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  1. Only replying to the Peter Thorne comment here.I will never give Thorne a break as i want Norwich City to win football matches. No offence to the guy, he''s a honest player, but he''s simply not good enough anymore and should be put down like an old racing horse, tho typically just released on a free, not shot in the head in a field.
  2. Ok Rudolph, this one is just for you, as you seem to not posess the mental agility to read and digest my lengthy disection of Thorne and Etuhu....Thorne he rubbish.....Etuhu him not good....Is that concise enough and easier for you to understand?a1canary, thanks for taking the time to read my entire post and not moaning about it. As for the Leeds game, I will always always plump for Dublin at the back as we look so much more solid with him there, alongside Shackell hopefully. With those two, Drury and Colin, and the vastly superior to Gallagher David Marshall I think we have a really strong defence thats the envy of the league.Up fronts a tricky one, but im gonna go for 4-4-2 Hux left wing and give Brown and Martin a go. From what ive seen of Brown and Martin so far they both look high on confidence and self belief, as evidenced by Martins encouraging debut last night and Browns decent display on saturday, sending off and all.I cant wait for Saturday, but whats this i hear about Drury and Colin banned? Robbo''s gone, Flems gone, Shackell and Dublin may miss the game, that leaves Doc, Spillane and Hughes for a defence......oh dear. Lets hope Dublin makes it, Doc and Hughes left back and Spillane right back, should be good enough.I wanna see Fotheringham come straight in for Etuhu alongside Saf too....Presuming he is a centre mid????Cmon the boys....
  3. Well what can i say about tonight. I know we lost but the lads were fantastic tonight, thats the most commitment ive seen all season. Drury and Colin were absolutely brilliant, thats the best attacking full back play ive seen outside the premiership, reminded me of Neville and Cole they way they bombed forward and always looked to get in the box or get in crosses. Neither of them looked like they were full backs at all and in fact i cant even remember one tackle in defence from either of them, they were in the Wolves half so much. Drury and Huckerby in particular were awesome, and linked up so well. Unfortunately it was just one of those nights. Enjoyable match all the same.Now onto the point of my post. I shall get the usual Etuhu moan out of the way first, another uninterested performance, which we seem to see every game. I just dont get it with him, the first few games of the season he was a revelation and now he''s a joke. Definite weak link tonight and undid the majority of good play from Safri, Croft and Huckerby.Now onto Thorne. I am absolutely livid tonight, not so much with Thorne but Grant I suppose for playing this utter donkey. You might hear a few people say tonight that he done ok, and in fact Neil Adams said he had a reasonable game, linking up with Huckerby well. I dont wanna hear anything about his couple of decent headers and lay offs, this guy was an absolute joke and is so past his sell by date its embarrassing. To say his performance tonight was inept is an understatement. Yes, he may have won a couple of headers and a few lay offs, but this is the very basics of his job as a striker, not something to be applauded. Its like givng Marshall a pat on the back for his goal kicks.As an attacking force Peter Thorne posed no threat whatsoever to the Wolves defence tongiht. I have never seen a more useless ineffective performance from a striker in all my years. To cap off his pathetic effort tonight his lead foot first touches late in the game when we were bombarding the Wolves defence infuriated me and must have done Saf and Colin who on two occasions had to struggle to maintain possession at the most crucial of times to keep the pressure up. Whenever the ball came in the box Thorne was nowhere to be found, and the times the ball found its way to him he showed the agility and technique of a giraffe and the ball was constantly safely cleared.This guy just brings nothing to the team, and has zero impact as an attacking threat. No offence to the guy, he''s plain and simple just not any good. When we have a player on the bench like Chris Martin i am at a total loss as to why a player with the ability of Thorne manages to get in the team. Why is it that week in week out in the Premiership you see managers taking a gamble on young players only to see them flourish and grab the headlines. Even in the Championship where its perhaps not as easy to integrate a young prospect do we see the likes of Bale at Southampton, and Theo Walcott before him get there chance and take