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  1. The Horse & Jocky is away fan friendly. Get off the tram at leppings lane and it''s a five minute walk up Wadsley Lane
  2. I''ve lost count of how many times I''ve seen this spouted across social media & message boards today. We have joint majority shareholders on the board who both have 20 years experience of running a football club. You may or may not like how they go about running it, but if after 20 years of running a football club you''re not "football people" then such a thing surely can''t exist
  3. We need two big un''s up top, and someone who can get round the back, play in the hole and get up and down all day long before exploding in the final third.
  4. I''m surprised we''re only charging £35, as despite what the chairman says, we are apparently in real financial trouble with only the Redmond money keeping us going.
  5. Wednesday didn''t change their style to suit Hooper. They bought Hooper because he fitted the way they favour playing. He was a poor buy for us as we never played a system that suited him in his entire time with us. He needs a partner to do his work for him and lower half prem teams can''t afford to carry him in a way a top half champ team can
  6. Too right, unbelievable that the board didn''t go all out to get him in the summer along with a decent centre back & holding midfielder Thiago Silva & Sergio Busquets could''ve done a job for us
  7. No. But on the proviso, as others have said, that he return to his own football philosophy. If we''re going down lets at least do it in style.
  8. An interesting hypothetical situation & I guess it could be possible for a club to shoot itself in the foot by ostracising it''s players in this way. Have Norwich done this? Well in the absence of any evidence whatsoever to to suggest so I''m going to have to reluctantly say no.
  9. Sky (yeah I know) reporting that Coventry turned down a 7 million pound bid from Tottenham for him!! we must have compromising photos of their chairman
  10. [quote user="jamie 10"]If your Alex Neil are you satisfied with our current squad and are you confided the team you currently have are good enough to keep us in the premier league? If not what would you do and would you add any more players?[/quote] Jesus i''ll try and break this down as best I can with the information available. 1. I don''t have an Alex Neil 2. I am satisfied with our current squad 3. I haven''t confided anything to the team I currently have. 4. If I had an Alex Neil I would tell him to confide to the team that he currently has that he is confident that they are good enough to keep us in the Premier League.
  11. Whilst we have 25 professionals of age, they only count to the squad limit if they are named. There''s nothing to stop us having more at the end of the window then loaning those out who don''t make the cut afterwards. I''m not saying I think it will happen just pointing out that it''s not a bar to further signings
  12. I agree, it is to me blatantly obvious that there is plenty to be optimistic about but you wouldn''t think it looking on here since Saturday, even from the previous comments of some saying that it''s obvious! As for our best 11, if you replace Martin & Dorrens with Klose & Tettey from Saturday''s starting 11 & possibly O''neil for Howson depending on who & where we''re playing then I think that''s about it.
  13. I genuinely feel that if we can play the majority of the remaining games with our best team on the pitch we have enough to keep up. Had Tettey & O''neil been on the pitch Saturday I think we would''ve had enough to see the game out even without Bennet/Klose. With these two (with Howson for O''neil depending on the opposition) plus Klose to come in we have a decent lower mid table match day squad. If we land the 1 or 2 extra the manager identifies even better but either way still plenty to be optimistic about for me
  14. Nah, this is to leave Burtons, just seen him in there buying a suit. No point checking ASDA though everyone. He had his weekly shop with him.
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