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  1. Tight game, best defence will win. Hopefully a Norwich win 1-0
  2. What a load of misery-guts. When things get tough you have a little cry and run away from the challenge. I'd hate to have you lot in Ukraine. Norwich to win 3-1
  3. Quite a lot of miseryguts (fans??) on here. Norwich to win 2-0.
  4. You poor baby! Have your toys fell out of the pram?
  5. We'll play well for the first ten minutes, then it will be all over rover. West Ham 3 City 0
  6. And that is all guesswork, you'r just making stuff up!
  7. A number of players have give up on this season. Villa 3 City 0
  8. The team has lost all confidence and given up hope of success. City 0 Newcastle 3
  9. A tough game and if we are not up for a big game we will lose. I think it will be 2-0.
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