it with both hands.Why oh why do we have such a problem doing it here. If the senior players are not performing, like they havent done for most of the season why do they get picked week in week out. The one thing this team has lacked all season is fight and thirst for the game. At times it seems only Huckerby is worthy of wearing the shirt, the seniors seem so disinterested, the likes of Etuhu and McVeigh and Thorne still get picked ahead of the Martins and Jarvis''s and Spillane''s of this club. Enough is enough, and im referring to Etuhu and Thorne here, as the other 9 out there tongiht were magnificent.The bottom line is that Etuhu and Thorne were so obviously the weak links of our team tonight and i cant beleive the sheer blindness of Grant to not see this. All I can say is, in Etuhu''s case that i dont think there''s anyone else at the club to take his place. Thats probably half the problem, he''s in the comfort zone. As long as he puts in a half decent performance he''ll be picked the following week simply because there''s no one else. And thats all we ever get from him, a half hearted just do enough kinda display. He wasnt terrible tonight, but still a 6/10 performance when everyone else, apart from Thorne who was 4/10 at best, put in a 9/10 effort. They say no one man makes a team, but I disagree, the difference when Safri plays is immense and he was pure class again tonight. A player or two can strongly influence a team, and particulary in this league when its so tight, one or two players can mean the difference between battling for the playoffs or battling relegation. I firmly believe this is where we are at the moment, i think were two players away from being a real force. Tonight was the perfect example.You replace Etuhu and Thorne with a Francis and Ashton or similar and we would have won by a mile. With Thorne and Etuhu its like playing with 9 men there contribution is so minimal.We have to get someone in before the deadline, an attacking midfielder, someone to fill the void that Etuhu creates every game, and with Dublin/Brown/Martin/Huckerby up front etc, i think we''ll be a force again.Is this Fotheringham guy a left winger or a midfielder? Attacking central midfield i hope. This is what we need, Safri is such a good player that he can cover the defensive and playmaking qualities needed in midfield, so that leaves things open for a box to box player, someone to get in the box and get goals, a Lampard kind of player. We simply do not have one, and we desperately need one. Its the missing piece of the jigsaw that is the Norwich City midfield. God i hope Fotheringham is the real deal and the answer to my prays.In closing ive had enough of Etuhu''s constant flattering to decieve no shows and Thornes utter ineptness in front of goal. Lets get Martin and Brown up front, Dublin at the back and an attacking midfielder to compliment Safri''s effort and give Leeds a real pasting.Phew....ive had enough now.....
  4. ''''so I and others will finally be able to exercise choice and visit Carrow Road when we wish to do so.''''..............''''In one way, I am beginning to look forward to next season''''.............''''I have the opportunity to go tomorrow and Saturday but don''t know if I will bother''''   Brilliant... just what the club needs, fickle part time fans. As a season ticket holder and loyal NCFC fan, whatever the weather, opinions of so called Norwich fans like these are of no interest to me whatsover and shouldnt post on here. GIVE GRANT A CHANCE, HE''S ONLY BEEN HERE 5 MINS...
  5. Good response Hucks is the only player at the club, apart from Dublin who''s just got here, that has consistently given 110% for the club from the second he stepped thru the Carrow Road gates 3 years ago. If it wasnt for Huckerby we would''nt have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride in the Premiership nor won the 1st division title. The man is Mr Norwich City in my books. He even gives 110% when he''s not even fully match fit.
  6. Yeah not exactly sure what the point is here, cause Green will get a nice pay hike and will be leaving a club potentially about to be relegated so I bet he''s well happy. Nice one poster....
  7. Yes definitely, nothing to lose now, theres no way were goin down so lets go for it, Brown and Martin/McVeigh/Jarvis up front and Dublin in defence, and without doubt Marshall has got to start, altho im willing to bet my house that he is anyway, being as tho he''s been given the number 1 shirt and he''s only here on loan, and Gallaghers pretty much dropped himself after last weeks calamity.
  8. Quite correct.Anyone who knows football knows that you dont bring a kid on for his debut when the team are playing badly and 3-1 down. You blood him when the team is winning and on top.
