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  1. Losing today REALLY has proved that this season will NEVER be turned around with Worthless in charge, Get out!! i''m so angry because he has to go and the board are burying their heads in the sand
  2. [quote]I was listening to the Wolves commentary to see what they thought of us. The mike picked up the commentator''s opinions when he thought he was off-air. Let me enlighten you as to what he said. "Norwic...[/quote] slowly but surely the worthy in army start to turn. after reilising that he ani''t gonna turn his car around let alone this norwich team.
  3. [quote]Is Ashton actually playing ?[/quote] i was thinking that, but when we can''t even get it out of our own half how can he even start to play!!!!! so worthys had a another game to prove that he can turn it around. and its working, not! 
  4. ok i understand everything that is being said and agree with most of it, but how long do you go on supporting a manager that repeats the same mistakes that lead to our team losing. How long to you put up with the sort of form that will cripple our club. I would love nothing more than for tonight game we win 3-0 when go unbeaten for 20 or so games win the league and everyones happy and we will look back and say "what were we thinking worthy is brilliant", but can you see that happening? I would love for worthy to turn this around it would be a lot easier if he would because as we have been told on many occasions that sacking a manager is like buying a £1 million player that before you pay for someone else to come here. We are all norwich fans and want the best for our team, so when it isn''t going right and it hasn''t for a LONG time now you turn to the manager because he is the man who puts out the team, he is the man who builds the team up for games, he makes the decions, so he takes the blame.    
  5. yea i know now look at this statistic: Wigan have won 7 in thier last 10 games all of which have been in the premiership, shows wot a good manager can do, a manager that replaces the players that he''s got that can''t cut it in the premiership! go speak to paul jewell worthy.
  6. good post trickster, lots of interesting points. The day i dicided that worthy should go was a sad one because i didn''t want it to happen but i support Norwich city football club and if a change at the top is what it needs to turn this around (which it so obviously is!) then so be it. No matter how much it cost it''ll be alot cheaper than getting relegatted.   Now your point about hucks i agree that this year he''s hasn''t got the pace and surprise of two years ago and teams know his game now very well. but to say he shouldn''t be in the team is going one step to far. A norwich team without hucks is an even poorer one. Out on the left, and i feel he should only ever be played out on the left (definatly not the right) hucks can still do us a job. (who do you replace him with, brennan, don''t make me laugh). without hucks on the left we have VERY little to offer. i agree with you about ashton, last year he was getting rave reviews from all in the game. and now wheather though all of wrothys fault he has turned into a striker with no confidence what so ever and a striker without confience is a poor one. He is being wasted! Come january he will be gone if this acrries on and if he does it will a very sad day in norwich becuase where do we get someone who even comes close to his natural abilty to come to a club who have relegation to offer. Ashton is a premiership player playing for a cahmpionship club at the moment. worrying times in norwich, it can''t be aloud to get any worse.  
  7. i love how he picks the same rubbish as saturday. charlton was crap brennan was crap. hucks is only good down the left. same old same old!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0 proberly right. 1-0 already
  8. I also was at the game today and i want to say that i was embarressed sitting there watching our beloved norwich put in a performance that would get us regelated from conference, absolute rubbish. no heart no desire, (ill get on to ashton in a minute) I have called for worthys head for a long time now. and at the game their are still a number of supporters that feel he is the right man for the job. right i want to say that i was also watching the bench as the game was so poor, ian hollaway was very 5 minutes satnding up and shouting up at his team even at 3-0 up he was still shouting from the side lines and trying to get the absolute best out of his team. Where as worthy i couldn''t see ONCE get off his ass and give our norwich the direction that they obviously needed. This point of mine was made very clear when the whole crowd we''re chanting "WORTHY OFF YOUR ASS WORTHY WORTHY OFF YOUR ASS". this brings me to my next point that with about 15minutess to go in the second half we all chanted "WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH" a very granted commented as we were vitnessing one of the worse performances from a norwich since i can remember, this was greeted with Ashton giving the crowd genuine look of asmazment and lifting his arms. I what to say that today ashton was the only player wearing a norwich that looked as though the shirt meant anything to him, at the moment he is a premiership player playing for a championship club. WORTHY YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE AGES AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT! GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!! Anyone who feels different, well, you will see after it is to late.
  9. i 100% fully agree and have just posted a long post as to why tonight i am feeling very upset and let down by the club that i love so much. i was also there today and just couldn''t belive what i was seeing. FOR HEAVENS SAKE SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE IT IS REALLY TO LATE Anyone who still feels worthy is the right man for the job WASN''T there today!
  10. i agree with you all that worthy the useless manager  should go and quick. Now i call for all the posters that feel worthy is still the right man for the job to stand up and be counted because i was at the game today and with todays performance we wouldn''t win the conference let alone the championship! This carries on and ashton goes no two ways about it, he is a premiership player playing for a championship side. ashton was the only one today who deserves to wear the yellow and green shirt.
  11. [quote]things are looking up a little bit........kinda...[/quote] what are you on about? HOW?! We have been rubbish. Worthington you are useless! bye bye
  12. well we can keep our fingers crossed, that worthy will go, been saying for ages he should go good form or no good form. HIS TIME HAS COME AND PASSED AGES AGO!!!!!!!!!
  13. [quote]So it''s all Worthy''s fault is it? Or do we blame Hucks and Ashton for missing the penalties? Or perhaps we realise that football is "a funny old game" and that perhaps it is not necessarily someone''...[/quote] of course it''s worthys fault, and yes hucks should have put the penalty away but what poeple are anoyed with is that when worthy eventually changed (after 45mins!) things we completly dominated  the game. So if we had started out with 4-4-2 i guarantee you we wouldn''t have been relying on hucks to finish that pen to win the game. You want promotion - then rubbish like millwall at home should be nothing but 3 points!
  14. agree with you there fatman, sitting there before kick off and looking at the starting lineup, hands up who thought it was going to work? It was only gonna be a matter of time before we concided we had no midfield! (poor OLD charlton!)  why experiment with the formation yesterday when your ten points clear at the top you can experiment. Our biggest weapon has been for the last two or so years is with hucks down the left move him and it DOSEN''T work, we lose virtually all threat to the opposing team, simple! and surprise surprise when he changed it we were all over millwall ( still took him 45mins!) Well done worthy.
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