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  1. [quote user="mtv"]99% of the people who throw abuse on here would not dare to say those sorts of things face to face. It just would''nt happen. but the anonimty of the web just bloats the ego of the keyboard warriors. if they had to put a photo and their real names on posts, it would stop overnight.[/quote] Sorry, but am I right in recalling you were up in arms that your son, who dressed in a green gimp suit at Nottm Forest, after making w.nker and other hand gestures at Forest fans got a slap? And are you also the same person who managed to get a thread on Paddy Kenny deleted due to making threats and bad language?
  2. Awwww, bless. God some people really need to grow some balls.
  3. I thought it was all good banter, and Kenny did turn around and laugh at one stage, when the subs were coming on in the 2nd half.  
  4. Its disgusting that people advertise illegal streams and download sites like extratorrent and pirate bay...........[;)]
  5. Ohhh look, his hairs cut short, he must be a racist.........knob.
  6. [quote user="Jakesacanary"]IIs this evident at England matches, note the flags around the ground. Thoughts please....[/quote] The most niave post I have ever read on here.
  7. I doubt you''ll catch them in the snakepit anymore, they''ve been banned by our local plod for standing up against the Leeds scum.
  8. May I ask cthe original poster what the hell flags at England games got to do with hooligans? Some people really are naive. I''ve followed England for decades and we are now some of the best supporters in the world,also our domestic clubs our now better than most. Jeez,you wouldn''t of stood a chance in the 70/80s mate.
  9. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="ricardo"] Thanks Nigel, I wasn''t sure who the friendly was against, for some reason I had it in my mind that it was against Leicester but when you mentioned Aberdeen it all came flooding back. I remember standing in the Barclay End that night and Moran dummied a pass into the box but his quick thinking was miles too quick for the rest of the forwards. Funny how that incident has stuck in my mind. He was a decent enough player but  if memory serves he was brought in as a replacement for the legendary Jimmy Hill so that was never going to be easy for him. [/quote] Ricardo, you''re right about the talent of Jimmy Hill (who scored a brace in my first Canary game) but he didn''t leave until the end of the 62-63 season, to waste that talent in the Everton reserve team. If anyone was brought in to replace him for the start of the next season it was another (absurdly over-used word but true in both these cases) legend. Ron Davies. Not, of course, anything like the same kind of player. If there was a replacement for Hill in terms of style it was probably Bryceland, who was already at the club. More of a midfielder than Hill and less of a goalscorer, but the same quicksilver footballing brain. [/quote] Purple.. I think Rickyyyyyy was referring to Johnny Gavin as the legendary player that Moran was brought in to replace. It''s amazing how we lost so many legends yet replaced them with others back then. Not Moran for Gavin obviously. But  Ralph Hunt and Johnny Gavin both left the club about a season before the famous cup run.   [/quote] Don''t get me started on Johnny Gavin, Nigel. He was my first Canary Hero. He could and did play anywhere on the front line. Either wing or Centre Forward it was all the same to him. He was not a big guy but had a prodigious leap and was very very good with his head. In a way he was a bit like Speedy who used to play for Coventry a few seasons back but much bulkier in frame. I may have mentioned before that I once saw him score 4 goals in a game (Southend "55,"56 or "57 ??). Anyway it was all a long time ago but I can still remember every goal and the snow all piled up round the pitch. Also Ralph Hunt. Imagine Grant Holt a couple of stone heavier and a couple of inches taller and you''ve got Ralph Hunt. I should also say a couple of yards slower because Ralph wasn''t quick and the game was a lot slower in those days. However I witnessed the season he broke Percy Varco''s scoring record and although a lot of those were laid on a plate for him by Bobby Brennan he was sill a decent old fashioned Centre Forward. I think Ralph went on to play for quite a number of teams in the 3rd and 4th divisions but was sadly killed in a car accident when still  quite young. You won''t get any of that from googling, mate. [/quote] It was 1957 against southend. I was there too. Me and Doris were friends with his his wife Bridie although we havent spoken for many years.
  10. NN. Give it a rest. You and the rest of bly''s haters are getting a Tad boring. I have Much info for this thread for the "young''uns" but I really am finding it hard to get Involved with personal vendettas.
  11. [quote user="Bird Table"]Yellow and Blue can come together in mutual hatred of Dirty Leeds. [/quote] I hope that was a joke? As much as i hate Leeds they''ll never come close to the Binners.
  12. John. That was my take on the situation at the time. Saunders had his own ideas and Hockey moved on. What a real old time player and I remember him fondly.
  13. Bloody predictive text! Yes the old coffin dodger has a touch phone but can''t use the darn thing!!
  14. I agree with most of that Nutty. I think QPR''s bubble is about to burst but I honestly believe Cardiff have the strongest team Von the league. Even without bellemy they can call on Chopra and boothroyd. I''ll take 3 points from those games and anything more would be a real confidence boost that could very well give us the believe (I have it anyway) that we are genuine title contenders.
  15. My missus said to me today"you have a Willy like a tic-tac" to which I replied "that may be true darling, but your sisters breath still stinks"!
  16. Wesminator...may I suggest you lighten up. My mistake for not adding a wink or Smiley and it was only said in jest,having said that,a person over 50 as I assume you are should really of grown a pair by now. Oh and my mother was very caring thanks,the old man was a useless toe rag!
  17. I''m with mainline on this. You may very well laugh it off but it is just one of the many things sky has done to change the face of British football and not for the better IMO.
  18. Are you a gooner or city? If both,then I couldn''t give a shite if you missed the whole second half at CR.
  19. There is a story behind it brendo but you''re to young to appreciate the old Barclay and the change of all seating stadiums.
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