  9. Quite surprised by the lynch mob out for McVeigh''s blood on this post. I actually agree with Jas, I thought McV did ok today, i remember at least 4 good thru balls by McVeigh that were wasted. What people forget is that McVeigh has not had an extended run in the team for about 3 years. You cant expect him to come straight into the team and be the McVeigh of old ala the Playoff Final season. Any player needs an extended run of 5 or 6 games before there at there best. McVeigh gets 5 or 10 mins every other game and the occasional start. There is no way he is gonna get the sharpness and confidence needed to be the sort of player he is, which is a flair player. Flair players thrive on sharpness and confidence to try the creative things. What I saw today was a flair player trying to do the things he''s known for but they simply werent coming off because of a lack of sharpness, touch and confidence. This is due solely to being out of the team for so long.If McVeigh gets an extended run in the team im positve we''d see the him of old. Name me one player that can come straight into a team and be at his best. It takes time and it takes minutes on the pitch. Anyone who has actually played football knows you need at the very least 3 or 4 games to find your stride and get back to your best. I hope if Earnie is out that McVeigh gets an extended run up front alongside Dublin now, if only to prove what im saying as right.We should be moaning about the shocking defence today, and notably Gallachers ineptness and Docs poor tackle for the first free kick.
  10. '''' Didn''t do much wrong to be honest. Good holding player and chipped in with a few goals. ''''A quote from a Sunderland supporter.....Nuff said.
  11. Well what can I say, another typical negative comment from someone on here.While I agree Chris Brown is not the high calibre individual we were hoping for, and I for one had never even heard of him until today, I have to also say that we have to give every player a chance.Who here had heard of a certain Lee Croft before he arrived at Carrow Road, because I sure didnt. Look at him now, he''s been a revelation this season when he''s been on song. Give Brown a chance, he''s 6"3 and sounds like he''s got a good touch and skills, and in my opinion i think he''ll a very good addition to the squad. Somebody to give Dion and Earnie a bit of competetion cause lets face it, Dion and Earnie have got nothing to fear when Thorne gets off the bench to warm up down the touchline, they know at worst theyll be dragged off at the 85min mark.If Brown proves to be a good signing and can do a job up front then that gives Grant the freedom to put Dion back in defence. We all know how many goals we didnt concede in the games Dion has played in defence. At worst he''s a good squad player and somebody who can come on and hopefully make and impact, at 6"3 and with supposedly quick feet i think he''ll make more of an impression than the hapless Thorne does when he comes on. Another thing, he''s scored 11 goals in 35 appearances for Sunderland, that sounds pretty good to me. Whats Earnie got? 25 in 48 or something? He''s not too far off that. He''s not been brought here to get 30 goals, we''ve got Earnie for that, he''s here to play Dion''s role and create openings for Earnie and provide much needed target man assistance to the defence.I for one, whilst not bowled over by the signing, am looking forward to seeing what the guy can offer Norwich, i think he''s a great backup to Earnie and Dion, and hopefully can do Dion''s job up front so he can slot back into defence and make it that much more solid alongside Shackell.Now weve covered the attack, unless Earnie goes then we''ll all be clamouring for Eastwood or Sharp, we can concentrate on a midfielder and a defender or two.Give Brown a chance, just like we did with Crofty. He might just surprise us.
  12. Branston...When was the last time Safri started? How do you expect a player who has hardly kicked a ball for 4 weeks to come straight in at be at his absoulute best. Have you ever played football? There''s a little something called match sharpness...Safri''s clearly not 100% fit or sharp and he was still the best player on the pitch..
  13. Its a resounding A from me Nutty.Lets have a bit of positivity around the place for once. I read from one idiot on here after yesterdays game, his only summation of Safri''s fantastic performance was to highlight the couple of times he gave the ball away.Ridiculous and typical of some people on here...
