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  1. Lewis Grabban plus 4 million for Dorrans.....WBA just cant score goals...
  2. Has just got of a flight from Manchester.....apparently ?
  3. Well i wasnt expecting that !!!! Grabban from Bournemouth...good buy lots of potential..Shrewd very shrewd......good bit of business..See ya R V W
  4. ha ha ha ha ha side splitting........next !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Paul Lambert is going to Celtic its all over Herald Scotsman and this leaves Lennon and sidekick Parker to come to Norwich and get the best out of Hooper and keep Snodgrass.Rafael Benitez is being tapped up by Spurs he still has property in London." Dont shoot the messenger"
  6. well there you go.......not bulls**t after all......we do have some rascals on this site.....would be better than what we ve got
  7.  True or False...?   Stuart Pearce came for an interview, we could not afford him....Its from a good source.....
  8. sorry to dissapoint everyone  there were no flights from Portugal within the last 4 weeks alone 4 hours STOP IT NOW !!!!!!
  9. Could it be the Jehovahs Witness booking for next year....  
  10. Are the TV crews that have pulled up outside Carrow Road for tonights game or What ?????
  11. Lets really give it the big un and get behind the boys not just tonight, but every game. I have neve ever ever known it to be as quiet as Saturday, Yes the team under performed. But the place was so spookily quiet. Never before have a team needed our support as much as they do now. Show your passion, show your pride for the badge. AND.......Lets be avin you....sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh p s Tell the stewards to swivel...I know they are doing a job, but !!!!!!
  12. How about Ken Doggo  Jimmy Bonio and Ricky Van Wolfswinky would be a great addition
  13. Now theres a good old Norfolk Name !!!!! Theres only one Wolfswinkel.....!!!!!
  14. Lets face we are not gonna get either Hooper or Graham, this was all a pipe dream to smooth over the price increase for season tickets The likelihood is...we will end up with a Striker of the likes of Jamie Mackie / Charlie Austin  no direspect to these  guys but we require more firepower if we are to compete in this league. Danny Graham will end up at Newcastle and Hooper will go to Tottenham. Always has been and always will be............. OTBC Never mind the Danger
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