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  1. Won''t be happening, remember the summer?
  2. [quote user="hogesar"]Some idiot''s think they can take advantage of the fact, as far as they''re concerned, a player won''t react or retaliate because they''re representing the club 24/7.I''m glad Ruddy done it. These kind of people with absolutely no spine who walk around abusing people they think they can get away with, deserve it.[/quote] Oh clever! He could be facing manslaughter charges if something had gone wrong.........he''s nowt but a thug.
  3. [quote user="toftwood"]Our timid Board will be budgeting for relegation... .again. Hence no increase in season ticket prices ........ cynical that. Prudence with zero ambition. ..come on down Wiz: Why oh why can''t you just fuck off![/quote] What and leave you in La La Land toftwood? If you can''t handle the truth swearing at the messenger won''t make it go away.
  4. And the reason why? Our timid Board will be budgeting for relegation... .again. Hence no increase in season ticket prices ........ cynical that. Prudence with zero ambition. ..come on down!
  5. We need a new manager, I don''t trust AN with another transfer window. His limited success at City has only been achieved via ex- managers signings. His signings have messed our whole side up.
  6. [quote user="ricardo"]Afobe is nothing special as Wolves have found out this season.We''d be mugs to go back after dodging a bullet.[/quote] HUZZAH! And every striker who plays against Martin looks good!
  7. [quote user="YorkshirePudding"]''we desperarately need a goalscorer'' - If Mbokani was given regular starts I bet he would be our answer [/quote] Cam Jam worked his arse off for us today imo.
  8. [quote user="morty"][quote user="nutty nigel"]Some shareholders either don''t like Stephen Fry or don''t see the point of Stephen Fry being on our board. The latter I can fully understand because every year when the board face the shareholders Fry isn''t there. So naturally these shareholders ask "what is the point of Fry being on the board". The board answer that there is a point and the club benefit greatly from his presence. The board as a whole are successful and the club are in a good place on and off the pitch. So considering the answers fro the board the question I''m moved to ask is - what is the problem with Stephen Fry being on the board?[/quote]Maybe people would like a few more details perhaps?I couldn''t care less either way, but when I tell someone I''m a Norwich City fan, I have never had them say back "Oh isn''t that the club Stephen Fry is a director of?" In fact whenever I present anyone with this fact they look at me blankly.We already have a celebrity figurehead in Delia.I would be interested too to find out what Stephen Fry does for Norwich City.[/quote] Sweet sod all imo.
  9. [quote user="Prince of Darkness "]They have had a poor start to the season they are a progressive club and it was the right thing to do. Pity a club much closer to home wouldn''t also do like wise and reappoint a former manager[/quote] Huzzah! Meanwhile, our boards main concern are sausage rolls!
  10. [quote user="Tumbleweed"]The first thought I had, rightly or wrongly, was disagreement over managers. I have no idea whether Bowkett and McNally were as one over the Hughton fiasco, the Adams appointment and the risk over AN, but I had wondered whether after Watford attitudes were hardening somewhat. Remember what happened to Adams- a great club man, brief to bring back exciting football, initial promise then some strange decisions tactically and ultimately seen as a failure. Soem similarities perhaps with our current situation. I have no idea really, but I do agree with those who believe that something doesn''t quite add up, especially with the rather dry statement put out.[/quote] Something''s up that much is sure. Lets be harsh here, AN''s record as a PREMIER manager is quite poor.
  11. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="lappinitup"]AS there will be more than one new appointment, possibly a ''fan'' on the board?[/quote]I will see if City Angel can get a shortlist tomorrow night from the audience at the NCFSC forum. That should be the largest gathering of fans to gauge any interest in taking on the job.[/quote] Good God NO, just no! Remember the last elitist fan lark anyone?
  12. [quote user="Prince of Darkness "]It will make sense when you see who the new directors are I am critical of the Stowmarket 2 but they have done well re thee new board members[/quote] 3 new ''yes men'' POD?
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