  14. A vast improvement in yesterdays performance with Safri running things. It wasnt great but the only thing lacking was the final product. The way Norwich play, defense sittin deep, is a counter attacking style of play, this suits the speedy players we have in Hucks, Croft and Earnie and is the way we have played for a few seasons now. This style of play has been repeatedly undermined by the poor, lacklustre and uncreative Carl Robinson. I posted after the Southend game that the midfield was so poor and the team played poor as a result purely down to Robinson''s inclusion. He undermines the way we play and as a midfield partnership him and Dickson does not work. Robbo''s style slows the tempo of play so much that by the time the ball has found its way to Hucks, Croft and Earnie the opposition defence have regrouped and marked up.This undermines the effectiveness of Croft and Hucks, and nullifies any attacking threat that Hucks & Co pose. The difference was immense with Safri, he did everything that I slated Robinson for not doing against Southend. He did all that was required of a midfielder, and all that i wanted Robinson to do. Not sit off 5 yards from the opposing midfielder, allowing him to make a comfortable passing decision, but get tight, close down and hassle every time they have the ball in the middle of the park. Safri did this for 90 mins yesterday, well 85 at least. And what a difference it made, he hassled and was biting the whole game. How many times did he nick the ball away? If you work like this you either nick the ball away, or you force the opposition into a mistake or a pass that was 2nd or 3rd on there agenda. This is how midfield play should be, not Robinsons lazy sitting deep 5 yards off and letting them play and then Doc or Shack make the tackle. The way Safri hassled vastly tipped the balance of attacks each team has in our favour. I said last week that the midfield is the most important area of the pitch, the midfield two determine how many attacks the opposition have and how many we have. It was 60/40 in our favour yesterday as opposed to 60/40 in favour of Southend.Huckerby has stated that he wants Saf to play cause we play at a higher tempo, which is exactly the way we should play. Safri dictated every attack we had yesterday, switching the play so effectively from wing to wing.I dont care about him givin the ball away 2 or 3 times and if i see one more post from the idiots on here highlighting the 1 or 2 negative points of Safri''s performance im gonna kick something. Dublin was superb yesterday, but for me the way Safri dominated the midfield and dictated not only our attacks but decreased QPR''s too tipped the MOTM in his favour.Im extremely worried at the moment as Safri''s future seems very much in the balance, its reported that his agent has been circulating his name to other clubs as being available. This must be with the Grants approval, which worry''s me immensely. Forget Earnie leaving or who we bring in, Safri is the main player we should be worried about. He must remain at the club. He said after the game he wants to stay, his very happy here with the fan adulation he gets, and he hinted at his contract and wanting to stay longer than the 18 months he has left.If Grant drops him again and he''s allowed to leave the club I will be calling for his head, which is not my standpoint at the mo as I beleive he is the right man for the job and should be given time to build his own team. But if he lets Safri go ill want him and the board out.Forget all the talk of Earnie, SAFRI and HUCKS are the two key men at this club, they are the focal point of the style of counter attacking football we play. Weve got Hucks for at least another season, lets make sure weve got Safri alongside him for next season.On the subject of  Earnie, what about £4m plus Andy Cole from Portsmouth? I very much doubt Cole would want to come here but i think him and Dublin would be tremendous together and Cole would score a hatful in the Championship.
  15. Why is McVeigh referred to as WLY? what does this stand for ?
  16. what the hell has this got to do with Andy Hughes? or Norwich City or football for that matter...
