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  1. Absolutely this. He looks so comfortable playing at left back, I'm itching to see what he can do in his "correct" position.
  2. Agreed horsefly. I would add that what he did could be seen as not that transformatory (if that's a word), i.e. bringing in a sporting director. But if it was that easy, every club would be doing it. As it is, how many clubs would like to be us now? Probably pretty much everyone below us in the league - "Why aren't we Norwich?"
  3. But you are handing extremists the perfect way to shut down views they don’t like. All they need to do is start a few rumours about BLM or whatever it is, which the press, Facebook groups and Twitter bots will jump all over. By your rules the message then has to be altered by enough to disassociate it from those rumours, losing any public awareness and momentum. Surely it’s far better to let “sunlight disinfect” things and stand up for what you believe in, honestly discussing any accusations. P.S. Didn’t know you were a jazz fan Lakey?
  4. Excellent news. Although possibly a little deflect-y?
  5. You accused King Canary of wanting to ostracise Zimmerman. When he pointed out he hadn't said that, you didn't respond but did say "Lo and behold, the witch trial has begun." Deflection KC objected to the use of the words "Witch trial" and stated that he thought some people and groups might change their opinion of Zimmerman *if* he held views they disagreed with. You replied with "Standard modus operandi of the intolerant illiberal woke left. You’re free to say what you want but if it doesn’t fit with our ideology we’ll cancel you, lobby your employer to sack you, and fill social media with why you’re such a bad person." More deflection and exactly what I described in my post quoted above. No-one is saying Zimmerman should be cancelled, suggested lobbying for him to be sacked or post anything about him on social media. In fact, KC said exactly the opposite. You replied "You stated that he should explain why he chooses not to kneel so that you and others can then shoot him down." Again, this at best exaggerates the truth for rhetorical effect, but is actually just a lie. You then continued to use inflammatory language without engaging with the points other posters made to you. Deflection. You replied to my post to object to the fact I had altered your post (despite the fact I had highlighted the text changed and specifically said that in my first sentence). You didn't reply to the point I made. Deflection. Having said all this, my main objection to your posts is still not that you refuse to engage with the argument except in the rare case where it suits you, but you continually predict ridiculous outcomes that will not happen from so-called woke reactions that haven't occurred - as in the text highlighted in your quote above. This is just crowd baiting nonsense. Fortunately most of the posters on here are a reasonable bunch and can have a polite debate, so don't fall for this. Nuff said.
  6. **** me! Is there a bigger culprit in this thread than you at deflecting? Outrageous. You repeatedly post arguments on the lines of "this might happen and that would then demonstrate x". Then when challenged you introduce a different argument. Go back and actually engage with some of the points made or I have to assume you're just on a wind up (successfully in my case ).
  7. Fixed that for you. If Kick it Out was highly effective would we see the huge under-representation of BAME people in the managerial and organisational side of the game? Would we have heard the things Greg Clarke said recently? Or the booing at Millwall and elsewhere? I could go on. I think Kick it Out themselves would say there's an awful lot more to achieve. (I heard and to an extent agree with arguments previously put on here about the lack of BAME coaching staff being for other reasons, but still maintain that much more needs to be done to change it. No need to rehash the same arguments, but if someone feels the need to, don't let me stop you)
  8. I take it you also oppose Help for Heroes and wearing a poppy because they don't acknowledge the full political and social context behind military actions, that is they're not "balanced and representative"?
  9. Fraid not Corkio. The speed of light is the speed of light, and the further you are from your exchange the worse the latency you are going to see. Fibre is like more lanes (bandwidth) on a road but the cars are still travelling at the same speed (latency) you can just get more of them on at the same time.
  10. That's a balanced and reasonable post. We don't want your sort on here, hysteria and delusion in the face of reality are the entrance requirements.
  11. From the Burnley club shop: https://shop.burnleyfc.com/claretsstore/HIVIZ Alternatively nip down to Screwfix where they are under £4. (Originally from the BBC Sport list of football themed Christmas gifts, before anyone accuses me of nicking it)
  12. Typical. What he said was that it would help if he explained, not that he *had* to. But you immediately switch into hysterical "the libs are shutting down free speech" mode.
  13. I’ve just seen a link to the same thing on Facebook. The comments underneath are funny, referring unsurprisingly to their glorious history. Which gets even more historic season after season.
  14. Absolutely, to get respect you have to earn respect, but the state of political discourse these days is dire. If we all started from a place where we recognise people can hold different opinions to ourselves but still deserve a hearing, maybe we could find common ground. But the binary, “oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is” stuff just leads to shouting and division.
  15. Ironically, I clicked on this thread and got Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  16. Let's just leave it in the spirit of the season shall we?
  17. It's not a generational thing that we will concede fewer goals with Hanley and Gibson at the back than with Godfrey and whoever.
  18. Fair enough, just watched it again and it was Hanley whom had the opposition on top of him. It's been a long week. It's Monday?
  19. I thoght this was going to be an NCFC version of Sophie's Choice. " £30 million bids come in for two players, both crucial to the team. Which one does Christophe sell, which one does he keep?" More seriously, Paddy says in his piece "respecting others opinions is a quality that has escaped from the political discourse in this country". Amen brother.
  20. Also includes a pass back to Michael "he can't play out" McGovern who, under pressure, doesn't hoof it but passes to Hanley.
  21. I was thinking the same thing. Is there an application form online?
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