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  1. Finally a postive post. Seems impossible to find one of them nowadays on here
  2. Lynn Canary

    Our so called fans are a disgrace

    I cant believe how the so called Norwich fans are reacting. It seemed no matter who the board appointed, peoe werent going to be happy. Now i know most of the people on this forum are trolls and have nothing better to do with their lives except sit in front of a conputer on a messageboard pretending to be a fan. But to be slagging off a club.legend, because he has taken over the club he loves it absolutely embrassing. Every person who was linked with this job, had people moaning about them and their style or their tactics. It likes the people on this board want to club to fail just so they can post. Whenever we won games over the last couple of years, this place was silent. Yet when something went wrong, everybody came out to have a moan. And i guarentee if Adams does a good job, all those who slagged him off will fissapear, until he loses a couple of games and they will all be back out saying ''i told you so''.

    We should be getting behind the club, and the manager. Most people wanted our youngsters to be more involved, and theyve a much larger chance of that happening with Adams as manager compared to Mackay or Lennon. All i can say is im happy that most of the people who pretend to be fans on here, arent actually fans of the club. All the Norwich fans i know are pleased with Adams as manager. Maybe not ecstatic, but they certainly arent crying about it and wanted him out! Im sure the actual fans will understand this appointment. And hopefully when he proves people wrong, all these trolls (and theres a lot of them) will dissapear from this board.They are the reason this messageboard has gotten worse over the years. Smudger would never have put up with any of this!
  3. Lynn Canary

    Wednesday Or Sunday ?

    I don''t want to make a post that is all doom and gloom but my friends and i were discussing today, should the worst hapoen and we do get relegated. Would you rather we were relegated Wednesday or Sunday ? If the worst was the happen Wednesday, we could give some youngsters a chance on the last day. Like Man utd today, they have nothing to play for so are playing a couple of youth players. If we did go down on Wednesday, would anyone give some younger players a run out on the last day ?
  4. Lynn Canary

    At the airport...

    Hopefully Hooper will join up with the rest of the squad. If he doesnt though, would Adams put Loza on the bench or go for a more experienced striker like Elmander or Becchio ? Id like to see Loza get a chance. Im sure he would be buzzing for it if he was named on bench
  5. Lynn Canary

    At the airport...

    I believe Loza joined Southend on 28 day emergency loan deal. I think his loan would have finished now. On the Norwich City youtube channel, he was training with the first team in the latest training video. Could be a surprise package that Man U dont know anything about. Could be very handy
  6. Lynn Canary

    Who will Adams play vs Fulham?

    I wouldnt be surprised to see him stick with his 451/433 that he uses for the youth team. I also wouldnt be surprised to see Murphy brought back into the squad. May also be chance for someone like Fox to get back into squad. Dont think Jonas or becchio will be involved anymore though
  7. Lynn Canary

    Wonder what the players think ?

    Someone i know, knows his brother (they go watch stock car racing) and he put on his twitter earlier that he was happy Hughton is gone and he should have went ages ago. His dad then replied on there saying ''You''re not the only Bennett thibking that today ;) '' Now he may just be on about himself but the winking face seemed to imply something. Either way, he wasnt very popular with his family for one reason or another
  8. Lynn Canary

    Wonder what the players think ?

    R.Bennett is definately not devastated. That much i know
  9. Lynn Canary

    Hughton gone. Adams in.

    The thing is. . . how well does Adams know the players ? And how well do they know him ? They will probably not be interacting on training ground as much as we would like
  10. Lynn Canary

    Who is going to be Neil Adams assistant?

    Jose Mourinho was just an interpretor . . . .
  11. Lynn Canary

    Team for Fulham

    I wouldnt mind seeing Pilks play, but he just hasnt looked fit at all this season. And with him more than likely going at the end of the season i cant see us playing him. May finally see Murphy brought back in. He was taken out of the tean unfairly. Id much rather see him play than Jonas with all due respect
  12. Lynn Canary

    Team for Fulham












    Bunn, Turner, Toffolo, Morris, Hoolahan, Johnson, Hooper
  13. Lynn Canary

    Squad for Saturday now ?

