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  1. always check the spelling on flags. I bought a flag in Cardiff which said "cannaries". Doh!!
  2. What planet are you on ruddy? Its not just the last 2 games, is it? We have underperformed all season not helped by your lack of judgement and low shot stopping abilities. Have a great wekend and dont worry, you will still get your large salary next week.
  3. Ruddy propably earns more in week than the vast majority in the crowd earn in a year. Try not to let the booing or the well deserved chants ruin your lavish lifestyle or your weekend john. Oh and do please feel free to command your penalty area and getdown to a low shot when are ready. No pressure john.
  4. Did adams tell hoolahan to beat the same man twice before losing the ball yet again, otr grabbam to waste a penalty, johnson to give tbe ball away on umpteen occasions, redmond to hit the first man at nearly every cross etc, the midfield and defense to fold when fulham broke with purpose for the one and only time inthe whole 90 minutes? No is the answer. Sometimes the players have to stand up and admitt theygot it hopelessly wrong and apologise to the 4, 000 fans who put up with a dreadful team effort.
  5. So when he came on against fulham he looked like he could do a job? His first touch was a pass and he offered no threat at all. Would be no miss on current form, weight and fitness. .
  6. Why the hell would we want that miserable looking twat anywhere near our club?
  7. me to nechtology! god bless doctor dea''th and his trolley! Could not agree more. The premier league is all about teams outside the top 6 being desperate not to lose. This means that every game becomes potentially a boring stalemate. Lets face it, teams like Norwich will never be top 6 and given the fear factor in the premiership are unlikely to have a decent cup run. Hopefully in the championship we will see a few more wins and go for it I the two cups.
  8. thank you GJL - spot on. I would rather the blue scum win the league rather than the "always the victims never the cause". and as for winning it for Steve Gerrard - I seem to remember that this scouser has been to court on assault charges? still you got to love em what with all the comedians, singers, liver birds and scallies.
  9. you would have thought that that bloke would get a new wig. Or better still at his age, not bloody well wear one at all. It must be years old now.
  10. there you go W C , the "messiah" would welcome you with open arms so jog on.
  11. W C . I used to think you are a tw*t, Now I have finally made up my mind.
  12. a good sound 8-0 thrashing would really do the world of good and set them up nicely for the other perfectly winnable games in November, I am sure! A draw or small losing margin playing decent football is surely the answer?
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