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  1. Coq au vin

    The Journos

    I wrote it in another thread - good football. Where we''re competitive, sure we''ll lose but at present it''s.. dull.

    If any of you like the journalists fine, that''s your prerogative, but given their closeness to the club you just get the same tosh week in week out. Just feels like they go through the motions and sitting on the fence

    I appreciate you taking the p155 out of me and apologies if my opinion is a bit vitriolic but ffs it''s torture following Norwich sometimes and the local press don''t really help, they almost add to the smokescreen.

    In 2003 I purchased one of the best post-hardcore punk albums ever called ''Worship and Tribute'' by a band called Glassjaw. I went to go see them at the Astoria in London, got all the way there to find the gig was cancelled and had been for a few days, except I hadn''t noticed, back then Dereham only had 56k modems. Myself and my friend traipsed the length of Oxford St a few times in the freezing autumn cold before giving up and heading home - the ticket inspector on the train didn''t charge us for coming back on an earlier train thankfully. 2003 were good days.
  2. Coq au vin

    The Journos

    Reading some of the EDP tidbits this morning talking about stating the obvious. Trouble with the journos is they don’t ask the difficult questions. They talk a good talk into the camera delighted at their own sense of self worth and majestic prose of their Monday pieces but they don’t penetrate the Carrow Road bubble with their access fans can only dream of asking of the club their accountibity. It’s safe and warm down King Street I guess.

    How about some stats about the cost of being a season tkt holder compared to other clubs and the price of failure this season posed to the board shareholders. How about some transparency since this is 2017 and not 2003. How about a piece on whether Farke not being the one. We’re rooted in negativity now so what effect will these journalists questions hurt?

    As a side can you imagine a hiding from Alex Neil on sat? If it happens will it bring about a fundamental change right at the top. We’re teetering on a Chase Out era now it just needs that push. Anyone going to the AGM? Please, I beg of you, use your “in” to raise pertinent questions of the board. Use your voice. You want change then let them have it. I’m sick of this inconsistency and it drags everyone down with it. The fans are being shafted left right and centre because of a stubborn few, that isn’t what this club is about for all the preaching of inclusivity.
  3. Coq au vin

    The sense of entitlement on here...

    I like the caveat of hope. It’s the hope that kills you.

    I think to put it as simply as this: wouldn’t we all like to see decent football played by our team where we score some goals, lose but make damn sure we put up a fight?

    That’s literally it. Beyond all the philosophy, beyond all the formation / stat discussions, beyond all the tearing chunks out of the majority shareholders all I want to see is good football!!!!!!! I mean ffs is that too much to ask?!!!!
  4. No idea. But Neil wasn’t originally. And Irvine has a good crack at the whip? Funny, what I wouldn’t give for an Irvine now.
  5. What’s genuinely shyte is fans tearing into fans. As if it’s that bad it’s come to mud slinging at our own. This is what fks me off most about Norwich.
  6. Nope. Lose to Preston and they’ll be trouble. Unfortunately even if he does go that leaves us with the bunch of players from summer.
  7. Coq au vin

    Pritchards back

    Seguing nicely into some gossip I read today about Norwich being in for a defensive mid in Morsey? Seems unlikely if Godfrey returns in Jan surely?
  8. Coq au vin

    Pritchards back

    Yep, I was just asking for their opinion with no malice whatsoever. I wrote something similar a few weeks ago about some of the u23''s stepping up, I was intrigued to see what other people think.
  9. Coq au vin

    Pritchards back

    In what way are Aarons, Phillips, Fonkeu, Abrahams and Ramsay ready in your opinion? I haven''t seen any u23 games, so I can''t comment.
  10. Coq au vin

    Vrancic and his one assist

    I might agree with you BYG had this been August or September.

    But the new teammates thing within a new league is a bit of a stretch end of November when he also had a pre-season to get to know the players and who he spends time with every day in training.

    Would a decent player not be able to adapt to his surroundings also? Maybe we all want him to be good and simply he just isn''t suited to the Championship.

    As a side, he does seem to be getting an unfair amount of negativity though. Maybe this could be aimed at the HC and his tactics rather than just one player.
  11. Coq au vin

    No moans no party?

    Hi all, given I’m mostly ignored by many on here, here’s my take on how things currently stand. I hope it fills some of the more positive on here with some hope at least.

    Addressing the elephant, I don’t think the majority of fans have the patience this overhaul desires. They’ve been long suffering for too lengthy a period of time now which I can forgive them for. To have a decent yo yo period to now being faced with championship averageness and to watch peers the likes of clubs aka Sheff Utd and Wolves climb higher is galling.

    Personally I think we were too hasty in removing Irvine. Could he not of worked under the DoF role? We’ll never know but the football we played under him was a balanced lot. However Farke is an experiment, if he continues in this vein then summer will be interesting especially given Shrewsbury ascendency (I posted its own little thread below which no one read, given 3 of our decent youth players are getting on extremely well there, It’s not outside the realms of imagination to think the Shrews coach could be a viable option) and how, from the outside at least, there seems to be a vested interest into what’s going on there. Webber’s signing was the most important of the lot, under him I feel positive more about the long term than the current. We’ll see but rather we tried to shake things up than still be in the rut shipping money with Ricky Martin, Darnborough et al.
  12. Coq au vin


    Let’s keep one eye on Shrewsbury Town. I wonder what will happen if they’re promoted and results stay middling for NCFC what may happen next summer. This is the beauty of the DoF model. Don’t forget Webber may well be responsible for the signings but under the say so of the Head Coach dependent on his choice of team. Webber handles the business but I doubt the choices. If anything Webber had to come in to change the problem with the outmoded infrastructure and that if nothing is a positive.
  13. Coq au vin


    wcc, that entirely depends on their readiness. I mentioned this in a thread a few days ago. Who would be able to go up top and not have their confidence sapped should they not be read for the Champ? Morris seems the only candidate, many don''t agree. Unfortunately I haven''t seen him play but the EDP journos reckon the lad has something to offer and is a lot more agile than his frame suggests.