  17. Id like to respond to the poor misguided, and perhaps quite blind, caller during the phone in that the above referred to. This fool made the following statement, or as close to as i can remember. '''' Carl Robinson is fantastic, he''s so creative, he can put Earnshaw thru for a goal in an instant '''' Never in my 30 years of football have i ever heard such an ironic, incorrect summation of a player. I really think he must have been getting confused with Safri. Never have i seen Robinson pass forward and ''put Earnie thru for a goal''. The criticism that he received yesterday was relevant, another passenger performance from him. Constantly standing 5 yards off the opposing midfielder, i really dont know what his thinking is on this form of defending, fair enough he doesnt want to lunge in and get skipped by, but at least get tight to your man like Safri does, Saf gets tight and hassles, not necessarily tackling, just close quarters attention. This forces mistakes and how often did Safri just nick the ball away from the player. This is all thats needed from Robbo, and indeed a midfield player. You dont have to make crunching tackles and come away with the ball and then spray it 40 yards to Hucks for a certain goal. Just get tight on your man, hassle him, force mistakes, nick the ball away, and stop the midfielder with the ball ''playing''. This is what Safri did, I didnt see one crunching tackle from him, but what i did see was numerous nicks away and hassling the opposing midfielder into giving the ball away. Tight to your man, close quarters defensive midfield work. This is what we dont ever get from Robinson, or Etuhu for that matter. Robinson prefers to sit 5 yards off his man everytime, occasionally doing his sliding 15 yards thing which rarely pays off. Whilst im in the mood to slate Robbo and Etuhu, lets just analyse the reason we are underperforming so badly. It is purely and simply Etuhu and Robbo. The are the main men, forget Hucks, Earnie and the like, the midfield two are the most important players on the pitch, they determine how well we attack and how solid the defense is. They determine how many attacks the opposition have and how many we have. I dont get it with Etuhu, he was lookin like a poor mans Viera at the start of the season, he was truly awesome and left a Gerrard type stamp of authority on the midfield in every game i saw him. Look at him now, a shadow of his former self. We have to find the reason why or get rid. We know about Robbo, he''s just not good enough. He doesnt work hard enough, has no vision or creativity, and no attacking sense at all. Someone once labelled Didier Deschamps as a water carrier, Cantona or Zidane or someone, and he was, but he was a great water carrier, he would hassle, and break down the midfield opposition, either winning the ball back himself or nicking it away for the creative players to go and attack. This is all he did and he did it very well. As far as I can see this is the type of player Robinson claims to be. He''s not got the Beckham/Gerrard passing ability, he''s not a forward thinking box to box player like Francis used to be, so all he can be is the water carrier kind of player. This is typified by his 5 yard passes, always laying it off to someone else to make the telling pass and never attempting it himself. This type of player can be of great benefit to a team, Nicky Butt does it very well indeed. As did David Batty in his heyday. But for me he only does half the job of that type of player, he doesnt work, he doesnt spoil, he doesnt hassle, he doesnt force mistakes. This is the reason why the current midfield partnership doesnt work. Its like playing Dublin and Doherty up front together. Grant needs to realise this asap, Worthington never did. I think, or at least hope Grant has. When he talks about changing things and getting different types of players in, this encourages me cause it shows he is thinking of different ways of playing. The underlying theme here is the fact that the current midfield partnership does not work simply because the players arent good enough and are not doing the whole job asked of them. With Robbo there there''s no bite, there''s no quick passes, quick thinking, which is essential to the style of play we adopt, with the pace of Hucks, Croft and Earnie. There wasted simply because Robbo doesnt have the football brain to utilise them. Remember the Cardiff goal? i think it was, when Saf hassled, robbed and then slipped Earnie thru for the goal? Have you ever and do you think you will ever see Robbo do this? In closing id also like to add that Robbo is not the worst player in the world and not as bad as everyone makes out, he''s just not good enough for the Championship, and he''s undermining the style of play we should be playing.Get rid of him and Etuhu now, put two new midfielders in there, or at least someone to partner Safri and watch us go. This is all thats needed to save our season. Watch the defense keep clean sheets again with a midfield that drastically reduces the amount of attacks the opposition has and increase the attacks we have.
  18. Good idea, the fact that Hucks hasnt been penned to a new deal yet is ludicrous, but we are on the outside dont forget, maybe both parties arent as concerned about it as we are....after all Hucks loves it here, there''s no way he wants to leave, and the board arent stupid.....
