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  1. i saw his debut at Blackpool and he was excellent untill he was sent off, played a few games injured so don''t be too harsh on him....yet
  2. madrid will easily beat mallorca at home and win the title
  3. [quote user="JC"] With Drury and Lappin contracted, I am not sure why it would be worth spending £200k on another left back, especially as we need to spend up some cash on a right back and a centre back. So many rumours at the minute, I just hope we see some signings for the cash we definitely have tp soend soon! [/quote] lappin isn''t a left back
  4. how are Varney and Sharp cheap replacements? how many £5m players have you seen bought by championship clubs, please smudger i can''t take any more of your jokes
  5. if Earnie doesn''t go(i think he will) i''d expect us if we were serious about challenging to spend £3m
  6. could be just what we need, tough tackling left footed central midfielder who will provide balance
  7. i love reading some of your posts, they make me laugh
  8. [quote user="Dirty Sanchez"] That site is hilarious ! I nearly choked on my tea to one of them saying Peter Thornes out of contract and could do a good job for us !!!!!!! Bless em !!! [/quote] that was a norwich fan taking the piss
  9. i don''t think mcveigh will come out of retirement [:D]
  10. far too inconsistent for us, flashes of quality(i remember Bolton at home when he ran the show) but overall he didn''t produce often enough, he was only young back then and has obviously developed and is now a very good player
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