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  1. toftwood

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    And what would you know!
  2. toftwood

    The cost of poor signings

    Player transfers - You win some you lose some, you can never win them all.
  3. toftwood


    Good news , the guy's a total waste of space.
  4. toftwood

    Max Arrons

    And you know this because???
  5. toftwood

    Bolton predictions

    They will park the bus and defend in numbers. We need the first goal to make it more comfortable. 2-0 to Norwich .OTBC
  6. toftwood

    Today's line-up and match thread

    What a great day to be a City fan!! OTBC
  7. toftwood

    Oliveira Sell or Keep in Jan?

    Final word - sell him, attitude is everything and Oliveira''s is poor. He''s a bum!
  8. toftwood

    points needed to stay up

    O.P. What a misery! Football like anything else in life always have its "ups and downs". Norwich will always be a Club that has good times and bad times.

    Get over it and grow a pair!
  9. toftwood

    3600 extra tickets upper tier

    Stupid boy!
  10. toftwood

    Top six finish

    Top six finish - maybe, but it should be a realistic objective. Promotion? well if it did happen this season I wouldn''t worry about a relegation battle, the pay day would keep us humming along!
  11. toftwood

    So where do we go from here?

    Birdcrap: You can go and moan about another club ...or flush yourself down the toilet you stupid limp of 5hit.
  12. toftwood

    Carabao cup draw

    Could have been worse.
  13. toftwood

    Carabao cup draw

    And the winner is.....?
  14. toftwood

    Carabao cup draw

    I"M here, so what"s happening? I" hoping for Arsenal at home.
  15. toftwood

    If we lose tomorrow ......

    Captain Birdcrap - ffs we have only lost One game!!!! You need to grow a pair!