    Now adams has taking over, do you think more of our younger players will be brought into the squad going into the last five games ? And what players will be frozen out ? Im sure we will see a different squad come Saturday, compared to the normal 18 we see every week. Will players like Toffolo, McGeehan (recall from loan), Murphys and Morris be given a chance ? And will players like Gutierrez, Becchio and Elmander be taken out completely ? Or maybe people like Garrido, Becchio, Pilkington and Fox be given a chance ?
  14. Lynn Canary

    Loza on ty Mon night

    To be fair, Kris Renton did get a broken leg. I imagine it is very difficult to come back from such a awful injury. Who knoes what Renton may have achieved if he hadnt got that injury ? Would he have became a world class striker ? Doubtful. But would he have made a career out of professional football ? He may well have
  15. Lynn Canary

    Mark Bunn signs from Blackburn

    If you look at the Long term effects of this signing, it could be a great bit of business. Every club has a second choice keeper who is a long way from being number 1 for the club. While Hughton was manager of Birmingham, Jack Butland was unknown and 3rd choice keeper. But he had potential, just like rudd and Steer. So he sent him out on loan and the next thing you know he is playing in the olympics and playing for england. And the club sais that the England cap put an extra £6m on his price tag after rejecting a £6m bid from Southampton.

    So if we were to send out Rudd and Steer for a years or two and they become even better goalkeepers. Give them a year in League 1 and a year in the championship and they could become two keepers who could be pushing for a spot in the national team. And if they were to make that step up, and go from playing in the reserves to playing for the england team in a few years and being worth a lot of money for this club, then this signing will have been worth it. And the £500,000-1m fee will have been a shrewd bit of business.

    Hughton did this sort of thing at Birmigham, so there is no reason he cant do it at Norwich

  16. Lynn Canary

    David McNally ignoring the situation ?

    David McNally has tweeted . . .although it had nothing to do with the Holt situation. Something going on behind the scenes at the club still ? My guess is McNally, Holt and Lambert are probably all at the club trying  to sort this whole mess out.

    Let''s hope it does get sorted. And soon

  17. Lynn Canary

    player on trial

    If this is the Nathan Howard i know, he is a very good player but Man city and Chelsea ? I think thats a bit too far. Good player though
  18. Has it started to work yet for anyone, as i still have no personalie option.
  19. Lynn Canary


    Has anyone else not had the option to personalise the kit ? or is it just me ?
  20. Lynn Canary

    New player interest

    Henri Lansbury
  21. Lynn Canary

    Morison update...

    Even at £2.8m i still think its a good deal. I''m sure Fulham were rumoured to be preparing to offer £4m for him earlier in the season. and it''s no wonder he wants to leave Millwall. After looking on one of their messageboards, they really seem to be slagginh him off just because he wants to play in the Premier League. One member said he hopes Morison gets shot after his medical.

    And they don''t really seem to no much about other teams either. They were thinking we may throw in a player as part of the deal and they were thinking it could be either Hoolahan or Jackson.

    I''m sure Morison will be a good singing should it all go through and our strike force could be looking very strong for next season
  22. Lynn Canary

    Super Chris

    And Martin must have had a lot on his mind in most of them games. With his court decision in the back of his mind he was never going to be on top of his game. I know its no major excuse but it would have had an impact on his performances.

    I think when Martin gets back to playing, he will prove all the doubters wrong. I or one think Martin will score some very vital goals in the run-in.
  23. Lynn Canary

    Mackail-Smith - what price?

    I doubt it would be £3 million deal up front. It would probably have a loan fee and then add ons depending if we go up or decide to sign him permanently. And if Holt picks up and injury, then we could be in serious trouble. He may do really well in the Championship. Its all about what team you are in. When Chris Martin was on loan at Luton in League 2 he scored 13 goals, last season in League 1 he scored over 20. And if he does make the step up, £3 million could be a bargain if it means we get promotion. Their going to try to get as much as they can, but i don''t think they can expect to get many offers in the region of £3 million, and that much money could help them next season depending whether they get promotion or not.
  24. Obviously it will take Jackson a while to make the step up to the Championship. Some players take time and some take too it straight away. However, i still feel Cody has more to offer to the team all round. I heard a few days ago that Lambert said that Cody wouldn''t be moving to another tea at the end of the season as he see''s him a vtial part of the team for the future. So obviously Lambert thinks he can do the job too. I mean, Chis Martin scored 13 league goals for Luton when he was on loan there, and Cody is on 15 already. This season will give him a massive confidence boost, and if we are lucky enough to get promotion, i feel he could really trouble some Premier League teams, sort of like DJ Campbell does for Blackpool. Lots of pace,quite powerful and can header and finish the ball. But i just can''t see Jackson doing that. Botgh players are good, but i just feel Cody has more to add to the team as a whole.
  25. Lynn Canary

    Just sharing what I'm hearing.....

    Just been on. He said that he is happy with what the club said. How does that mean he is leaving ?