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  1. [quote user="glove1"][quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="Dictator Smith"]Maybe Croft could give his trophy to Gunn , worst manager in history award. [/quote] Quality response... [Y] Gunny''s attempted put down was embarrassing for him in my opinion to say the least. The manager who will go down as the worst in our history, backed by a bunch of happy clappy seals who deserve everything they get. What was his response to the you''ve failed haven''t you Brian question? "Yes I have failed, but I hope to be given the chance to make a balls up of things next season too" Priceless, our wonderful manager believes he can get us back at the first attempt backed by a bunch clueless clowns with no money. Good Luck Brian, you are going to need it!!! PS - You put down of SMUDGER was about as petty as Roeders put down of the happy clappy seals earlier in the season. You should admit that you have failed and bow out with some respect by saying that you do not think it is in the best interests of the club for you to even be in the running for the job Brian. INstead you are gambling with tarnishing the great reputation you had as a player by being remembered as the spineless manager of a spineless regime that all but killed off NCFC.  [:$] [/quote] if Gunnys comments to you were so pathetic then why did they shut you up? or like i said was it the fact that 2 stewards made their way over to you so you hid beside the bar? jas :) [/quote] actually i dont know smudger personally but he wasnt hiding at the bar, he was quite happilly making a mockery of norwich stewards who couldnt be good security in tesco let alone a football ground. they were more scared of him than the other way round. [/quote]   Agreed Smudger didnt move through all of the forum and certainly wasnt hiding Jas
  2. Well Smudger you have the thumbs up from me,  I was standing to your right by the bar, and applauded that you spoke out when you did.  What were messrs Gunn, Doncaster et all expecting a big round of applause for their sterling efforts this season?
  3. I took my two boys to the open day today, and thought I should drop them off home before I went to the forum this evening at 5.00pm.  When I returned to the car park, I was told by a steward that the forum had been cancelled and there wasnt much point me being there.  He told me I could try my luck but it would be a waste of time.  Of course I parked the car and walked round into the Barclay to see that it was very much on.  How many people had this guy turned away?
  4. [quote user="hellococker"]One of the positives of going down I suppose is there should be a few away terraces in league one. well i hope so, at some dumps like oldham et al. should make for some decent away days out. [/quote]   No terracing at Oldham my friend, actually having a look through league one as it stands at most I would say there are only 3 grounds with terracing for away supporters.
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="Sing up the river end "][quote user="Canary Wundaboy"]It might simply be my age (Im 20) but I cannot see the attraction of standing terraces. So many people, including posters on this forum, seem to think that they hark back to a much more exciting, passionate time of football. However, I have no desire to be forced to stand for 2 hours, having my feet trodden on and being jostled in every direction. Plus you''d have to be holding your bag/coat the whole time. So what''s the big attraction?? [/quote] ATMOSPHERE is the only answer you need to that. [/quote] thos who think all seater stadiums lack atmosphere clearly never saw us in the playoff season, the promotion season, certain games in the premiership or went to the playoff final. jas :) [/quote] And those that have never stood at a game have missed out on games like beating Man Utd in the FA cup, Southampton FA cup 1/4 final.  I will struggle to ever go to a game where the atmospehre was better
  6. Cant believe what I heard on TV tonight whilst watching the above game, that the police had dictated what end the penalties were to be taken, and they were taken at the home end.  What ever happened to the flick of the coin What is the game coming too......
  7. What do you mean we DESERVE success, wake up and smell the coffee, no one DESERVES any success in football Well done Hull City, it is refreshing to see a ''smaller'' club doing well and getting results aginst the so called big money teams
  8. [quote user="C T"] [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]I would always go and support Norwich whatever league they''re in. Obv i''d rather them be in the highest league possible, but the league doesn''t really matter to me.[/quote] You are part of the problem then. Taking the crap that is being served up wont help long term- sorry to be so blunt [/quote] I agree CT as long as people keep going through the gates for whatever fayre is being served up there will be no change. "We lost 10-0 today didnt have any chances on goal, but I still will be there next week, because I support the team"  Oh dear me.........
  9. Hi, Have been to Forest on several occasions, have even stood on the old terrace where the seats now are.  The view isnt to bad to be honest although when I went we were in the middle tier and won 3-1 with crook scoring.  Actually sat behind Micky Thomas that night, what the hell he was doing there i''ll never know.  Dont know what is going to be like on the lower section of the stand though. BTW, there is a good pub next to the cricket ground with a good mix of home and away fans. Have fun I think you will enjoy it.
  10. Best ground for me would have to be San Siro, but I also love Anfield, having the pleasure to stand in the corner of the Anfield Road End.  Can anyone rember that? Worst ground would have to be Vetchfield or possibly Gigg Lane, they were a mess Best fans probably for me would be Sunderland,  I can never forget the Milk Cup Final 1985 Worst fans Port Vale, due to a nasty incident there in the mid nineties  
  11. I wrote a thread a few months ago saying that I expected Norwich to be relegated along with Crystal Palace, well I think I could be wrong on both counts. Whilst Norwich slowly claw their way out, Palace have gone all out an are now in a play off play and just 6 points of an automatic promotion place. Well done Neil Warnock, as much as I dislike him as a person you cant take away his managerial influence
  12. Isnt that bad hooley, i have been there twice, Now the Victoria Ground was intimidating especially walking past the graveyard, anyway there is an away car park next to the ground, and if you catch it right you can make a very quick getaway.
  13. Dear oh dear, how times have changed, this song has been sung as long as I can remember and I started going in 1979
  14. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="uncle joe"] smudger you are wrong . as wiz said  the 1st domo against chase was spontaineous . and went on till he went. if you remember it was him who got to police horses in as he was on the police  committee.if you was there on the one against aston villa  the whole of carrow rd was packed . i really think not many people would do a domo now as the jonny come latelys  HAVEN''T  got the  bottle. +  the ob will just section 5 you  if more than 200. respects  on the ball city from a over 45 [/quote] Load of clap trap... does nobody remember "Brown in, Chase Out" then??? How many years earlier was that??? [/quote] I remember brown in chase out, infact I think we had lost to Charlton, which was one of Ken''s last games in charge, there was a group that stormed the corner of the riverend to get into the gound to demonstrate. We''ll take more care of you. Kenny Brown. Kenny Brown
  15. I have stopped going as I have mentioned on other posts, but what really kicks me in the teeth is that I cant afford for me, my girlfriend and two kids to go to watch Norwich I started going to watch Norwich in 1979 with my dad on the south stand corner terrace (currently where the disabled area is), and during the years I always said that if I was fortunate enough to father children the first thing I would do is get down to carrow road with them They are now 8 and 7 and we have only been twice, If i decide to go to a home game with them, after all expenses have been added up it would be a tad over 100 pounds.  A little to rich for me with the football that has been served up recently. BUT if I was able to afford to go I would be straight down there with my boys, sharing all the experiences that I had.
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