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  1. Canary_Mad

    4 more players

    where does it say that on his twitter?
  2. Canary_Mad

    Anyone for Rickie Lambert?

    holding talks with west brom according to sky sources
  3. Canary_Mad

    David Babunski

    Linked with Sampdoria last week. Could be a useful singing.
  4. Canary_Mad

    Pubs - norwich games

    Hi guys, are there any pubs in the city that still show the norwich games?
  5. You think 5 games, 4 of which were against top 4 clubs is a fair chance? Sunderland''s run relegated us, not Neil Adams
  6. Do you not think that people who are paid to make these decisions are paid the amount they are, for a reason? In their view Adams was the best man we could get for the job. Your slagging off a manager who hasn''t even had a chance to prove himself yet
  7. Canary_Mad

    Back the man !

    Completely agree!!!
  8. Canary_Mad

    Back the man !

    Completely agree
  9. Yeh it''s not everyone''s first choice but what''s done is done. Before we all start righting ourselves off lets just see how well he does first and get behind the legend that is Neil Adams!
  10. http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=344079
  11. Canary_Mad

    Jermaine Jones


    Set to leave Schalke in the window. Would you take him for a small fee or do you think his wages would be too much?

    or is he too old?
  12. Canary_Mad

    Teams on 7 points

    Man utd wouldn''t sack moyes yet, they''ll give him at least till the end of the season. sack rating of 4 is way out
  13. Canary_Mad

    Fabio Quagliarella

    [quote user="Alan_Grey"][quote user="Canary_Mad"]These guys were first to break that we had signed hooper instead of qpr. Now there saying we are close on Quag


    They didn''t break it first, they just said they did. They reported the news after it was officially announced, like everyone else. All they did was say a few days before that he''d sign for us and not QPR, which hardly takes a source within the club to guess at, does it?

    My guess is they''re a nothing website with no contacts and like dozens of others try and guess at the blatantly obvious outcomes of "rumours".[/quote]

    Wrong! they announced on the 22nd that he was close. Before anyone else. Maybe a lucky guess i dont know but maybe they do know something
  14. Canary_Mad

    Fabio Quagliarella

    These guys were first to break that we had signed hooper instead of qpr. Now there saying we are close on Quag