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  1. The young canary

    I know this is going to be controversial

    But I am not sure what I enjoy more a right good canary win with that feeling all week or a right good thrashing where I can have a right good moan all week

    This board is always much more fun after a defeat
  2. The young canary

    The biggest problem with the squad...

    You are my hero
  3. The young canary

    What next

    Very odd thread

  4. The young canary

    Some Extremely Good News

    I thought they had finally learned to put pastry all round their pies in the gunn club rather than just putting a bit on top
  5. The young canary

    Delia interview

    After the interview the issue is no longer should Neil stay but are the Stowmarket 2 fit and proper owners of the club

    Increasingly it is clear they are not.

    She is a custodian of the club it''s not her personal train set to do with what she pleases.

    Enough is enough it is time for her and nepotism Tom to go
  6. He was truly truly awful today
  7. The young canary

    Surely enough is enough?

    He is awful the Stowmarket 2 are awful the nephew is a joke. Moxey is hopeless

    Bin the lot of them and start again
  8. The young canary

    Awful awful sad sad news

    It''s getting worse and worse Wolves have just confirmed his appointment
  9. The young canary

    come on

    I am interested in the views of the clappers
  10. The young canary

    Especially for Morty

    The Carra is turning
  11. The young canary

    NEIL OUT!!!

    Alex give me some happy clappy spin on this one mate
  12. The young canary

    Norwich v Leeds match thread

    Alex what is the happy clappy view of the team
  13. The young canary

    Norwich v Leeds match thread

    He didn''t invite Neil to his birthday party
  14. The young canary

    Delia interview

    Bloody depressing article for any city fan
  15. The young canary

    Delia interview

    Damn heels made her slur her words badly it often happens