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  1. [quote user="LQ"]Unfortunately questions that are left hanging in the air develop a sense of truth, or at least urban myth style truth (which does it for many!) whether they are on the money or not. Proper questions and proper answers are always better in the long run. [/quote] Let''s hope he gets an answer then. Somehow, I doubt there will be one.
  2. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]Is is really beyond an Archant journalist to: 1. Answer a question ("Is it true we failed to insure Dejan Stefanovic...") rather than witlessly just ask it? [/quote] Um - perhaps because he wants to know if it''s true or not? Isn''t that what a question is? Meanwhile, is it really beyond a Pink Un poster to: Answer a question ("Is it really beyond an Archant journalist...") rather than witlessly just ask it?
  3. Our line-up today is genius. I bet other managers are looking on with envy at our man''s tactical nous.
  4. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]"The EDP understands..." is the worrying line[/quote] I don''t blame people for their cynicism, but I''ve been led to believe that "the EDP understands . . ." is code for "We''ve been told this in confidence and it''s true". Look at the picture on page three of today''s EDP of the reporter with Roger Munby. This story is more than just wild stabs in the dark - it''s come from the top. I would suggest that the EDP has it pretty spot on this time.
  5. [quote user="blahblahblah"] Small, pedantic point, but if the Truners have left, surely it should be "Smith and Jones" on the For Sale sign. [/quote] Good point, although the Turners still have money tied up in the club, and it''s that money that would be recouped if the club was sold. So both are right.
  6. [quote user="Midlandcanary"]someones trying to sell thier paper.......................[/quote] A newspaper publisher trying to sell a newspaper? Whatever next!
  7. [quote user="Camuldonum"] [quote user="Midlandcanary"]someones trying to sell thier paper.......................[/quote]   That''s understandable. Eastern Daily Press 63,058 down 4.3 per cent year on year. Norwich Evening News: 22, 250 down 5.0 per cent year on year. It''s a sad thing about regional newspapers (which is why I got out of them as soon as I could) is that when going for the jugular it often glances off the shoulder. Players, barn door, banjo''s anyone? The only two who will go for the jugular properly are the Newcastle Journal and the Wolverhampton Express and Star. If given a decent chance, I''ll destroy them not take a pot shot. Absolutely smashing moment on Clapham Common with Ron Davies, MP.  Sorted, stuffed absolutely.   Wouldn''t have missed it  for anything. [8-|] "You have destroyed my life," he said. "It''s a burden I''ll try to carry", I said. If the Delia reference is right (which it isn''t) that should have been the splash.  [/quote]   Whoever you are, you come across as a bitter, failed journalist who''s a bit of a know-all. Let me guess - you don''t work on a daily paper but would love to do so, right? I''m not surprised the circulations are down - that''s happening everywhere. Tell me - were you born with a chip on your shoulder or has it developed over the years?
  8. Looks like he''d fit in well in the Championship . . . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7502968.stm
  9. [quote user="sxcanaree"] Utter tosh and Archant Spin. Comment on the "behaviour" of the club - note this is from an anonymous hack: "But the impression I get is that Cullum has been chased out of Norfolk, with the Stowmarket Two and Neil Doncaster gloriously waving their pitch-forks behind him. Now, before I get shot down for daring to question the judgement of Ayatollah Delia, let me restate that I would still choose them over Cullum, as things stand. But what is clear is that there is an almost unhealthy fundamentalism that surrounds the Stowmarket Two, which brands anyone an infidel for questioning their judgement. One of their supporters, an experienced national sports journalist, even said he did not need to speak to Peter Cullum to know whether he was right for Norwich, because Delia would instinctively work out what''s best for the club. Holy moly! This is the woman, and board, who appointed Bryan Hamilton and Peter Grant…everyone makes mistakes, it is not being disloyal or ungrateful to question the actions of our current regime, even though they don''t take criticism very well. They may think they are always acting in the “best interests of the football club”; but we have a duty to question that sometimes. " Then has the gall to say "And to this end, a certain amount of mud has been slung Cullum''s way since the talks were “officially” cancelled - miraculously emerging on message-boards and in reports." And the first part is not raking out an industrial size muckspreader? have you such rose tinted glasses on that you cannot see the amount of balderdash and piffle that has been slung around by the "Peter Cullum is god brigade" If you are a journalist who has the ear of Peter Cullum get us some facts will you - as you have had an interview with Peter Cullum surely you can at least follow it up! Just admit is you are upset because another "national journo" has been credited with your scoop! [/quote] Are you ever going to give it a rest? I have never before come across such a know-all who thinks he''s such an expert on all things media when in actual fact you appear to be a fairly run-of-the-mill freelance hack. If you really don''t like Archant, don''t waste your time coming on to this Archant board. There are plenty of other sites where I am sure you would be most welcome.
