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  1. Went to Carlisle back in the 80''s and Cardiff for the playoff final. Going to Newcastle in a couple of weeks too
  2. Nolly

    Newcastle Away

    Thanks OTB I will do, at the least I know what train to get
  3. Nolly

    Newcastle Away

    Does anyone know if Capital Canaries has any special travel offers for Newcastle away? Have looked online but cannot see anything about it
  4. Nolly

    Historical Trust

    Does anyone know the best person to contact for the clubs historical trust?
  5. Nolly

    Ipswich Forum

    Actually sat with the ipswich fans at the game and agree with all comments made. They were blaming Evans/Mccarthy and saying it will be years before they stand a chance of getting promoted.

    In a way not unlike us in the years up to relegation to league 1. Lets hope they follow suit but dont come back
  6. Nolly

    man of the match?

    Turner for me, one of the most commanding and dominating cb performances I''ve seen in years.

    As others have said Tettey & Wes deserved mentions as well
  7. Nolly

    the defence

    The one who shone out today for me was Turner. Won everything and lead the defence superbly.

    The only things that concerned me was the amount of poor passing & times they held onto the ball too long, especially 1st half.

    Also thought Whittaker does show some lack of positional sense and seems to lack enough pace to be a fb
  8. Nolly

    There crowd was mute

    I sat in the alf ramsey stand (ipswich fan I work with got me a ticket). Very strange feeling sitting with the binners. But yes they were so quiet I was shocked and I thought the City fans were fantastic. Before the game we talked about the 5-1 & his worst memory was the top of the league at Portman Road song. So sweet to hear that again.

    And to not sell out a local derby, unbelivable. Their excuse was well it is on tv! They gave McCartney lots of stick & say their m/f is their weakpoint (one of many I pointed out). They say he plays 4 def m/f''s all of whom aren''t that good. They all seemed to realise our players are better class & that seemed to subdue them more.
  9. Nolly

    Transfers between rivals

    well remembered Tim
  10. Nolly

    Transfers between rivals

    The Trevor Putney deal was a player exchange, John Deehan went the other way.

    We also had Clive Woods from them right at the end of his career.

    I can vaguely recall as a kid a winger in the 70''s we got from them as well but cant recall his name
  11. Nolly

    Ok, just imagine.....


    Wherever we finish I would like to see him go. The boring negative football is all to much to bear
  12. I agree that you wouldn''t want to win a game in this manner.

    But the question is has the ref disallowed a goal because he considers it un-sporting? If there is no infringement of the laws then he cannot disallow the goal. The kicking the ball out/giving it back is not a law of the game

    Morally he done it right, but as per the laws he hasn''t and that is his job to apply the laws of the game.

    So the goal probably should have stood and you would have hoped we would have let Cardiff walk a goal in after, that is the only way it should have been handled
  13. Nolly

    New Poster

    welcome to the mad world of this forum, the things some people get called on here I wouldn''t be too worried about offending anyone!
  14. Terribly sad news for big Dunc and his family.  Legend is an often used word but none as so fitting as Dunc.

    I remember watching him play and then anyone who used Club Canary in the 80''s know what a fantastic person he is.

    Best wishes to him and his family

  15. Nolly

    Tips before 1 time carrow road visit?

    Just wanted to wish you good luck on your visit and I hope you have a great time with the game and everything else.

    Always amazes me we have fans who travel from as far as Norway to watch us.