  19. [quote user="Canary02"]LoyalCityFanWhoActuallySUPPORTSTheClub? Do you get a Blue Peter badge for that?!!   Hucks is easily our most important player, but he shouldn''t be captain. A captain has to be able to talk to the referee and Hucks is too passionate, and picks up too many bookings for dissent, diving and other naughties to be an example to the likes of Eagle etc. [/quote]Canary02come up with that humorous retort all by yourself did you? You have your opinion that he should not be captain, well done. I have mine. Beckham did exactly the same thing for England,  he was too passionate, often got booked and the like and was a fantastic captain.....Hucks shows more passion to win than any other player at the club, and always, always gives 110%, whether fully fit or not. He leads by example and we just dont bother when he''s out of the team, he has dragged us from mid table obscurity to the premiership pretty much single handedly during his time here. Do you recall the 4-1 win at home over Cardiff on the last game of his loan spell? He won that game all on his own, and not just won the game for us, but demolished Cardiff single handedly. What other player, outside the Henry''s and Rooney''s of this world have done that for there club? Ferguson made Rooney captain the other week, probably the most passionate, dissent booking getting player there is, and sometimes a perfect example of how not to be a professional footballer. Would you tell Fergie he was wrong to pick him for captain? Do you think Fergie cared that Rooneys spat with Ronaldo and sending off in the world cup set a bad example to the young players at Man Utd? Or perhaps do you think the immense presence he brings to the team every game makes him an automatic choice for a stint as captain?Sir Alex picked Rooney for captain for the same reasons I would pick Hucks, passion, 110% commitment, importance to the team and level of performance.This is my opinion, I challenge you to disagree that Hucks wouldnt make a good captain
  20. Right It would appear I have missed something here. What the hell is going on with the Hucks contract situation? Has he not been offered a new deal? Or has he rejected the offer on the table? I am stunned that he hasnt been signed before now, he has been our talisman for the last 5 years and deserves as much. Anyone agree with me that he should be team captain ahead of Drury? Consistent quality performances, 110% even when''s not fully fit, and we just dont perform/win without him, what does that say about the man? He''s the most important player at the club and obviously drags the rest of the team up to his standard when he plays, look how dire we are when he''s not in the team? This is why he should be captain. He leads by example.  
  21. Once again I am stunned and utterly disgusted by the comments posted on here from so called ''supporters'' of Norwich City. For those of you, which is everyone on this post, that have chosen to only reflect entirely on the negative, WE WON YESTERDAY, AGAIN!!!!! Thats 3 wins, a draw and 1 loss from PG''s first 5 games in charge, but as usual you are all talking like every game has been a copy of the Stoke disaster. For the clubs sake please stop moaning and try and be positive and get behind the team. Its this contstant negativity and obsession with always focusing on the negative aspects of our latest performance that is holding us back. This mentality from ''fans'' like you lot spreads in the stands and from there onto the pitch and to the players. Yes the performance wasnt great, but remember WE ARE NOT REAL MADRID. What the hell do you want? Great passing, exciting football and 4-3 losses every week? Yes we have to improve if we want promotion, and objectively we are proabably as close to a relegation battle as we are to the playoff battle, but here''s the point, we could go down both roads, where do you want us to go? I sometimes think that some fans want us to slide down the table, just so they have something to moan about on the weekends. I myself want a playoff battle this season, and being the positive optimist that I am believe it will happen. Contrary to what is posted on here we DO have some great players at the club, I and I for one am getting behind the team. You lot should try it sometime. Call yourself fans? Your a disgrace, everyones entitled to their opinion sure, but to berate the team, players and manager week in week out is disgusting. Why bother turning up to the matches if thats all you plan to do after if we dont win 3-0?. Thats assuming that all of the above are season ticket holders like myself, Im guessing some are just armchair fans tho, that would explain the pessimism. So do us all a favour, stop moaning all the time and get behind the team. No doubt youve all forgotten are by now and are formulating your next negative comment and retort to my posting, so ill remind you all of one very important factor that you all like to forget before you start typing.....WE WON YESTERDAY. IT WASNT PRETTY BUT WE WON. RESULTS WIN PROMOTION, NOT PRETTY PASSING AND 4-3 SCORELINES. Of the last 3 home games we have beaten Cardiff and Sunderland and drawn with Colchester. Now I dont know about you but Cardiff & Sunderland are supposed big guns in this league, and we turned them over. Add the draw with Colchester and thats 2 wins and a draw out of the last 3 home games. Im my eyes thats playoff form, not relegation form. Please remember these facts and SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!!!          
