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  1. This is a classic example of what happens when a brother sleeps with his sister... How is your Mum / Auntie Row...
  2. Whats happened with this guy? has he been signed up?
  3. Thought Hughes was going to be the main man in Midfield? I think Tom could be a good impact player
  4. So is this guy a prolific penalty and free kick taker?? How many of his goals last season where from the spot?
  5. Going back to the McVeigh covering for Hoolahan, I think Adeyemi should be up the pecking order ahead of Paul Is there any footage of his goal today anywhere
  6. Will be a good squad member, don''t think he will make many appearances this year (except reserves), but a good man to have around for the young guns.
  7. http://www.e-soccer.com/news/news_f.aspx?CategoryID=191 I tend to use this site
  8. Whoop Whoop!! £500k! I''d bite there bloody arm off, add that to the £650k from Clingon and we could buy ourselves a nice little striker. Hey lets ambush Cheds move!
  9. Ha ha ha I never knew it was as easy as that!! Thats quite worrying I''ve used Wikipedia for loads of presentation over the past few years!
  10. Matt Le Tiz and then Beckham on and off (free kick against Greece was probably the last time I cryed with joy whilst watching football)
  11. The first weekend of the transfer market and there is nothing! Surely to god people still work trying to get players here on a weekend as well don''t they? I really don''t understand why the weekend seems to be such a void, surely there is training on a saturday during preseason?
  12. Sounds a bit more realistic!! They bought him for £700k and they have stated he can leave, they just want to recoup some money. He wants to come here? Surely we can take the pi55 and offer what we like! £200k with £100k if we get promoted
  13. I also think that we are hoping for a cup run in one of the three cups we are in this season... Could be potential for all three central defenders to play 35-40 games next season With spillane as extra cover  
  14. Totally agree, he does have blistering pace and stamina as well. Not to sure about his crossing ability... but if they worked on it, I''d be happy to have him on the right wing with spillane behind him
  15. I''d be more then happy for this guy to come here, I just think we handle our contracts extremely badly. We would probably pay his agent a few hundred thousand for the few hours he spent getting the guy here a well...
  16. Exeter City Ground Name: St James'' Park    Capacity: 9,036 (3,806 Seated) Address: Wells Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6PX Main Telephone No: 01392-411-243 Fax No: 01392-413-959 Team Nickname: The Grecians Year Ground Opened: 1904 Pitch Size: 114 x 73 yards Home Kit Colours: Red & White
  17. lmao!!! I use to live near the ground about 20 years ago and they had a stadium that held about 4,500 people... Pretty sure it''s not much over 8,000 now!! HA HA HA what a joke we are. What do you think the away allocation will be?? Bryan Gunn +1 lol
  18. MK Dons are expecting promotion next season and have offered several of there standard league 1 players 1 year contracts... Anyone that is good enough to play in the championship would have got a better deal. This spanish guy is settled in England and the area and wants a bit more security. Would be a perfect move for him to come to Norwich, would would give him a 4 year contract on a good salary and he can sit back and enjoy the benefits...
  19. Aasmah Mir made him sound like a dick He didn''t really have any reason for taking his money back other then to hurt the board. I thought the whole point of getting the rebate was so that the supporters club could buy a bigger stake in City??
  20. I thought there was supposed to be another meeting a week after the last one... There has been nothing but silence yet again since Doomcaster and Mumby left. FFS is it that much trouble for someone to let us know whats going on?!?  
  21. Exactly! Watch this space, it''s going to happen pretty soon I reckon. I''ll quiz him again tomorrow and see if he can find out any more i.e. which businesses and who is driving it. Maybe Bernard himself is turning to football... add in a bit of colmans and Aviva...
  22. thats the one!! ....and investing 5m along with 10 other businesses to buy out Delia???
  23. to be honest it sounded quite plausable at the time as there is definitely no chance of one person coming in for us.
  24. I hope it''s more than that, the guy who told me about this definitely hangs around the same circles as her and has no reason to tell me a lie, he just knew I was a canary supporter and thought I would like to hear what he had heard.
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