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  1. What''s more troubling is that we are leaking goals galore in this league, and we aren''t building a new defense in the event that we do get promoted. We know this defense isn''t good enough and also isn''t improving, so surely we should be using this season to build and replace the tried, tested and failed current line up.
  2. As soon as Neil took Jacob off for a defender and invited the oppo, that was when we lost the game. We cannot defend, and for us attack is the best form of defense. Stupidity once again from Neil. Josh should''ve been on for Jacob and Benno for Bass.
  3. Agree with Alex on all his comments throughout the thread. This is our relative Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal this season. We should naturally be up for it! I''m going for 2-3
  4. No worries. Correction, my subscription is to fubotv and then login to bein with that subscription but you can subscribe to which ever is cheaper, but I know fubo is $10. All the best mate!
  5. While you''re here mate buy a slingtv subscription which is $10 for the month and login to bein sports app with said subscription. It''s how I''m wTching the game right now.
  6. You just knew he would have an influence tonight playing against his old club. What a jammy goal though! Very classy from the Everton fans Indeed.
  7. Happy for the win don''t get me wrong.... But the defending.....
  8. 10th or 11th. Too light up front for a 46 game season, and we have a group of players who aren''t a cohesive team. Some don''t even care about playing for the shirt. Looking forward to seeing the big Charlie''s leave and these hungry players take their place.
  9. Football is cyclical. We''ve just contributed to our time being a championship club earlier than needed.
  10. There''s far too many posters on here that will shut this down as you being a binner or a troll, simply because they think this is how life is supposed to be supporting NCFC. Yeah we punched above our weight for a few seasons, so how dare you expect the board to have ambition and sign some players worthy of getting us back to the Prem?! We gave it''s go, kind of. Signed a fair bit of expensive dross, won''t play the kids, and are being left behind by our competitors whilst not actually filling holes in the squad. Don''t you know we are nice, happy-clappy little old Norwich? Geez, get with the times!
  11. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="hogesar"][quote user="CanaryOne"]Thats our main two rivals for promotion with massively better strikeforces than us , had all summer to get this sorted and made a right balls up of it again .[/quote]Problem is, whether you like it or not, we can''t compete on a financial or club-size level with the two rivals you''re talking about. It''s unfortunate we didn''t get relegated alongside the Burnley''s and West Brom''s of this world, in that respect.[/quote] Which is one of the reasons several of us were so despairing at out utterly pathetic efforts to actually stay in the premier league last season. We had done the hard bit in getting there. The ambition last season was pathetic and the assumption by many that we would be odds on to come back up again misguided. Worst possible season to come down with the identity of the two other relegated clubs. Just like in 1993 when we got relegated at the worst possible time. The horse has truly bolted with the champ finances this summer and the only advantage we have is the quality of our existing squad. If Neil wastes it we are down here for years.[/quote] I think to be honest the way in which we''ve conducted business or the lack thereof, in this window adding in the lack of motivation so far from our Prem standard squad shows that unless there''s a drastic change in attitude and play we are spending the first season of many down here again. Such a waste. I can see us finishing 9th or 10th. We needed the dead wood shipped out and fresh blood bringing in. Did neither.
  12. To be fair, we''ve had all summer to get any striker in. It''s just totally amateur by the club leaving it to the last 2 days. A joke to be honest.
  13. Completely crafty. Can''t remember if I''ve mentioned it on this thread it not, but it''s funny how others clubs won''t let their players leave without already targeting a replacement. Something I think our football board should start taking note of!
  14. What''s even more poor than not signing a forward, is the fact we sold strikers without replacing them. Literally doing the very thing that other clubs aren''t willing to do when we reportedly are looking at their players. We are naive in both respects of signing and letting players go.
  15. Agree with Sutton. Want Naismith shipped out for close to or exactly what we paid for him. Pritchard starting in his place, and Maddison coming on off the bench. If we are determined to play and look like a championship side with supposed Prem players, I''d rather we went with our promising youth and shipped out the staleness, consolidated and pushed with the next generation. Today was disjointed and so frustrating to watch.
  16. We looked stale and bereft of creation. A lot needs changing. Wes and Klose off the boil today, and would rather the cash for Naismith and Brady.
  17. It''s Character Forming: "McGovern has looked good, no chance for the goal but otherwise hasn''t put a foot wrong." He was nowhere near that near post shot. It could''ve even gone a yard more to the center and he still wouldn''t have had it covered.
  18. McGovern fills me with little confidence. Almost looked too tiny in goal. Hopefully Ruddy is back soon, although his first game was shocking too.
  19. The biggest concern should be that we are about to play our 4th league game without more than one experienced or first team regular striker. There''s going to be no time to bed a new player or two in, and if targets that we are going for are being held by their current clubs until they get a replacement, then we should have moved on to other targets that could have seen the squad already forming a cohesive partnership and not running the risk of an injury that would see Kyle Lafferty as our man up front.
  20. Download the bein sports app, sign up for fubo tv free 24 hour trial. Login to bein sports app with that account. Jobs a good''un. Not looking forward to the 3:30am get up 3 hours after finishing a gig.
  21. I''d be far more nervous if we are the home team. The onus is on them to attack. We all know how we can play away from home under AN in the championship. Expecting a tight game, well contested, but an away win nonetheless.
  22. No, not just you. Hasn''t been loading for the last 24 hours until now for me.
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