  22. i actually thought we were taking the mick with the Hooze chants!!! glad to see it was genuine, how fickle the fans are!! The boy done good, just a pity there are still some morons on here criticising him for the one error in judgment pass back to Drury.... Lets get behind Hughes, Grant and the Club and get back to the top!!!!
  23. [quote user="cluckaduck"][quote user="LoyalCityFanWhoActuallySUPPORTSTheClub"] Thank you, finally a postive objective opinion, if only we had more supporters like you and myself and less like the morons above who criticise no matter what, we''d be alrite.... [/quote] Oh well......seems we''ve all got it wrong about Norwich then.......Everything is wonderful.....[<:o)]..[<:o)]..[<:o)] Do you honestly think anybody except those who post on here actually read this stuff?  It''s a place to let off steam and express a personal view. It isn''t going to be relayed to the players or management.....so why the insults? I guess I am a moron too in your book then LCFWASTC?..........so I will wear the badge with pride....until the great day comes when I too can be called a ''loyal fan who actually supports the club''......... After 40 + years I must be getting close by now............. [/quote]CluckaduckI was referring to the morons that criticised Andy Hughes yesterday for one error in judgment, which incidentally just put Drury under a little bit of pressure as opposed to actually losing the game for us, rather than praise the 4 or 5 positive things he did at right back. Im sick and tired of hearing people criticise and moan about everything. Of course, this forum is for conversation and to let off steam, but all some people do is slag off the team and players, and its these same people/fans who do it at the game and dont get behind the team, and im sick of it.And no i dont expect these views to get to management, i too am just letting off steam, but i feel its an objective let off rather than just more pointless criticising of players and the team in general.For instance, have you read ''The Man''s latest article '''' It’s official - we are as bad as ever '''' ???more pessimism from a so called supporter that is the scourge of our great club....
  24. [quote user="allways travelling"]Why are these people on here still knocking hughes there was nothing wrong with his out of position performance yesterdaythe lad did very well.The one performance which i felt was not up to standard was robinson he did tad all hughes should be playing in his position.[/quote]Excellent point, i thought i was the only one who would rather see Andy Hughes fighting in midfield, givin 110% and generally giving us some steel in midfield, than Robinson, who can only pass sideways 5 yards, doesnt work hard or go in hard, and pretty much gives you 1 good forward pass per game and for the whole is usually a passenger. With Hughes you know what your gonna get, your not gonna get defence splittin Ronaldinho passes, your not gonna get Etuhu thunderbolt shots, but what you will get is 110% passion, heart and commitment, fight, bite and a high nuisance factor, that will trouble the opposition midfied, something sadly lacking from yesterdays performance. Unless Etuhu has a blinder the midfield is weak. With Robinson what do you get? i still dont know what kind of midlfielder he''s supposed to be, attacking, defensive, playmaking? somebody please tell me.....Credit to him, he has pulled off a couple of quality passes and scored a cracker this season, but thats 3 plus points in 15 games.....The boy is consistent, ill give him that, but he''s consistently average, consistently non league average...Midfield  - Etuhu, Safri, Hughes.this would give Etuhu the licence to get in the box more and support Earnie, and Safri can play higher up the field dictating the attack, instead of givin the ball away in front or our back four all the time. Hughes will snuff out any attacking midfielders and lay it off to Safri for us to push on....thoughts anyone?
  25. good point, its about time that spillane and the jarvis boys were given a chance, but at least Grant is started the trend with Eagle, who looks like he could be a player. Worthy would never have given the boy a chance in the first team. This is how its done, a first teamer gets injured, and instead of just plonkin Hughes in to fill the gap you give a youngster of the same position a chance. This is professional manangement, not play it safe no balls maangement like worthy...Give Grant a chance, i think he''ll do the business for us
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