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  1. It''s going to be a great turn out, good on little old Norfolk,,, it could also bring more fans in for Norwich with young fan''s getting the bug for live games.. Also I work up at the Airport and the romania team came in yesterday, maybe to see the sights,,
  2. Check out the FC Young Boys singing it on you tube, I think their in a train stn. They sit down till they start going oooohhhhh then go nuts, plus a good touch to finnish it at the end with,,,,,,,, thats the way uh ha, uh ha, I like it uh ha, uh ha. Soz would put link on but i''m on my phone so no can do Let me know what you think,,,,,,
  3. Bet it would be a great day, then off to the QPR game, Gutted i''m working I would be up for it, just have to find 8 mates,,,,
  4. It''s on the club site, it''s on oct the 16th... http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2169675,00.html
  5. He will be a contender for player of the season if he keeps it up in my eyes, that why i posted this, because i was hoping others were seeing what a good job he is doing. A goal for him tonight maybe???? We need some1 to score!!!!!
  6. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Is Crofts a contender to be the new 3 lungs? [/quote]   Yeah could well be mate, but he can play not just run around.
  7. If the free kicks are down the middle then he should have a go,,,, If the free kick is wide it should be left for some1 like lappin,,,
  8. I dont know if any1 else thinks the same as me but I''m am so inpressed with Crofts. The bloke win''s tackles that he should''nt, he moves the ball well and he never seems to slow down. I''m sorry if this has already been said, but I think he''s the unsung hero of are team. Rusty who!!!!!!!
  9. [quote user="Captain Holt''s Controversial Jokes"]Finally someone speaks sense on this thread. Thanks if that was for me CHC JOKES!!!
  10.  Have we in any game looked like we cant compete???? All so guys who are moaning about are front line, do you think are forwards look any worse then any other forwards that have played at carrow rd???? I think we are in good shape the only thing I would do is maybe give Jacko a longer run out playing along side holt. But happy days, OTBC!!!!!
  11. end of the day there was no need for his comments,,,, he was a pratt......
  12. He needed to be taken out, his chants were getting worse and there''s a time and a place for your views and yesterday was not it. I did''nt see him draged out he was asked down by the old bill, he got his coat and walked out. Bless him he did''nt seam the full ticket but was a pratt.
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