support as these people could very well decide to turn up on that day, then what happens,?
  3. [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]Just out of curiosity pete-norw - and this is a genuine question - did these friends of yours have season tickets in the days when Grant, Roeder and Gunn were our managers?[/quote] Sorry to say but Yes, they all did, have to say the word fair-weather fans is pretty much right as no doubt if results get better and we stay away from the danger area they probably return, Not forgetting, I''m just the messenger here
  4. For the remainder of the season their will be a dozen empty seats in the Lower Barclay and not being offered as buy back, Mini protest, I will be there till the bitter end but some of my friends who I go with won''t be. general feeling I get from people I talk to is Either he goes or the crowd does.
  5. [quote user="Yellowfuture"]http://www.psgtech.edu/index.php[/quote] And what does that link tell us then?
  6. [quote user="mrs miggins"]But hooligan didn''t take his chances at the start of the season when he had them, Hughton had no reason to play him[/quote] Don''t just blame Hoolahan, The whole team were rotten to the core, It seems Lambert has a spell over them and makes them crumble every time we meet.
  7. [quote user="24March1985"]In today''s Independent on Sunday John Ruddy is quoted as saying he would rather stay up with Norwich than go to the World Cup. Great to see that level of commitment to the club and the team but hopefully he will achieve both. Interesting to also read that in the top flight only Szczesny, Cech and Lloris have more clean sheets than Ruddy.[/quote] To be honest the timing of these Int friendlies is mind boggling, the season ends in May world cup starts in the summer, plenty of time for friendlies then wouldn''t you say
  8. [quote user="Haggerdoo"]RVW has just tweeted - why always me - plus sad face icon - do you reckon he''s injured again?[/quote] Na, been told he''s on the bench tomorrow
  9. [quote user="crabbycanary"]He''s one of our best 3 midfielders for sure. The Fer, Howson and Tettey combo is our best 3, but undoubtedly, Johnson is in great form, but Fer is a superb player, and if fit would be a definite starter for me against Villa, and ongoing.[/quote] So where is this on the official site, No mention of it anywhere not even on Sky or Even Talksport. I''m not calling people Liar''s but I have looked and can''t see anything about it anywhere,
  10. [quote user=" Zak Van Burger"]This Anelka matter is a very interesting case and I wouldn''t be at all surprised if he appeals it as far as possible considering that the FA has now effectively branded him a racist/anti semite.The only extremism I''ve picked up when looking at the incident emanates from the professional victims who are claiming that because the quenelle is effectively the opposite of and ultimately different in every respect from a Nazi salute then it is clearly a racist salute in homage to the Nazis. That really is the fundamental reasoning behind their anti semitic claim......[:S]I think Anelkas best hope lies with somebody in possession of half an ounce of common sense handling the appeal if not if I were him I''d be in the Courts in no time. [/quote] And bearing in mind he is not the sort to roll over and take it, so think he will appeal and that will probably be the end of his season as a new date will have to be arranged for another hearing, or am I wrong saying that
  11. [quote user="Hooleyfan"]Nicholas Anelka banned for 5 games for the quenelle gesture...when do we play them? Answer in six games time[/quote] Think sky have just said he misses our match as well
  12. [quote user="morty"]I think we''ll win.[/quote] would be nice to shut the Yam Yams up
  13. More often than not, I fall asleep before they show our match, so I catch it on Sunday morning and also prefer Goals on Sunday, But being at the match anyway I''m not to bothered about what the Pundits say, Most of them are retired Has bins any way, Won''t mention Mills.
  14. [quote user="Monkey_Nuts"]I''d say Fulham are in trouble, Cardiff definitely have some must win games against relegation rivals and I think will end up going down.[/quote] The morning papers state Fulham players unhappy with new boss both language and training methods, he could be the next one out possibly the shortest appointment ever, Oh hang on Steve Coppell holds that title
  15. [quote user="mrs miggins"]Come on now, don''t be nasty, he said if you don''t want to read it then don''t bother[/quote] Sorry
  16. [quote user="RodneyTrottersFC"]WARNING: I offer no guarantees you will find any of this even remotely interesting. DISCLAIMER: Read at your own risk. Comment nothing but abuse at your own peril ;-) I know this is geeky to the extreme... But having kept records of my predictions I made at 15 games to go, I can keep track of how my guesswork turned out.... And how the repercussions of my accuracy affects the end result. I''ve got 15 out of 38 results correct ... That''s nearly 39.5%.... Not too bad... I think there are some good calls amongst these... Couple of derby calls... Anyway: Norwich losing to West Ham. West Brom drawing with Liverpool. Swansea losing to Liverpool. Swansea beating Cardiff. Swansea drawing with Stoke. Man C beating Stoke. Man U beating Palace. Southampton beating Palace. Everton beating Villa. Everton losing to Chelsea. Newcastle losing to Chelsea. Newcastle beating Villa. Newcastle losing to Sunderland. Arsenal beating Sunderland. Arsenal beating Fulham. Swansea and Newcastle are the only teams I''ve managed to get 3 out of 4 results correct (Everton, Palace and Sunderland I have 2 from 3)... But with Chelsea, Southampton, Cardiff and Villa I have managed a spot on points tally... Hull and Spurs I''ve got no results correct lol BUT Hull only have 2 more points than I thought and Spurs have 1 less. West Ham (+7) and Stoke & Liverpool (+4) are