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  1. Stoke and Lille now interested according to The Scotsman.
  2. Ruddy is quoted as saying he will stay at Norwich, signed a new contract last year, the club gave him his chance etc. In the Express (I know).
  3. I know the chief exec has said our new manager could be someone still in place at another club but I''m not sure how available Rosler would be. But I would certainly put Rosler and Garcia ahead of Zola.
  4. I still think Garcia is a possibility despite yesterday''s result. He did well to get Brighton to the play-offs, he is young and by all accounts wants to leave because he wants to manage a side with more resources.
  5. I have just read comments by Lennon in today''s Scotsman and there is no hint there that he expects to be anywhere other than Celtic Park next season. He says he is tired after a long season that had to begin with Champion''s League qualifying and he wants a rest to re-energise himself. I find that a touch worrying because he manages a team that had won tne title in March, lost only one SPL game and ended up 29 points ahead of the 2nd placed side. So would he really be up to all the rigour and stresses involved in guiding a team to promotion from the Championship?
  6. I know before anyone makes the point that it is the Mail reporting this, but today''s article on the World Cup squad suggests Ruddy will be chosen ahead of Forster. I hope this is the case because it will be an acknowledgement of the fact that Ruddy has faced top class strikers all season which is certainly not the case in the SPL. Selection could also have a beneficial impact on Ruddy''s transfer value if indeed offers come in this summer.
  7. A solid performance from Rudd including some very good, well-judged saves in the second half. The match was worth seeing just for the magnificent goal from Garner - a player I always look out for after his hat trick v Ipswich earlier this year!
  8. I can remember watching MOTD when Holt came on as a substitute. In the analysis Lawrenson commented on how Holt had immediately made his presence felt on the opposition defence. He said it was as if Holt was making the statement "Right, I''m on the pitch now." This is precisely the type of impact we have lacked from the start and from game substitutions. So I agree entirely with the OP. We need a striker who can dominate rather than one who looks as if he can be blown over by a puff of wind.
  9. Apologies if this link has already been posted. Day too short to read through every thread.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2624094/Norwich-face-exodus-Leroy-Fer-Gary-Hooper-Sebastien-Bassong-eyeing-exits-Premier-League-relegation.html
  10. [quote user="Sussexyellow"][quote user="24March1985"]Garcia has, allegedly, been linked to Norwich if Brighton don''t get through the play offs.[/quote] Who set''s up Brighton for 1 - 0 wins, and malky is being dissed!!!![/quote] I am not advocating Garcia just saying his name has been linked to Norwich in recent weeks. But I agree his style could be considered a bit too Hughtonesque. We need to score more than 28 goals next season.
  11. Garcia has, allegedly, been linked to Norwich if Brighton don''t get through the play offs.
  12. II thought that was the case. Not a particularly graceful response to our very good performance.
  13. Did Mourinho shake hands with our manager or did he just stomp off?
  14. Good point about Arsenal having hopefully secured 4th place. But I hope when we play them they have no chance of taking 3rd place - they may want to achieve that to avoid having to take part in the extra games of the CL play-off rounds.
  15. Today''s Daily Mail says Mourinho intends to speak to his board about playing fringe players at Anfield. So he has either given up on the title or is playing some complex mind game. If they win the CL semi-final, I don''t know whether he would use the same tactic to protect players three weeks ahead of a final.
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