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  1. does anyone know the date of our first league game next year
  2. Newcastle are getting theirs on Saturday cant see why we cant have it on Saturday as well not like someone else could win it on Saturday.
  3. Asked in the Mall today and cant see them on line thanks for the reply though
  4. Hi my daughter really wants a yellow and green wig any idea where I can buy one thanks.
  5. Probably been answered already but just say results go our way will we be given the trophy against the Gills or will we have to wait to last game I know we can not get it away from CR
  6. Game is on. It is on the official site.
  7. I know PL has hired another car because of the weather his car is at Coney covered in snow
  8. Paul Lambert has said he is 3rd or 4th choice and he will not stand in his way
  9. Theo is free to find a new club
  10. Bookies will normally open a market in any thing fact they are not doing so does make me think it is a done deal.
  11. Can not find odds on the net for the managers job. Is this because its a done deal? If you know where I can find the odds please advise.
  12. im city till i die i know im sure i am im city till i die why oh why do you take pleasure in defeat all i want is for our team to do well yet you sad people just want defeat i just dont get it
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