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  1. Train travel is very expensive. Although still a season ticket holder I find myself exiled in Leeds, of all places. Is anyone driving to Chelsea from Leeds or around Yorkshire who would be willing to give me a lift? I''ll pay half the petrol and throw in a pack of haribo.
  2. Although it''s a republican Irish song about the atrocities that the English carried out on the Irish people, how about a variation of ''wearing of the green''. Catchy tune.
  3. I hate where my season ticket is. I''m convinced nobody knows the words to the ''Just can''t get enough'' song. In the Jarrold Stand they just clap along all the time, drives me mad.
  4. The Regal on hills road is very good.
  5. I think only one job would ever tempt Lambert to leave Norwich. The Scotland national team.
  6. Terrible news being a mid table team with no ambition. Holty out to Lincoln FC and bring in Chopra.
  7. Nice article, there fans don''t seem very confident though which I suppose is evidence of our increasing impact toward teams in the premiership. I have always thought Norwich are a bit to vanilla to be feared.
  8. What an original name as well. Good luck to him hope he didn''t miss it due to the game.
  9. The people on this message board are very cruel and cynical. Every time i post something it ends up being a very hurtful experience. There is a clear hierarchy in the board and if your are not in the ''little club'' you are victimised.
  10. ''firstrowsports'' are goodi had a swedish link for the QPR match and it was fine.
  11. Reporters are not paid to be biased where did you pick up that ridiculous notion.
  12. I think some people need to get a life. Very disappointed in all of you.
  13. Its even worse now that our licence fees are not even going to the bbc. Just another stealth tax.
  14. Im a journalist for my universities newspaper and i genuinely think we are more thorough that the BBC
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