  10. [quote user="tom cavendish"] "Fans urge club to accept £20m offer" was a terrible headline and it seems very one sided from Archant. Archant don''t speak for the fans. Most people seem to want to know more details or think PC was trying to get the club on the cheap. Gutter press reporting from Archant, and I won''t be buying any Archant puplications anymore. [/quote] Yes. How absurd for Archant to report such a non-news event. Whatever next - they''ll be reporting on the Iraq War.
  11. I have to say I think you''re wrong, Barclayman. I thought it was a very interesting story. There have been rumours and insinuations about investment in our club for years, not least on these message boards, with people stating as fact things that were only rumours. "I''ve got a friend who knows a mate who says that someone he saw is sure that so-and-so is ging to put money into the club." that''s the kind of level it''s been at. Well, this is the first time that we have heard it from the horse''s mouth - and it makes for painful reading for Delia, who has always said that she would sell the club if only someone would come forward and invest. Now, you might decide that Peter Cullum is not the right person to run the club - that''s a valid opinion (although not one that I share). But that doesn''t make it not a valid story. And it''s NOT old news - Cullum may have made the initial approach last year, but it was only a few days ago that he decided to speak about it publicly. Like I say, it''s your right to decide whether or not any point of view is valid, but that doesn''t make it any less of a story. PS: What an outrageous slur to suggest that the EDP exists just to sell papers! Whatever next?
  12. Yes, that''s true. There are probably several other permutations as well. But I think the most likely scenario is if we get a point we''re safe, and if we don''t then we''re down.
  13. I know that everyone''s making predictions all over the place, and none of us actually knows what is going to happen. But, for what it''s worth, I thnk it''s fairly clear-cut: a point will keep us up, and no points will send us down. I can''t see Southampton getting anything at West Brom next week, but they could beat Sheff Utd at home in the last game. That would give them 53 points, but they have a worse goal difference than us, so unless we get absolutely thrashed, a point shold see us stay up on goal difference. If we lose both games and Southanpton beat Sheff Utd, I think we''ll go down. Sheff Wed, by defintion, will catch us if we lose to them, and I can see both Barnsley and Leicester picking up one more point each. So a point on Saturday should be enough. If we lose both games, though, it''ll probably be "Hello League One".
  14. I don''t blame Roeder one bit for being angry at the ref''s decision that cost us the game yesterday. But is it just me, or does this smack a little bit of finding a scapegoat for our current predicament? Andy D''Urso obviously cocked it up big time yesterday, but we''re not where we are in the league because of him. And it''s not as if our players haven''t made hundreds of mistakes all season . . . People who were at the game yesterday say that if we play that well for the rest of the season, we''ll stay up easily. But it''s often said that good teams can play badly and win - well, at the moment we seem to be able to play well and lose. Let''s not forget, even if D''Urso hadn''t got it wrong yesterday, we''d have still only got a point even though we apparently deserved all three. Working on the worst-case scenario that we''ll get nothing from WBA or Ipswich, we need at least a win and a draw against Burnley and QPR if we are to avoid a winner-takes-all game at Hillsborough on the last day. Or am I being too negative here?
  15. [quote user="Kathy"]I also thought it was unusually quiet about us not signing anyone especially Ameobi before the loan deadline. Does this mean we all think we are safe and should hang on to the cash?[/quote] Maybe. Except we''re not safe - and we''ve probably got no cash! [:)]
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