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  1. does anyone else want the formation of 4-2-3-1 when howson gets fit?   ----------------------------------Ruddy-------------------------------- naughton--------------bennett---------------whitbread-----------tierney -------------------------------fox-----surman--------------------------- bennett--------------------------howson----------------------pilkington -----------------------------------holt---------------------------------- ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. they said at half time that lambert needed to put on another midfielder as we were losing the midfield battle, lambert hoped jackson would come into midfiled when we defended but that just isnt really a part of his game. according to radio norfolk.
  3. anyone know why vaughan isn''t on the bench?
  4. i dont think whitbread would be worth close to that figure let alone more than it! i think he is really good but he is 28 in a couple of weeks and hasnt even managed to play 150 games yet in his career so he isn''t that experienced for his age (in fact ryan bennett has played more professional football matches than him and he is only 21!) and his fitness record is so bad i  dont think many clubs would risk paying for anything for him IMO. and i think the figure for ryan bennett was £2.5million with the possibility with add-ons it rising to £3.2million. If we broke our club record they would of made a bigger deal of it.
  5. i love wilbraham because when he is on the pitch alot of people (including myself) give him stick and i always hope he scores because it will be hilarious, he is one of my favorite players because he always makes me laugh(not because he is bad, just because he looks stupid) my happiest moment last season was when he scored against leciester.
  6. I think we missed surman today, we clearly missed his link-up play.   oh and korey smith got another assist today, when he comes back i think he will get into our team (probably bench) :)
  7. i wouldn''t say we have gone under the radar at all, on MOTD they are always saying how good we are along with swansea, and to be fair swansea do play much nicer football than us.
  8. when elliot bennett plays right mid he is better than andrew crofts defensively and alot better going forward than him, i think it is a mystery why andrew crofts ever plays right mid in our diamond.   and today when we didnt have johnson and crofts in midfield we actually had some creativity, instead of playing horrible long ball football.
  9. ''''I agree he didn''t have his shooting boots on today, but we know how clinical he can be, look at last week in the cup, one chance, one goal.''''   I think it was more like 3 chances 1 goal tbh.
  10. I am not a big fan of hoolahan, but he was awesome today, however i think that is mostly because Bolton were absolutely awful today and anyone playing in that role would have looked amazing.
  11. he had a fantastic debut for barnsley, he got two assists from very good through balls and play really good all round. why do people on here want other teams young players but not our own? like dani pacheco who we all liked, but has been awful in spain apparently, korey smith never put a foot wrong and is a good all round player but people on here just dont rate him and i don''t know why. (highlights from the barnsley game) http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/16695889
  12. darren ferguson said we offered them players on loan , any ideas who? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/16859937
  13. i wouldn''t want us to play crawley or stevenage because i can see them being giant killers and ending our cup run :)
  14. i want a bit of geographical variability. so i would have a south coast team like Southampton, a south west team like plymouth, a yorkshire team like sheffield united and maybe an east midlands team like nottingham forest. i am sick of only having teams in london, the north west, west midlands and north east. we need teams to mix it up a bit and represent each part of the country. :D
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