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  1. Apart from a gifted free kick we’ve not created a single thing!
  2. F@#k me you’ll struggle on here with a reasoned argument when it comes to anything negative. But that string of doom and gloom BS is never going to be meet well from a newbie with little evidence shown that you know the players abilities at all. I’d try again buddy with something a bit more rounded.
  3. I personally have more problems when the flip floppers who can’t stick to anything or back up any argument. The one who are telling us that we’re doomed and Brentford won’t lose again all season are far more moronic and annoying than people who want a different approach for the long term but can clearly see we are an outstanding Championship club. Bandwagon jumpers offer nothing to a forum.
  4. It a forum where different points of view are discussed. Whilst some are hyper-critical when maybe it not justified there are still many on here who won’t acknowledge that the club or team ever do or have ever done anything wrong and that becomes just as draining and annoying as it is the other way round. this can’t just be the Norwich City Appreciation site. If so what’s the point. zonal marking is the latest wow everything great and never a problem topic for some. We’re in a league where the attacking prowess of most teams is far, far lower than the premiership. Where our zonal marking was without a doubt shocking. And will most likely be shocking again but some just won’t acknowledge that anything was wrong. I’m known for a pessimistic approach but am enjoying the season immensely. However I can’t seen a solution if we return to the premiership to our problems of the previous campaign. Am I wrong? in many eyes yes am I allowed that opinion? in many eyes no! But I will say it because that’s what forums are supposed to be.
  5. We have about 7 Pukki’s on the pitch according to this commentator!
  6. Pukki has been top draw tonight really looks back to his old self. One step ahead of their defence and totally to much for them to handle.
  7. No I understand that. It just there has to be a time and a place for it and I’m wondering if players are under pressure to play that way when it isn’t actually on or clearly beneficial.
  8. Again I agree, I’m not saying we need to stop playing out from the back. I’m saying there’s a time and a place for it.
  9. Who says he was our best midfielder. You! He is bang average and your opinion count for fuçk all as far as I’m concerned.
  10. I think you might be right. Everything that 40+ years of watching football has given me screams to me WTF is the fullback doing even thinking the pass inside is an option. I don’t like the sloppy mistakes and if we win the league or obtain promotion then I’m sure I’d be gracious enough to live with a few but it just seems we take a risk to far sometimes and put it down to being our style. Are we saying we can’t have both? I don’t buy that.
  11. I agree to a point but Stoke are pisś poor. They haven’t won a game since god knows when. A better side punishes more of those mistakes and we don’t score 4 very often
  12. Are these mistakes that gift the opposition the ball in front of our goal born out of a fear of not playing to the Farke ethos. Take the bubble’s mistake yesterday. Why would any decent fullback play that ball. It’s got to go down the line. Yes we are a passing side but there’s passing and taking błoody big risks? Thoughts?
  13. Kenny fuçked up big style yesterday with his pass but I think him and Skipp are by far our best central pairing. For me Rupp is not Championship level. Offers very little and you’re not going to put Sorensen in ahead of Skipp.
  14. I agree. Luckily Stoke are not that good. A better side would have punished more of the chances we’ve gifted. having said that 4-1 can’t be argued with today.
  15. We have to learn how to make games tighter. It’s far to open. At 2-0 up and 3-1 we don’t need to be so open. We certainly don’t need to play passes across our own box.
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