the ones doing way better than I thought and Man U (-4) and Man C, Arsenal & Swansea (-3) are the ones far below their target. This means I''m only 3 points out or better for 16 teams. Results went very much in our favour last weekend... Of the 6 other teams from bottom 11 to face top 9 teams... Only West Ham picked up any points... And even that''s not so bad because we won... The 2 games involving exclusively bottom 11 clubs: one was a draw and the other the prefered team to win won :-) On top of all that: Cardiff and Palace didn''t score so least we''re not bottom of the goals scored pile.... It does concern me the only 2 teams to score less than us are 2 teams freshly up... And Palace even have a better GD :-/ If results go our way this weekend... We could be 11th place with 31 points.... In my predictions, with 10 games to go, we ended up in 11th place with 30 points. This is good news! I made the first 10 predictions with depleted faith and deliberately gave us defeats in our last 5 games... Just to see... Worst case scenario. NO... I do not actually think we will definitely get no points lol but even under these circumstances: we ended up 13th with 36 points! One last thing: here is some stats to compare between Current (C), this point Last Season (LS) and since 5 Games ago (5G)... Where we ended an 8 game run without a win by getting a goal in the 87th minute (?) against Hull.... and just for shits and giggles, this point in the 04-05 season (05)... League: C: 14th w: 7 d: 7 l: 13 gf: 20 ga : 39 gd: -19 Pts: 28 5G: 12th w: 6 d: 5 l: 11 gf: 18 ga: 35 gd:-17 Pts: 22 LS: 12th w: 7 d: 11 l: 9 gf: 27 ga: 41 gd: -14 Pts: 32 05: 19th w: 3 d: 11 l:13 gf: 26 ga:52 gd:-26 Pts: 20 Hughton''s tenure stats: C: w: 17/65 26% d: 21/65 32% l: 27/65 42% 5G: w: 16/60 27% d: 19/60 32% l: 25/60 42% LS: as above... Fuck the percentages ;-) 05: well he wasn''t here but I''m gonna blame him at any rate ;-) Attacking rank: C: 18th 5G: 18th LS:17th 05: 18th Defence rank: C: 14th 5G: 16th LS:13th 05: 20th Failed To Score: C: 41% 5G: 36% LS: 33.3% 05: 44% Goals Per Game: C: 0.74 5G: 0.82 LS: 1.00 05: 0.96 Scored two or more in a league game: C: 3/27 11% 5G: 3/22 14% LS: 6/27 22% 05: 5/27 19% Hmm... Things need to turn around sharpish... I think so long as he dont mess it up and they play like that again...it''s doable. If we can pull off our first consecutive league win on Sunday... If Newcastle beat Hull and Palace beat Swansea (even better if a draw)... We could go 11th! A new season high I believe... Villa are only 1 of 2 teams from the bottom 11 that can get maximum points from us. The other one is Fulham. We''re yet to beat Villa since Lambert went there..... Sunday could be our day :-) 4 games ago I predicted the win for us... I said things might be rocky at Villa and I got it spot on (3 defeats and a draw) ... But the disasters either side of the Man City beaut, and all other omens, does make me worry. I''m gonna stick my neck out and say we will win... Really push the boat out and say we''ll score twice: 2-1 after all... Our form (DLDLW) Is slightly better than theirs (WLLDL). Heck, lets really bore ya even more... I''ll spare ya details... Just forms, prediction and original prediction... LWLL Everton 1-3 West H DWWWW (HW) LLDLD Fulham 2-5 Chelsea DWWDW (AW) LDWLW Hull 2-3 Newcastle DLLLW (D) LWDDL Stoke 0-2 Arsenal DWLDW (D) DWDWL Southampton 3-3 Liverpool WDWWW (D) --------------------------------- WLWDL Swansea 1-1 Palace WLWL (D) LDWWL Spurs 2-0 Cardiff LWLDL (HW) Fingers crossed it''s another Spurs... And not another West Ham ;-) So... If anyone has read all that: Thank you for reading :-)[/quote] You need to get out more
  17. Wes got a good greeting, Problems over then.
  18. [quote user="swindoncanary"]My season ticket is plastic ![/quote] so is mine and it was also renewed on the D/D, as I have said many times this is my club and I will support till I die, And close to 19.000 have said the same on Sunday,
  19. [quote user="Perky Canary "]Anything of interest mentioned?[/quote] same old thing really sounded very positive where he was heading and have to say I hope we keep him on
  20. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]One of only 3 games I''ve missed this season due to work....and of course it just HAD to be that one !!!The atmosphere sounded great.Just shows how silly all those on this forum having a go at the fans were a few weeks back......[/quote] You need to show more commitment Reg, else you''ll be dropped to the semi plastics brigade.[:)][/quote] Just loved the greetings we gave Hoddle, think it was made clear that he wasn''t wanted here.
  21. And Malkey is waiting a court hearing for compo from Cardiff, that won''t be till July at the earliest, Malkey until then can not take another managers job, END OF.
  22. [quote user="morty"][quote user="nutty nigel"]If I didn''t have a season ticket I''d probably only be able to afford one game a month so that''s what I''d have to make do with. I''d be gutted though. My ST is £40 pm and a Spurs tkt is £60. We are extremely lucky to be able to pay for the STs monthly interest free. I''m also extremely lucky to be able to have one. Finance would be the only thing that would stop me going. I feckin'' love the whole package of football days. [/quote]See you Sunday hopefully[Y][/quote] Think without doubt that this goes for most of us, and should point out that we are the envy of the majority of fans all over the country, I can''t see why or how it is that other clubs have not followed suit.
  23. Ok tin hat on, In answer to the OP A real fan wouldn''t have to ask that question
  24. [quote user="nutty nigel"].... have been called up for Scotlands game against Poland. It''s played on March 5th right in the middle between Villa away and Stoke at home. Are there any positives to be drawn from this? [/quote] Is it a friendly, if so I wouldn''t like to let them go
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