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  1. Not yet, called the club yesterday and they said tickets have just arrived so should be soon, still some tickets available and all applications successful. Can''t wait....hope Suarez picks up an injury/suspension before tho!
  2. I''m ashamed to say i went with the father in law (Brum fan) v Ipsh!t and, altho the game was particulalry bad, Curtis Davis was head and shoulders (and literally) the best player on the pitch by a country mile.....not that that was hard! Good signing if we pull it off.
  3. The Toon army didn''t sell all their tickets, not suprising for a Monday evening game considering the distance. I went (don''t ask why!), and there were lots of seats around me spare (in toon part), only few scattered seats visible in home parts.
  4. Any insiders have anymore info on Drurys testimonial? Hope (if it goes ahead) it is someone exciting as zaragoza (spelling?) doesn''t float my boat and the man deserves a ''big'' team.
  5. Can''t imagine Lambert will like to make the opposition dugout nice and comfortable with heated padded seats, this is the man who pulled all the plug sockets out of the away dressing room at Colchester! Sod''em i say, make them sit on kids chairs, anything to mentally disturb the oppo!
  6. Although he doesn''t fit the Lamert ethos, Mcfadden on his day is a quality player (unless injured). Admittedly a bit lazy and a sulker.
  7. Get us to the premiership and hell i''m in that changing room bath with the soap!!!!!!
  8. Put your tin hat on mate, you are about to be bombarded!
  9. 12/1 on bet365 for the 0-0 draw, Donny will be ''parking the bus'', it''s worth a couple of quid.
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]whats the difference between JLS and a pair of womens Knickers? you only get 1 tw*t in the knickers![/quote] If i could ''like'' that comment i certainly would, brilliant!
  11. If JLS do perform at FCR, are we allowed to throw things at them? Bunch of mincers.
  12. Surely they could''ve found a pic of him in a norwich shirt, not like he hasnt been around for a couple of years!
  13. Bryan Gunn will always be a legend to me. Not just for his keeping skills but also the bravery of the man (ie playing just days after his daughter passed away, not a dry eye in the barclay when he came out) and that he is a genuinely nice chap off the field. To say he is a leech is just laughable, he just wanted to manage the club he loved, who would''nt. Ok it ended sour but there is no question about the man himself. Wiz, i read your comments and respect your views but in this thread i think you have been very narrow minded and a bit of a prick.
  14. Think someones been playing too much championship manager
  15. There is a pub right near the ground which, like the stadium, is a bit of a hole but a good tight atmosphere! We could''nt get near the bar last time so went to a little offy next to pub.
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